Susan Bolinger

My precious and powerful sister in Christ, Susan Bolinger, showed up at our DOTK Nashville tour event last year and was a tremendous blessing. As soon as she walked through the doors, she asked, what can I do to help? Our sister has founded a women’s ministry and has written a timely book on forgiveness. She didn’t ask me to do this but I am led by God to honor her today!

Susan, you are a blessing to the body of Christ and I bless you today. I pray God’s blessing your family and the ministry He has given you. I pray His richest blessing over your life. All of the seed that you have sown is precious in God’s sight, and I hear God saying He is going to cause you to reap. You will reap a bountiful harvest. He is filling your life with good things!

DOTK family I invite you to follow her page and order her book. It will bless your life! ❤️🙏🏽

Bloom Ladies Ministry

Check her book out! Bloom – A Process to Achieve Complete ForgivenessAvailable on Amazon:

4 thoughts on “Susan Bolinger”

  1. Thanks for always supporting Kesha, it truly shows you have God in You, it’s not about money for you, it’s not about influencing for you, it’s not about fame for you. It’s about sharing God’s word and encouraging others to birth their gift. You are simply amazing and I pray that God will continue to enlarge you, pour more into you and give you the power to generate wealth and greatness!!! GOD richly bless you.

    Susan thank you for writing this book, it is needed!!! God bless you

  2. Praise God for women ministry across this nation to support one another in Jesus Love 🌹♥️ 🌹God bless both of y’all loving hugs🙏🏾🌹♥️🌹

  3. I touch and agree with this post! She is an amazing woman of God and I thank God for her presence and impact she is making in the Kingdom! Thank you Kesha for using your platform to honor her she is such a delight and was a blessing to have met during your tour in Nashville. I pray that God will bless her, her family and ministry tremendously. Her book is an amazing read and really has/is helping me identify where I am in my process of forgiveness. I am forever grateful….. till we meet again praying for God to continually strengthen each of us and looking forward to hanging my bag of forgiveness on that cross/tree…. love you ladies wholeheartedly.

  4. Sister Susan Bolinger, thank you for this book!!! I whole heartily agree with the title of your book and what it represents, because it’s truly needed in our world for growth, health, and wholeness yo be well can take place in our homes, churches, and community!!! Thank you again.
    Praying for your ministry, family, and book to multiply.🙏💞💖

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