A Prayer for You, My Sister

“…the people that do know their God shall be strong, and do exploits.” Daniel 11:32b

Father God, I take a moment to pray for my sister, who is reading this right now. I pray You will minister to her mind and heart. Remind her that You are in control and everything is going to be alright. Establish Your Kingdom in her life Lord and bring divine order where there’s been confusion and chaos. As she humbles herself before You and submits to Your will, I pray You will take Your rightful place on the throne of her heart. Help her take her rightful place in being seated in heavenly places with Christ. Help her to put the enemy under her feet where he belongs, and help her to walk in her spiritual authority in Christ. I pray that You supernaturally strengthen her heart. You can do exceeding abundantly above all that she can ask or think. Help her believe that not only are You able, but You are willing. Help her get to know You better and get to know Your character. You said, they that do know their God will be strong and do great exploits. Father, deepen her understanding of You. Help her not to live out her faith in her mind alone, but from a real relationship with You in her heart. I pray for true conversion of her soul. You promise as we seek Your kingdom and Your righteousness, You will add to us and enrich our lives. You will always do Your part, help her to do her part of trusting in You. I pray You lift every burden and destroy every stronghold off of my sister. Deliver and heal, God. Anything that is preventing her from seeing You clearly, I pray You will remove it. You know everything she is facing in her private life and You have not, and will never abandon her. If You allowed her to face a test or trial, it is because You will be glorified in the end. Breathe on her Father God a fresh wind and give her a fresh fire for You. Fill her with your Holy Spirit and with an anticipation of You. Be glorified in her life in a great way. I pray this with all of my heart, and I thank You in advance for answering my prayer. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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48 thoughts on “A Prayer for You, My Sister”

  1. I receive in Jesus name!
    Thank you sister for that uplifting and very on-time prayer. And I pray the same for all children of God. Amen. Have a Marvelous Monday

    1. I know that receiving this prayer was not a coincidence. Thank you, dear Heavenly Father, for not only knowing, but caring about my heart and my situation. Thank you for working through DOTK and giving us a venue to lift each other up in prayer.

      1. Yes. TY Jesus. A beautiful prayer. I prayed this prayer but I changed Sister to say “Sisters” and where it said “her” I said “them” etc.. I wanted to make sure I prayed and asked for all my Christian Sisters! IJN🙏🏽❤️

    2. Thank you Sister God is able to do all things in he is doing just what I read in my life. Peace in Blessings

    3. Thank you for the prayer. I receive it in Jesus Name. Pls pray for my illness, I’ve suffered a minor stroke last month that gave rise to my left side weakness .I haven’t regain my hand dexterity and my job needs me to work with both my hands. Pulse pray for my complete healing. Thank you.

    4. I am in agreement with this prayer with all the sisters in Jesus name thank you Jesus always amen and amen to God be the glory always

    5. The Lord works in mysterious ways. I was planning to play a game befor I went to bed. ( I had already said my prayers and I just was not sleepy) when I decided to look on facebook , and and I came across this devotinal with this prayer. Thank you I really needed this prayer, I am going thru some things, but I know that I will get thru it

  2. Good morning I so needed this prayer this morning my family of 10 member were displaced by Hurricane Dorian in Abaco Bahamas we lost everything that was material our homes and jobs, clothing, but we got out alive. Many did not so I am grateful. I have lost my tablet that was a part of me doing my devotions its been a week since I had private time with my Father. My sons and their wives along with their little ones are still so traumatized. So continue to pray my strength in the Lord. God bless you all.

    1. In Jesus Name I Pray that God Restores Everything You Lost, Thank You God for Keeping Them Safe, This Prayer I read Opened up My heart I feel his Presense as I’m at Work… God Bless You Sister…

    2. I am so very sorry that such a devastating hurricane caused you and your family to loose your home and jobs! I can’t imagine how difficult that must be for you. I find your thankfulness to God right now is extremely precious and even miraculous. It is a testimony that blesses me and others. I feel it is also extremely precious to the Lord! I hear in my heart God saying that it is alright to cry out to him and He will find pleasure in you asking him to ask for everything you and your family need right now. Your faith and trust in him is seen as a precious pearl to him. His promises are that he will restore, repair, and give you abundance like never before in miraculous ways. He hears your every prayer and he will show you that He is your father, your miraculous provider,your comforter. He will lead you, teach you, and counsel with you you with His eyes upon you. Jesus cried with Martha and Mary when their brother died even though he already knew that He Lazerous would come back from the Dead.
      I will be praying for you and your family sister every day for complete restoration and abundant provisions. God has a great plan for you! Bless you! Elizabeth🙏💕🤗🦋❤️

    3. Heavenly Father as I come to you so humble, You said ask in my name, and if You have the FAITH in me, you shall Receive, whatever you are asking for. I am asking in the MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS to restore our Precious Sister in Christ and her Lovely family Everything that was lost. Bless their minds, touch their heart, soul and spirit🙌🏽 Hallelujah PRAISE GOD 🙌🏽 let them know You will never leave them are forsake them 🙌🏽 This to shall pass🙌🏽 Hallelujah PRAISE GOD 🙌🏽 it’s only a TEST, 🙌🏽 Hallelujah PRAISE GOD 🙌🏽 it’s a Process 🙌🏽 Hallelujah PRAISE GOD 🙌🏽 Everything that they lost, You are going to RESTORE it by 10 folds🙌🏽 Hallelujah PRAISE GOD 🙌🏽 manifest Yourself in their lives 🙌🏽 GLORYYYYYY 🙌🏽 were they can feel Your presence 🙌🏽 Let your spirit rain down into their hearts♥️, minds, souls, spirits🙌🏽 Hallelujah PRAISE GOD 🙌🏽 Jesus is the same , Who gave sight to the blind, turn water into wine, made a cripple man walk, and a mute man talk, raised Lazarus from the dead we need to talk, delivered me 6 times from cancer🙌🏽 Hallelujah PRAISE GOD 🙌🏽 HALLELUJAH PRAISE GOD 🙌🏽 HALLELUJAH PRAISE GOD 💃💃💃💃💃💃 God has not brought you and your family this far to leave you alone 🙌🏽 You might have lost ever materialistic thing🙌🏽 Hallelujah PRAISE GOD, But You Didn’t Lose Your Everything, and that is GOD 🙌🏽HALLELUJAH PRAISE GOD 🙌🏽 HALLELUJAH 🙌🏽 Better days are coming🙌🏽 Stay focus and keep on praying, BETTER DAYS ARE COMING 🙌🏽 I DECREE IT IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS 🙌🏽 OH, HALLELUJAH 🙌🏽 HALLELUJAH 🙌🏽 HALLELUJAH 🙌🏽 PRAYING FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY…. MY name is Charlotte PEARSON, I would love to make a donation to you and your family…. God bless♥️🙌🏽♥️🙏🏽♥️ please give me information on how to make a donation. Love You♥️ God bless♥️

    4. Praying for your broken Hearts spirits and minds to be restored in the mighty name of Jesus. We thank God for your lives. Amen 🙏🏾

  3. This Devotional spoke directly to my situation on this morning! I just want to say how grateful I am for DOTK. I’m so glad I listened to the nudging of the spirit. It was as if God himself was reaching down and speaking to my situation. Continued blessings on this ministry. Thanks for keeping your hands on the pulse of God.

  4. I hope God my God choose a rolling down my eyes as I said the prayer God I love you thank you for blessing me to wake up every morning to read the devotion from this beautiful Ministry it has blessed my soul and this is like confirmation with everything that I’m going through God I’m trusting you I’m leaning on you I’m depending on you I’m asking you for your guidance and your direction in my life daily in the name of Jesus God here I am asking for your help Jesus in my life in every area of my life strengthen me where I need to be strengthened. Continue to teach me your way and you will protect my mind in my heart open my ears to hear you oh Lord in the name of Jesus Amen My God My God Thank you Sis Kesha ❤

  5. Thank You! I really needed this confirmation from God . Thank you for allowing God to use you to minister to my soul ♥️

  6. Thank you my Awesome Father God for your unfailing love, and thank you Keesha Trippet for allowing God to use you so beautifully! So Beautifully! Jesus spoke into every corner of heart today. Thank you and I will pray that your ministry will continue to grow and flourish, and so exquisitly minister to women all over the world! God Bless you forever 💝💖

  7. Thank You Heavenly Father for another blessed and wonderful day. I received it, and I believe it.🙌🏽 Praises to the Most Highest 🙌🏽 in Your Son Jesus name AMEN AND AMEN 🙌🏽♥️🙏🏽♥️

  8. I am so sorry about the hurricane Sherita. I pray that God will meet your needs and you find shelter. I also pray you will find comfort and be able to know that God loves your family. I pray peace for your family. I pray for all the people of the Bahamas and that their lives will be rebuilt in Jesus’s name.

  9. Thank you for being obedient to the holy spirit. You have prayed out the passion of my whole heart and soul. I can only humble myself, open up my heart and receive it.

  10. This is diffinetly the prayer I need this morning Thank you my dear sister keshia
    Amen and praise God for DOTK ministries.

  11. Good Morning and God Bless You DOTK🌷

    God is Omniscient and is going to protect His daughters everywhere we are in life. Thank you for being His vessel this morning and speaking directly to my heart. He knew what I was going through yesterday and that I was going to be tested while I slept. I plead the Blood and Thank God I passed the test and am becoming the Daughter He’s teaching me to be. As of now there will be ppl and things put at a distance to not distract me from my growth in the Lord!

    I Love My Father and Praise His Holy Name 🙏🙏

  12. To my dear sister Jewel, only God moves in our hearts to work in others. Thank you for covering me with your love, but most importantly with God’s love.

  13. I was really down this morning, but God sent me an angel “Marcie” who sent me this prayer. I am so grateful that God ministered to my heart this morning to let me know, everything is going to be alright. Thank you Jesus.

  14. That was a powerful message there hit every angle that needed to be Lord come live inside of me and be my guide, I must press on Thank you father in Jesus name Amen.

  15. Yesssss Jesus speak to me I’m listening!!!I felt every word!!!!Thanks DOTK my soul needed this!!!!Blessings to everyone!!!!

  16. I receive it in the name of Jesus, glory to God..This is so for me today!!!!…I hope everyone had a wonderful Monday!

  17. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD,” i believe I receive YOUR WORD i come in agreement with Your Servant my Sister’s Kesha Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO GOD.” In JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY GLORIOUS NAME AMEN AMEN AMEN Thank You my Sister’s Kesha Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO GOD.” Soooooo on time. Thank You for Your Prayers in JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY GLORIOUS NAME AMEN AMEN AMEN Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah LOVE and GOD BLESS You All ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hawai’i 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜

  18. Good morning, as I write at this early morning hour, I know that this prayer is for ME!! I had already retired for the night and was feeling burdened, when I remembered I hadn’t read my DOTK devotional for the day. Man this prayer has lifted my heart and spirit tremendously! Thank you my beautiful sister Kesha for being obedient to the Spirit’s prompting. I can sleep deeply and soundly tonight because of the fact that He has spoken directly to my heart. I love you and God bless you mightily W.O.G.

  19. I Thank you Lord for send my sister for a time as this, for show her my belief was in my mind, and I truly thought that I had a real relationship with you. When all I had was thought of what was real. Help me get back to being all about you. I lost my bible, months ago and haven’t picked one up since nor had I read any devotion either, I just became lost.
    Thank you for restarting my fire for Christ.

  20. I missed this yesterday but thank God it holds for right now also! I receive the blessings and strength of this prayer. I need this.Thank you my dear sister for allowing God to use you and work through you in this ministry! I pray that your strength will be renewed day by day.God bless you and your family.

  21. Thank you sister for praying for me. My soul and spirit received the Prather in the Mighty Name Of Jesus. I wish the same for you and your family in Jesus Name, Amen 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

  22. Thank you Lord for using this willing, anointed vessel. Thank you Sister Keisha for being so willing to allow God to use you in such a mighty way. My love and prayers is with you!

  23. In every which way of the prayer, it was like an open book, to my very private page!! How can I not serve God ALMIGHTY!!! My Lord spoke directly to my deepest part of my soul/mind.
    Thank You once again
    A sister in Christ

  24. I claimed this prayer in the name of Jesus, I touch and agree with this prayer in the mighty name of Jesus!

    Thank u! On time prayer

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