Believe Me for Greater

“Learn of Me and get to know My character, My nature and My will for you. Don’t you know I care for you deeply and will provide your every need right when you need it. Don’t you know it’s nothing for Me to provide for you. Don’t you know it’s nothing for Me to supply you with a car, a house, a husband to love and take care of you. Have not I said, it pleases Me that you prosper and be in health, even as your soul prospers? Have not I said, it is My pleasure to give you the Kingdom? Have not I said, if you seek Me and My Kingdom first and My righteousness, all of these things would be added to you? You have made your requests of Me, and now My most precious daughter, I make My request of you. Ask Me for greater. Ask Me for the heathen. Ask Me to give you the nations. Ask Me to work through you mightily to change the world. Ask Me to be glorified in your life. Ask Me to bring revival to your city, town and province. Use your faith to believe Me for greater. Says the Lord.”

(Read 3 John 1:2; Luke 12:32; Psalm 2:8; Philippians 4:19; Matthew 6:33)

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  1. Amen… Asking God for greater things in my life. Happiness, to be loved, to pass my real estate test so that I can financially be able to support myself and to restart our business of what ww love to do aa well and be blessinga to people in our store and there homes in all areas. He is able, merciful, mighty, giving, forgiving and the most loving God. I know that you have our names on many great things to come in our lives. Show me and guide me the way. Let my life be an example of you. Praying for wonderful new beginnings for love, health and work. I lay my battles at your feet Lord it is hard for me to not take them to think that I can fix them but I can’t only you can. You are my shepherd I shall not want you leadeth me in green pastures. Be with me through the unknown ls that u am going through right now and facing. In Jesus Name Amen

      1. Sweet, have been through one many years ago. It is heart wrenching, I know.
        Please know I will pray for peace ” that surpasses all understanding,” for you now.
        I will keep you in my prayers.
        Love, ” In Him, Jesus,” Viola

  2. I am so very grateful and thankful that the Word of God finds you right where you are. Pleasing God is always first…the Word is truth…rich full of mercy, grace and lovingkindness…Praying God’s blessing to overtake your life for encouraging the people of God.

  3. Father God,
    I truly believe you for greater things as you enlarge my territory. I’m standing firm on your promises. You are the sovereign one. All praises and honor belongs to you. I magnify your holy name.

  4. Hallelujah Thank you Jesus for Greater that I have in you God I hear you and I’m claiming it in the name of Jesus Greater it’s My God My God Victory its already done Thank you God for your blessing devotion and the name of Jesus Greater it’s Amen and Aman again

  5. Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying “Whom shall I send ? And who will go for us?” “And I said “Here I am” “Send me ♡Thank you dear Lord for using me in whatever way you see fit♡

  6. Thank you so much for sharing this Word!! It’s like it was directed right to me in several areas. God has been pouring out on me and my son this year, lavishing on us. I just received another check in the mail from a relative. Healing began manifesting in my body a few weeks ago & it will be completed in God’s timing. My healing started manifesting the same week I started seriously praying for my non-church friends in the city where I live. Each one of them represents a different country!! I’m asking God for the nations. Part of my 12 yr old son’s prayer routine – we pray each month, spin the globe and allow God to lead in which country he will be praying for that whole month. He’s been doing that for about 5 yrs now. Keep praying!! Pray the Word! No tear, no seed is wasted!!!! Pray God’s will, purpose, and plan in your life at ANY cost! No price is too great to pay in order to hear from Him “We’ll done!!!!”

  7. Luke 1:26-38

    Luke 1:38a (NIV) “’I am the Lord’s servant,’ Mary answered. ‘May your word to me be fulfilled.’”

    Mary didn’t need anyone to tell her she wasn’t qualified to give birth to the Savior of the world. She could have easily rattled off a list of the reasons she should be passed over for such an incredible privilege.

    Too young.

    Too poor.

    Too inexperienced.

    Just a simple girl from a town of no great consequence.

    Oh… and a virgin. Which makes having a baby more than a little difficult.

    And yet, we find the angel Gabriel standing before her in Luke 1 proclaiming she has been chosen. That she, Mary, is the blessed and highly favored vessel God wants to use to bring forth His one and only Son, Jesus. The Messiah. (Luke 1:30-33)

    She has only one question. “‘How will this be,’ Mary asked the angel, ‘since I am a virgin?’” (Luke 1:34)

    Gabriel graciously answers, explaining to her that the Holy Spirit will come upon her and the power of the Most High will overshadow her. He tells her about the miraculous pregnancy of her much older cousin, Elizabeth, and reminds her that what seems impossible to her is absolutely possible with God. (Luke 1:35-37)

    I confess I am humbled and amazed by Mary’s question. All she wanted to know was how the pregnancy was going to be physically possible.

    She didn’t ask any of the questions I might have been tempted to ask. Questions like, “Are you sure you have the right person? Don’t you know how unqualified I am? Have you considered asking one of the women just down the street? Surely any one of them would be a better choice than me.”

    It’s so easy to look around and think there are plenty of other people way more qualified than we are, isn’t it?

    I have this assignment at church to play the piano ushering in morning service
    My pastor believe that I’m ready for this task, but not me for sure Lord Jesus Bonnie know way not at this time. …
    My pastor is wanting to make a champion out of me I know he sees something that I don’t see I even told him Sunday there is somebody that can play way better than I
    What did I say that for yes I heard a sermon I said all that to say this stepping out on faith for Christ Jesus will pay off after while I know Jesus is alright with me hallelujah glory to the highest. …
    Letting Jesus lead you all the way. …..
    I’m still holding on to jesus’ hand how about you (sisterhood ) ? It’s worth it all TGBTG!

    Then one day in Bible study I read the story we are reading today. The story of Mary, the teenage mother of Jesus. My heart beat fast as I realized she didn’t meet the standard of what the Lord has chosen me to do READ GLORY!

    Somehow, just as she was, God chose her to be Jesus’ mother. And the only qualification she seemed to have was a heart of total surrender. We see her humble trust in God’s plan in Luke 1:38a: “‘I am the Lord’s servant,’ Mary answered. ‘May your word to me be fulfilled.‘”

    All God wanted from Mary was her willingness. And He let me know that day in Bible study it was all He wanted from me too. He had already given me the exact qualities He knew that what he wants the world to see the testimony hallelujah it’s so deep still more of me the Lord requires I just needed to lift my willingness up to Him daily and let Him help me be the very best version of me.

    Maybe you aren’t feeling very qualified today. Maybe you feel like God should pass you over and pick someone else for the assignments He’s placed before you. If that’s you, I want you to know this—God absolutely loves to take ordinary people and do extraordinary things in them, through them and with them.

    He’s not waiting on you to impress Him. He simply wants you to say “yes” to Him.

    Yes, Lord. I’m Yours. All of me. All for You.

    Let’s stop offering God our excuses and our lists of why He can’t work in us and through us. Let’s believe with our whole heart that nothing is too hard for Him. And let’s lay down our measuring sticks of perfection and humbly bow our heads as we offer Him our willingness today.

    Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You so much for the beautiful example of surrender You have given me through Mary. I lift up my willingness to You today in all areas of my life—at home, at work, in ministry and in my relationships. My greatest desire is to be the woman You’ve called me to be and not anyone else. In Jesus’ name, amen.

    1. That was truly amazing. Lord, I say yes to you. To be used by you. I was praying early this morning and I felt led to read Daughters of the King, and it was exactly what I was praying about. Abba, thank you for the greater thats coming on me and my family. Father, if you need anyone to lavashly pour out your blessings upon well HERE I AM. Thank you in advance for the greater thats here and thats coming. Thank you Jesus ,Amen!

    2. Hi Bonnie,
      I see you are a part of First5 too! Thanks for sharing on here. I love both these amazing devotionals!!! So powerful and true to life!!

  8. Thank you Lord.I truely Believed God for great and mighty things in my life,because every good gifts comes from him.As I continue trusting him for greater things in my life, he will grant unto me.Greater things to do his will. Thank you Lord. Blessing and the peace of the Lord.Amen.

  9. Awesome word!! Sis Kristi, you and your son are a great blessing to the body of Christ. My prayer is tp emulate your example. Its funny how we keep on making request on after the other . When i send my sons and they try to either procrastinate or give excuses it hurts. I don’t know about you. If we were created in God’s image then may i suggest that God also has a need. I therefor believe that its time we met our father’s needs. One of His main need is that souls would be snatched from the kingdom of darkness. Yes the world is His and the fullness thereof. If we meet His need ours will be nothing. Let us strive to meet the heart beat of God. Missions, loving one another, being obedient etc. We shall surely get there someday.

  10. Dearest Lord, i ask for the Grace to know your character, your nature and your will for my life. I ask for Mercy for under utilising the faith you deposited in me. Please be glorified in my life in Jesus name amen.

  11. Awesome WORD from our Lord! In my time of prayer and meditation this morning I recalled all the times my Lord has brought me out of situations that were so amazing. BUT for the grace of God! Yes He sees, and He knows and cares for us. Our minds must be on greater opportunities and ministerial sacrifice for our Lord! Not on these earthly things that will pass away!! Only those things done for the Lord will be accredited to us! Thank you Father! Thank you Jesus! Thank you Holy Spirit!
    “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundant above all that we ask or think according to the power that works in us”. Unto him be glory in the church by Christ Jesus throughout all ages, world without end.” AMEN! (Ephesians 3: 20, 21)

  12. Hallelujah!!!! Why do we limited Almighty God? He is able to do exceedingly, above all we can even imagine. This is a beautiful reminder of how big our God is. I just love everything about him. Have a blessed day!

  13. Thank you God, for greater of all that you have done and still doing for’ve been so good to me ( with tears in my eyes) I can’t Thank you enough, Thank you for greater in bringing my husband and I to read your word together mostly every day, Thank you God for being GREATER in my life..I Love You In Jesus Name Amen. 🕇🕇🕇

  14. Lord thank you for being a On Time God & let me know you hvt forgotten about me & you can do all things & the small things I’m praying for you are saying that’s it…I can do exceedingly and abundantly all that you can ask & greater…Lord position me to be ready & guide me & strength me were I am weak..I want all of you & when man see me they dnt see me they all of your glory on my life…So I’m thanking you advance for the unknown…I receive what’s your will for my life🙌🙌🙌 Amen

  15. I was in the dollar store ,as I got in my car this was on my phone. ..Believe God for greater. It made a click in my spirit as if God was telling me to beleven him for greater. I gladly received this in Jesus mighty name.

  16. I claim the promise’s of God and l am well blessed for the words that’s spiritual healing.l believe the greater power in the Lord Jesus.

  17. I Needed This and it couldn’t have come in the most perfect moment Thank You Lord!! I trust in you and I know you would not lead me astray. I trust and believe in your word when you say you will never leave me and will not let anything in my way that I can’t triumph over. No weapon formed against me shall prosper! Thank You Dear Lord Amen!

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