An Appetite for God

“Blessed [joyful, nourished by God’s goodness] are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness [those who actively seek right standing with God], for they will be [completely] satisfied.” Matthew 5:6, Amplified Bible

When my children become sick, the first thing they lose is their appetite. I could sit in front of them their favorite meal and they will refuse it. So I let them rest until they feel better. When they come to me saying, “I’m ready to eat now”, I know they are healed.

Have you lost your appetite for the things of God? Do you no longer desire to read His Word or be in His presence? Is there no great desire to be around His people or do the spiritual things you used to? It could be the cares of life have distracted you or that your heart is hurting. Has anything damaged your heart and mind? Has anything polluted your faith? Have you just come through a terrible experience? There’s no judgement or condemnation here—only sincere love. The goal is to help you examine where you are spiritually. If you are hurting, forgive those who have offended you and receive God’s immense love. Receive His healing hand over your heart and let Him reach into every hurting place. If you are distracted, ask God to refocus and reignite you.

A deep longing for the things of God can’t be manufactured. God gives us a thirst and hunger for Him, and we can come to Him saying, God I’m ready to eat now! I want more of You now! I’m ready to win souls now, and fulfill Your divine purpose for my life now!

Prayer: Thank You Lord. I need You to heal me and refocus me. Touch my heart and heal every pain. Every disappointment. Heal me and give me my appetite back. Cause me to thirst for You like never before. Help me, God. I forgive everyone and everything. I receive a greater desire for You. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Hebrews 13:21; 1 Peter 2:2; Psalms 63:1-2)

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15 thoughts on “An Appetite for God”

  1. Thank you Father for the thirst you have given me like a child i want more of you.i want to bring you more glory to have more of your peace. You are my savior my healer you provide all my needs i 💘 you Father Son Holy Spirit

  2. PRAISE the LORD for this word, we need to hear this word Thank you Jesus keep me praying, reading everyday In Jesus Name Amen 🙏💃🙆‍♀️👐

  3. Wow you are truly a prophet of God! It seems like every time I’m dealing with a issue you speak on it. Thank you for your obedience.🙏

  4. Awesome 👏🏽 Word! Glory be to God Almighty!!
    Thank You, Lord, & DOTK for such rich encouragement, inspiration & motivation. Right on time. Love ❤️ you all.

  5. Yes..ty DOTK…Father help me to hunger and thirst for you like never before…In the precious name if Jesus💜

  6. Oh God help me. I have forgive them all that have hurt me over the year’s .Yes I have forgive everything and everyone God give me you please and Jesus name a Amen

  7. Thank you Dear Precious Lord for your word this morning! It was meant just for me!!!! I hear you and trust you, please heal my hurting heart and broken spirit! I love you Lord Jesus!!

    1. I thank. You God for you’re loving word please help me. oforgive and thurstfor your work s I love you Lord God and I need you now and forever. In Jesus name amen

  8. I truly love my Daddy God .Abba Father is my everything my source and the cross is the only means which i received. I will glory in the cross that make a difference for my life Shalom

  9. Wow… I couldn’t explain in words how I needed those words am in the exact place… God spoke to me through you sister… Lord JESUS thank you for the opportunity to meet with you and to thirst for you again.. Help me win soul.. As I have done before
    Make a light to my nation India
    Fill me with soul burden

  10. This is so relatable for me. My girls and I have been through a hard time the last few years after leaving a bad marriage. Though I feel I forgive, I’m still wounded and so are they. Though I listen to the local Christian radio station daily, I have not opened my Bible in a while. I go to church every Sunday, but I teach Sunday school, so I don’t get to hear the word. It leaves me feeling distant from God.

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