A Word from the Lord

Heard the Lord say, tear down your idol. Destroy the image you have created of glorified self. Other nations worship their false gods made from stone, and you can’t a point a finger because you worship yourself. You worship your opinion. You worship your beauty. You put your will before Mine. You worship your skills and abilities. I want to receive your worship, daughter, but right now there is too much of you in the way to receive your praise. You have exalted yourself and I am bringing you low. I am casting down the image you have built. I am reducing you to rubble until only Christ remains. I am breaking you apart piece by piece until there is nothing left of you but a heart and life completely surrendered to Me.

Ref. Exodus 20:3

2 thoughts on “A Word from the Lord”

  1. Not unto me oh Lord not unto me but unto your name I give you Glory for your Love and Faithfulness (

    Help me Lord to seek you Lord in all of my ways. That’s my desire.

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