Breathe, my sister.

“The LORD your God is among you; He is mighty to save. He will rejoice over you with gladness; He will quiet you with His love; He will rejoice over you with singing” Zephaniah 3:17, Berean Study Bible.

Breathe, my sister. Breathe. You are who God said you are. You have what God you have. You can do what God says you can do by His grace and power. Everything God said about you is true. The truth of His word is settling you now. God is helping you push past how you feel and focus on what is true. My sister, He is helping you, by His Holy Spirit, to push past how you feel and focus on what is true. He is calming you with His love. The Lord is commanding His peace over your life right now. Breathe, my sister. Breathe. God is in full control, and everything is going to be ok.

Say out loud from your heart, “Today I push past how I feel and focus on what’s true. Everything the Lord has said about me is true. I receive the truth of His word and I reject every lie from the enemy. The Lord has commanded His peace over me and I will rest in His love. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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18 thoughts on “Breathe, my sister.”

  1. 🦋Father God I know that you are helping our daughter Rachel Crayne to get through this coronavirus virus 🦠 who lives in Florida. I am A concern mom for her welfare in which we are helping her get through this. I pray for her or other Tenants who can’t afford to pay or behind in rent that Landlords or Corporate businesses will Not evict your children Father God. Show them to have a kind and caring Spirit and heart. In Jesus name. Amen

  2. Praise be to God, I so needed this today!! I have been struggling recently with knowing that God called me to proclaim preparation, body, mind, spirit for coming tribulations and feeling that I have failed to do so. Fear of rejection kept me from telling of things God showed and told me but I now know it is not too late….Peace be with you

  3. Amen I will trust the Lord at all time Thank you God for your strength today and your words.🙏🏽again I say I will trust the Lord at all times Amen🙏🏽❤ 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

  4. This word was right on time There is so much caos out there. But we as believers don’t have to be caught up in it. As a church, we are praying,praising,and fasting.for 3 days. Our God is in full control.

  5. AMEN Thank You Jesus I Needed This Word That You are in Control And You want Us to just Breath I Kove You Jesus AMEN 🙏❤🙌🙌❤🙏

  6. My notes from NIV Life application study Bible says: in Zephaniah 3: 14-18; “We sin when we pursue happiness by cutting ourselves off from fellowship with God. The only person who can make us TRULY HAPPY. Zephaniah points out that gladness results when we allow God to be WITH US. We do that by faithfully following Him and obeying His commands. Then God REJOICES over us with SINGING. If you want to be HAPPY, draw close to the source of happiness by obeying God.”

    Personally, this devotional for today is right on time for me because for the past week I made up my mind, and started making a commitment in reading and studying God’s word daily. I got me a planner and made my own schedule to pray when I rise and then go straight to the Bible. I committed to making Him top priority each day. It is very helpful and sets the mood for the rest of my day in joy and peace. With that I can be sure to rest and grow in relationship with the Father, and be sure in faith by reading His word to be the person He has called me to be, and as our intimacy grows He will reveal His purpose and will for me in this life.
    I would encourage all who may struggle in this area of reading the Word of God to commit to making this a priority in your life, just by setting a schedule in the first part of your day to fellowship with the Father. If you ask He will make a way. God bless you all 🙏❣️😇

  7. OH MY LORD, THANK YOU ❣️ I Was almost afraid to talk to you this morning because of How HOLY YOU ARE and what a wretched man I Am. It all was because of a feeling. THANK YOU LORD for being the same Yesterday, Today and Forever. THANK YOU for brand new mercies each and every day. THANK YOU for this devotional…. I FEEL THAT I CAN REST NOW ❣️

  8. Omg I thank you Lord for this!!! I can truly breathe now this what I needed ,knowing I’m not alone in this time despair I can honestly say it was good that I was afflicted cause now when the sea’s are raging I can have peace knowing you are with me !!!

  9. Amen & thank you Lord! In these crazy times Lord, I pray that all of your children will receive you into their hearts & minds. I pray they will be as blessed as I am. God bless you & your family Sister Kesha; thank you for sharing your wisdom & God’s good Word 💖🙏😇

  10. Thank you Lord..Thank you for your assurance that everything is going to be ok…Bless God…hallelujah

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