A Special Prayer for You

“The effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man avails much.” James 5:16

Father, I pray for your precious daughter who you deeply love. I pray you give her the eyes of Jesus. Help her to see people with your eyes. Help her to see right. Give her the ears of Jesus. Help her to hear what you want her to hear. Help her hear right. Give my sister the heart of Jesus. Help her to love people the way you love all of humanity. Help her to remember how you’ve loved her unconditionally and have been patient with her growth. Give her the mind of Jesus. Help her perceive situations right. Help her focus on the right things. Give her the hands of Jesus. Help her to lay hands on the sick and believe you to heal. Help her touch the untouchable, love the unlovable, and reach the unreachable. Help her go farther than she’s ever gone, love more than she’s ever loved, and go the extra mile to change a life. Father, help her see what difference she can make if she only believes. Cause her light to shine brightly. Let your love within her be seen and felt by all around her. Help her to stay true to what’s right and who you’ve created her to be. Help my sister, Lord. Help my friend to be more like Jesus every day. I pray this with all of my heart. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Isaiah 11:3; Mark 16:18; John 15:8; John 6:37)

29 thoughts on “A Special Prayer for You”

  1. Praise the Name of the Lord my God Who daily bears my burdens. I speak against anxiety in Jesus Name! Lord, be greater than my anxious thoughts today!

  2. Amen…Amen..Amen…I Truly Received Every Word This Morning In The Mighty Name of Jesus…..Amen
    Thank You ❤
    May God Continue To Be With and Bless You and Your Family!!!❤

  3. Thank you so much. I stand in agreement with this prayer and with all who receive it. Wherever two or more come together in His Name, asking and believing that which His Word proclaims, He is in the midst.
    His Word is True and never void.
    In Jesus’ Name, Amen

  4. Praise God I receive this prayer today that I be the vessel for God that he is still molding me to be and that I continue to help those he sends my way to be a comfort for those that are tired and needing someone to be there in their time of need if only to listen or hold them. Use me Lord and help me to remember where you have brought me from

  5. Yes Lord, help me to do and be all these things just like Jesus. Help me Jesus to be more like you everyday, and for how far you have brought me to this moment. I love you, I need you. With you at my side, I can do anything according to your will. Thank you Father in Jesus name. And thank you Holy Spirit for Leading me to all truth. Amen
    I receive this prayer in complete faith,
    Thank you for my beautiful sister in Christ who sent this to me.

  6. A well needed prayer. I receive and declare it in my life and for Keisha,Gia,Gabby, Pam and.Amanda In Jesus’name.

  7. Thank You my beautiful Niece Idinah, I receive it in Jesus name, and most of all I give thanks to you Lord♥️🙏🏾♥️🙏🏾

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