Pre-Order NEW Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals Book: Volume 2

The highly anticipated book is here! Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals: Volume 2! Within these pages are 365 God-inspired devotionals, prophetic messages from God’s heart, and prayers, in chronological order, that will uplift and strengthen your walk with the Lord. With your pre-order purchase, you will receive an autographed book by Kesha Trippett, a DOTK refrigerator magnet, and a bookmark! CLICK HERE TO PRE-ORDER NOW! Official Release Date: June 5, 2019
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5 thoughts on “Pre-Order NEW Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals Book: Volume 2”

  1. I have tried to pre order 2 of your new devotional books it won’t let me check out

    1. Hi Ann, sorry you are experiencing issues with the payment method. While this issue is being resolved, please consider paying via check or money order. You will see this option has been added to the payment options. Thank you!

  2. I love the daily instructions I receive from our Lord.
    He’s alway right. I’ve been through so much, as everyone has. My connection to the spirit of the Lord is opening new understanding. I beginning to get it now. I love our Savior. He’s wonderful even when I don’t understand. I feel Him His Spirit surrounds me, with His Peace. He’s our King of Glory. I love you
    Lord Jesus. I thank you for loving us all, the way that you do. No can love as you.
    I can’t live without you. I don’t want to live without you. I must live in your light. Continue your works in me. Only Because of Gods Grace

  3. I’ve tried to order your Devotional Book and it is not allowing the payment to go through.

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