A Prayer for You, My Sister

Father God, I take a moment to pray for your daughter who is reading this right now. I pray you will minister to her mind and heart. Remind her that you are in control and everything is going to be alright. Establish your Kingdom in her life Lord and bring divine order where there’s been confusion and chaos. As she humbles herself before you and submits to your will, I pray you will take your rightful place on the throne of her heart. Help her take her rightful place in being seated in heavenly places with Christ. Help her to put the enemy under her feet where he belongs, and help her to walk in her spiritual authority in Christ. I pray that you supernaturally strengthen her heart. You are able to do exceeding abundantly above all that she can ask or think. Help her believe that not only are you able, but you are willing. Help her get to know you better and get to know your character. You said, they that do know their God will be strong and do great exploits. Father, deepen her understanding of you. Help her not to live out her faith in her mind alone, but from a real relationship with you in her heart. I pray for true conversion of her soul. You promise as we seek your kingdom and your righteousness, You will add to us and enrich our lives. You will always do your part, help her to do her part of trusting in you. I pray you lift every burden and destroy every stronghold off of my sister. Deliver and heal her, God. Anything that is preventing her from seeing you clearly, I pray you will remove it. You know everything she is facing in her private life and you have not, and will never abandon her. If you allowed her to face a test or trial, it is because you will be glorified in the end. Breathe on her a fresh wind and give her a fresh fire for you. Fill her with your Holy Spirit and with great anticipation of you. Be glorified in her life in a great way. I pray this with all of my heart for your precious daughter, and I thank you in advance for answering my prayer. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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    1. I truely thank you for that awesome prayer. I receive it in my heart and my mind in JESUS NAME. Thay prayer touched deep down in my heart it was like you singled me out and was writing to me. So thank you for those encouraging words of faith and hope. I will continue to hold on like never before. Can you continue to lift me up in your prayers in Jesus name Amen.

    2. I trust you LORD and I know right now ALL I have is you.. Right now I’m going through something and I thank you in advance Father in the name of Jesus how you’re about to clean
      me up.

  1. Glory Higher my lord! Yes yes yes and Amen! I received this word over my life in the powerful name of Jesus! Thank you, God! Deliver me! Better days is coming and is already here. I claim it in your Name Father. New mercies every morning. God of a second chance! Lift every voice and sing! Lord, we worship up you and glorify you in everything we do. Lord, what shall you have me to do for you today?!! Not my will but you’re will father! I’m not doing this for NO form or fashion! I’ve been lost but now I’m found! I’m about my father business. And love it too. Still a good work in progress! Taking it 1️⃣ day at a time! Always keeping my best 👣 first! No doubt! Humble me my 👑 lord! 🎶 I sing because I’m happy 😁 I sing because I’m free! 🎶! I’m coming up on the rough side of the ⛰️ mountain. I’m doing my best to make it in!🎶 Making a joyful noise unto the Lord 👑! Love peace joy patience and meekness! 🛐 for everyone! For God I live and for God I die! I’m all in with GOD! Be Blessed and have productive and prosperous Day

  2. Father God please bless the DOTK ministry and her family 🙏🏾 I needed this on this morning, as I am strengthening my relationship with God the trials seems to be getting heavier but I won’t stop and can’t stop believing in God and what he can do for me🙌🏾 and how he will use me for his glory I feel something so deep in the inside that I can no longer sit on and your prayer this morning soothe my anxious thoughts 🙌🏾You are a blessing and God is using you in such a powerful way, again thank you and may God reign down his miracle blessings on you and provide you a blessing that will blow your mind Kesha 🙏🏾 in Jesus name Amen

  3. Amen and Amen.🙏🙏🙏
    A beautiful prayer from You, Father, to Your daughters. And I’m personally receiving it for me that I will be rooted and grounded in You, making You my “Treasure!” Truly making You first in my life, putting You, Father, on the throne of my heart. My You be glorified by my life. 🙌🙌🙌

    Sister Kesha, another level your going too in Him. God bless 🌹🌹🙏❤️❤️

  4. Glory to God Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah Jesus thank you Jesus right now in the name of Jesus have your own way Father God in the name of Jesus in my life I receive your love and your protect glory Thank you God Trust you God in Jesus name Amen ❤ 🙏🏽 🙌🏾

  5. Keisha thank u thank u! Thank u for allowing God to use u for his kingdom! And bring glory to him! U are truly a God-sent angel! For every morning I look for your divine word! Let God continue use in mighty way!

  6. All things work together for my good!! Another anointed prayer to fill me and to know that God will never leave me or forsake me 🙏

  7. Thank you Abba, the devil is a liar and cannot stop your plan for each of us. I stand in agreement with my sisters as we hold fast to our faith. We stand on 2Peter 1:3-10. Our faith is working in us through these tests to bring you glory. So as an example of this prompting by the Holy Spirit by which this prayer from our sister, Kesha was given and as a response to my prayer this morning word for word and context to context, I stand in agreement. We will trust YOU though it is dark we see LIGHT. Though it is heavy, we endure in Your strength we clothe ourselves in righteousness and faith and wait patiently as you bring us to a place where your promises over our lives manifest in the earth thereby bringing You glory in a time of faithfulness. We wait Abba. We glorify You in the wait. In the matchless name of Your Son, Yeshua Hamashaiac, amen.

  8. I receive the prophetic much heeded devotional prayer. Be it unto me as spoken. For the Lord’s Glory. Blessings, Shalom and Agape🙏🏽❤🙏🏽❤🙏🏽

  9. TY JESUS \O/
    I receive this most welcomed prayer!
    TY DOTK ministry for your faithfulness and love. May GOD pour out His Blessings upon you and ur families🙏🏽🌷

  10. Thanks for this prayer. I really needed this today. Be In prayer for my family, we lost two close family members yesterday. I thank God for DOTK this has been such an inspiration in my life. Continue to allow God to use in Mighty ways. This is what we women need because we carry so much on our shoulders BUT GOD IS OUR STRENGTH. Thank you so much and much love to you.

  11. I needed this so much today. I received every word down to the deepest part of my soul. Since the pandemic I have lost my way and no longer attend church, I really don’t have a relationship with God like I did 2 years ago and I feel so sad and lost. I’m facing some health issues and me and my 25 year old daughter are not getting along and it breaks my heart. I’m a single empty nester and having a very hard time. Before I opened this devotion this morning I literally said God speak to me! This prayer says everything that currently I can’t say. Thank you so much for this prayer. I needed it so much. Blessings to you.

    1. I pray you find comfort in other friends and family and your relationship heals. Sometimes relationships take time but I pray you can start to see little changes and see the good gradually increase from small to bigger ways. And I pray your health improves, you find treatments and tips to manage it more comfortably.

  12. Lord you are good and your mercy endureth forever!!! I receive this word in the Name of Jesus. It was a much needed word as I am going through so much. Thanks to my sister for sending this to me.

  13. Thank you Father for speaking to my heart and drawing me close to You through this ministry. Keep all of us and protect us from the evil one, let remember to be joyful in hope, patient in affliction and fervent in prayer. I thank You for that beautiful prayer and ask You to bless that person and guide us through these times to depend more and more on you. Thank You for gentle reminder that our faith grows when we trust You for the answer to some problem for which we see no answer.
    Let us show our endurance,
    our patience,
    our perseverance
    and our steadfastness to Your commands. Let us praise You for already providing for us, we may not see the light to our problems yet but open our eyes to Your truth so we can find out way minute by minute. I grieve with my sisters here & hurt for them but I know it’s Your will be done and You are on the throne, You are in control though we feel tossed about, Your hand has not left our side and Your give Your angels charge over us, to keep us in all our ways, angels shall bear us up in their hands, so we shall not hurt our foot against a stone. Your word continues to promise us that because we have set our love upon You, and not only You will deliver and save us, but You will set us on high, You will raise us up because he have known Your name. We shall call upon You and You will answer us, for You are always faithful and nothing we do or say can separate us from Your love: You will be with us in trouble; You will deliver and honour us. With long life will You satisfy us, and show us our salvation. Oh what a story we will have to tell how we made it over! We have the victory and we are overcomers as Jesus said. Praise You Lord! Amen and amen! In Jesus name, the glory is Yours! Amen.

  14. As well as dot k channel I found a channel called “abide” on YouTube that helps fall asleep. You can search the playlists of voices you prefer. Some of the vids very helpful for insomnia, anxiety etc at night.

  15. Amen! Thank you woman of God for this prayer. Thank you Father for giving her the words to say. Blessings to her and all the ladies that read this today. Love y’all.

  16. I recieve this beautiful heartfelt prayer. This is such a blessing 😇🙏 Thank you fornsharing a holy spirit led prayer he gives the wisdom and words for such prayers. Sending blessings ❤

  17. Thank you Lord Jesus for speaking to my heart and showing me that you do hear my words and prayers. Father you know where I fall short. Please renew my strength, heart on fire again, for you Lord! Help me to seek you with all of my heart. Create in me a pure heart and give me the desire to crave more of you and your Word each day. Thank you Lord for never leaving me even when I turned from you. Give me a deeper understanding of you Lord. Fill me afresh with your holy spirit. In Jesus name we pray 🙏

  18. As I’m sitting here crying asking the Lord to help me understand why is it that I can’t be Mother to this precious little girl I’ve been taking care of her since she’s was a newborn she will now be eight months and to know that it’s a possibility that she will be leaving my home it breaks my heart. But this message came right on time thank you Lord and forgive me your will not my. Amen💕🙌

  19. Thank you Father God!!!! You know what we need and when we need it. I give it ALL to you. I place Michael in your hands…I place my children in your hands. Aleiyah, Alexis, and Mekhi. I place. You are in control Father. Amen amen AMEN!🙏🏾

  20. I so needed this pray this morning. I thank God that He’s in control of my life. Thank You Rhonda, thank You!

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