7 thoughts on ““Be Real with God” by Marquita Cohen – Video”

  1. Yes I’m calling for prayer and I understood what you was saying like keeping it real with Jesus like you know and keeping the real with the father cuz if Jesus could do it we can do it telling the truth or what we need and not trying to like sugar coat like you see that was a blessing but I need prayer that the Lord blessed me to give my new apartment I got the housing voucher now I need the apartment now I need a new vehicle I’m in a car I have been in a car accident I’m hoping that this element be enough to take me to Israel to Jerusalem in like still have money left over help me with my ministry I have a ministry I’m trying to bring up call for us of us use ministry help me with my music my album called lost and I found I have an album I’m trying to compose I have beautiful songs I used to do rap music but I’m not wrapping no more I can’t really write rap like in gospel I did like a couple of times but mostly I just like right songs like worship songs and praise songs to the Lord so I’m praying right now for families and and grandchildren’s our families lord to bless us Lord God to keep a safe Lord God under your will let us stay up under your grace Lord God cuz that’s what we need Lord God we don’t need no material things in this world that ain’t going to save us people don’t even understand that so I just bless your sister and keep keep me and my family in your prayers amen hallelujah for all of us

  2. Thank you Sis. Marquita for allowing God to work in you and your gifts with Sis Kesha love the video ❤🙏🏽

  3. Praise God for your video ministry in the prayer on this Friday I just had to look at the video again Sis Marquita I just said praise God just have to keep it real with the Father have a blessed weekend love all y’all. Sisters🥰🤗

  4. Wow this is amazingly beautiful and powerful 😍 Thank you sister Marquita. Your obedience to the WORD has been a blessing to me ✨️🙌

    You proclaimed GOD’s truth in simple layman terms that made it so easy to understand. My spirit was bubbling as you spoke with passion. I will go to GOD as I am, not embarrassed or fearful because He already knows the end from the beginning and He loves me the same. I know GOD is able to correct and transform my thoughts and beliefs that go contrary to His WORD. He is able to guide me into His truths. I yearn for His truth and I am set free by His truth 💯. Daily as I live, often as I breathe may my life be a testimony of His truths. Be blessed my sister and keep ON fire for JESUS 🔥
    Much love ❤️

  5. This was so on point and right on time, I like the part where we go to the word for his truth about us and our situations after we tell him the truth about us,Oh Lord thank you that I can be honest with you in every situation I find myself in, when my attitude is mean & nasty,when I don’t show love toward the people you’ve put in my life to care for, and so many other truths that I have given you, what a mighty Good God we serve, I love you Lord

  6. Powerful, authentic message and delivery packed with so many nuggets!!

    God bless u richly, Sis 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  7. Amen. Thank you Sister Marquita Cohen!!! This truth have set me free. I had emailed Sister Kesha with an concern I had and because I was too close to the situation I wasn’t hearing right. So I’m glad I saw this because it just set me free on how to declare His Word over my word on each situation. These prayers and devotionals are helping me grow in areas that The Father need me to grow. Know that you are appreciated.🙏🤗💞✝️

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