Abide in Me #repost

“Abide in Me, and I in you…” John 15:4

You would think that when God tells us to abide and remain in Him, this would be an easy thing to do, but it actually can prove quite challenging. Everything tries to pull us up and out of our seat. Things come from all directions to get us out of faith, out of love, out of the Spirit, and out of our place of rest in Him. The husband leaves you and the kids, and the Lord says, abide in Me. You lose your job without severance pay, and the Lord says, abide in Me. Your child gets arrested, and the Lord tells you to abide and remain in Him. The thing is, you’re not alone. The Lord is with you. And you’re not sitting idle, fiddling your thumbs. You are seated in Christ, seated with Him, and from that place, you pray, intercede, and petition the Lord. In that place of abiding, He answers you. Your warfare is to resist the pull to move from that place of remaining and resting in Him.

My sister, nothing can pluck you out of God’s hands. Nothing and no one. You would have to decide to move. Receive every bit of Holy Spirit’s help to remain in Christ. Receive all of His strength and might to remain in your trust in Him when everything is trying to pull you out and away. Stay in faith. Stay in love. Stay in the Spirit. Stay in peace. Stay the course. You can do all things through who strengthens you, including abiding in Him.

Prayer: Father, I hear you speaking to me, and I receive your instructions to stay and remain in you. I receive your help to not move out of my seat. Help me stay in the Spirit, in your love, in your peace, in your will, on your course for my life. Be glorified in me. In the name of Jesus, Amen.

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  1. Yes, I needed to read this devotional. I need the peace of the Lord that surpasses all understanding that comes from only Him. Thank you for refocusing my attention on the Lord and not my situation. Blessings, Shalom and Agape 👀🙏🏽♥️📖🙌🏽

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