A message from God’s heart for you.

“Receive My wisdom for your life. As you go about your day, look for My wisdom all around you. It will rest on you like dust. Look all around you and see the wisdom I have provided for you. Have not I said, he that finds wisdom finds life and obtains favor of Me? The wisdom I have for you to receive will give you life and not take life out of you. The life I give to you will resurrect you. You thought you were gone. You thought My plans were no more, but no, I have plans to prosper you, but you must find My wisdom. Investigate until you find what I long for you to see. The favor you desire to walk in, it’s yours as you walk in My wisdom and the counsel of My word. If you lack wisdom, come to Me? I will not refuse you. I will show you what to do. I will guide you as you lean in to Me, humble yourself and worship Me. Don’t you see? To fear and reverence Me is wisdom. To seek Me first is wisdom. To love Me with your whole heart is wisdom. And just as I the Lord grew in wisdom, so will you. Look around you and see, your roots are deepening in Me. And though others may not yet see, they will look and behold great fruit coming forth from your tree in due season. It’s all due to the wisdom you’re discovering in knowing Me. Fools despise it, but My daughter, draw near it. I say to you again, My wisdom rests on you like dust. Look all around you and see the wisdom I have provided for you.”

Prayer: My Father. My God. Thank You for speaking to me. I ask that You open my eyes so I can see what You want me to see. Open my ears to hear what You have for me to hear. Open my heart to receive all of the wisdom You have for me to receive. I know You’re not hiding it from me. You want me to live and walk in victory. I receive by faith everything You have in store for me, including an abundance of wisdom from You Lord. Hallelujah. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

” If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.” James 1:5, NKJV

(Read Proverbs 8:35; Luke 2:52; Proverbs 2:7; James 1:5-8)

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32 thoughts on “A message from God’s heart for you.”

    1. Thank you Father for breathing breath into me this morning so i can this mighty word today.Thank you for wisdom,as long as i have you by my side i walk with great authority.Jesus name Amen

  1. Hallelujah Thank you God please and the blood of Jesus keep give me the wisdom that you want me to have I see you at work and my life and I thank you God for your Love in kindness and your abundance of wisdom Again I say thank you God filled me with your wisdom and love for the uplifting of your kingdom And Jesus name Amen Thank you God

  2. Yes Lord, thank u soo much Heavenly Father for ur message & thank u for the females that u use as vessels to minister to other broken women thru this devotional. I’m new to this, but I thank God that one of my sisters had mentioned it to my other sister who told me about it. It seems as if u were talking to me personally Lord today & I thank u & praise u for that! Lord, as u know I’m very confused & broken & don’t know what to do right now. I’m not sure how to go about some relationships in my life & also my financial situation is not good & I know that my sons are going thru some very difficult times in their lives & my hands are so very tied with them. I just thank u Jesus once again for ur message & I ask u to help me wait patiently for YOU to speak to me & show me what ur will is for my life & also what I need to do & how I go about the issues that are present in my life right now. Thank u for ur wisdom Lord that u give to everybody who seeks it. I thank u Jesus for dying on the cross of Calvary for our sins & for making Heaven a possibility for us all. I plead ur blood Jesus, on mine & my three sons lives & I ask u to b with us Always. Thank u Lord for what u’ve done for u, what ur doing & what ur gonna do in our lives. I thank u in advance & give u all the glory, honor & praise God! Amen. (PLEASE PRAY FOR ME & MY SONS SISTERS IN THE LORD!) Thx…

  3. Thank God for you DOTK, I receive so much from your devotionals. No matter what I am going through each devotional is as if it is personal just for me straight from the Lord, God Bless you and please don’t stop redirecting, and feeding our souls when we want to give up. You keep us encouraged. I thank God for you.

  4. hallelujah❗🎉💝 SWEET JESUS 👑👑👑WE relieve in FAITH what YOU have in store for US❗💯🙌YOUR WILL FATHER❗💯🎁🎀📖knowledge speaks and wisdom listen❗🔑👏👏💞💟💝👐💪💘💪🙏🙋🙏🙌🙏

  5. Amen to everything that has been said through this Awesome message from God’s Heart. Alicia I will be praying for you and your sons.Have an Amazing Day everyone !!

  6. Pray for me…I need wisdom…need to be planning my next moves…where does God want and need me to move? I need an open heaven…an open door…seeking God’s heart, hand, and wisdom!

    1. You are on the right path, Shelly, by keeping GOD first. Soon He will reveal His plans for you. Continge in your faith and believe.


  7. Thank you father for your wisdom you are the most high king forgive me when I get distracted by this world and don’t listen to your sprite or don’t remember your words in my heart I love you dear Jesus I love your wisdom I love your words and what you’ve did for me your wisdom is more precious then gold Diane. Alicia I will pray for you and your son’s today we serve. A faithful awesome lord

  8. May each of you anointed writers and vessels of our Lord be just as spiritually nourished and encouraged as we ALL are through your ministry. For we are ALL daughters of the One True King. Hallelujah! GOD be Praised!!!…Amen.

  9. Yes we are safe in his loving arms . Though the road ahead is bumpy makes us hang on all the more tighter though we feel the lash of rebuke he is steering our soul and leading us to green pastures beside the bubbling brook thankyou for caring enough lord Jesus to keep by your side

  10. A word in season!! What a wonderful world it would be if all humanity were operating in wisdom n in the full counsel of God. Lord since your word says “the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom”, may all those who are called by your name never lack wisdom in any area of their lives. You o lord, were made unto us wisdom. May you clothe n surround us with wisdom.May we win all our battles of life through wisdom. l thank you Lord Amen.

  11. Thank you God for wisdom, I ask for wisdom tody. Let me see and here it today. I’m waiting, IN Jesus Name Amen.

  12. Father, thank you that I’m called daughter; for the power of wisdom and making me into a wise woman today. Help me to walk in your truth, wisdom and obedience in Jesus Name, Amen 🙏

  13. “How Great Is Our God” sing with me, “How Great Is Our God,” All will see, “How Great, How Great, Is Our God!!!” 😊 Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, Amen.

  14. Thank you Daddy God for causing me to download this devotional some months ago and yet tonight is the first time that I opened it. What a blessing Dinah. You have no idea as to what this did for me. On the verge of giving up GOD spoke to me and only He knew it was for such a time as this. It’s the close of a season in my life and a new one is on the horizon. I only need remember to push in the spirit as these contractions come (firery darts) but I’m having this baby. Oh yes I am. Pray for me Saints. I’m going to make it after all. GOD Bless as Jehovah Emunah is on the throne. Amen! Amen! Amen !

  15. I love reading this daily word often. It has a tremendous impact on my life. I thank God for all of the ones that has a part in these devotionals. I am a little thrown off by the fact that this word is so beautifully written yet it says “And just as I the Lord grew in wisdom, so will you” The God that we serve is perfect!!! There is no room for improvement in my eyes for an amazing, wonderful and perfect God. He changes not because there is no need for Him too. I love you all and pray you keep these amazing devotionals coming because they are life changing.

  16. thank you for being obedient and listening to God and posting that much neededmessage from God you have really grown and thank you for loving meand I love you too

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