Build your house early.

“Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them will be like a wise man who built his house on the rock” Matthew 7:24, ESV.

I’ll never forget over a period of time, God led me to confess several key scriptures over my children. Although I was always praying over them, I felt an unction from the Holy Ghost to confess Scriptures daily. I obeyed the Lord and later discovered why He wanted me built up in His Word.

In March 2009, our four month old son was admitted into Intensive Care for digestive and thyroid issues. The doctors told us they would need to keep him for three weeks. He was close to death. I remember the night I followed the ambulance to the children’s hospital. I remember praying, “Lord, not my baby. The devil can’t have my baby! Your Word says that the children you have given me are for signs and wonders (see Isaiah 8:18). You said in your Word that you will pour out your spirit upon my seed and your blessing upon my offspring (see Isaiah 44:3). Every Scripture that I had been confessing over the past months was coming up into my heart like ammunition into a gun. I was shooting them out while tears were streaming down my face. God’s healing power touched my baby’s body and after three weeks in the hospital, he was totally healed!

My sister, please hear me. It’s hard to build a house in the middle of a thunderstorm. Build your house of prayer early. Build up your word life now way before the storms of life hit. Relational storms, marital storms, financial storms, health-related storms are sure to come, but you will have peace in the storm if you’ve prepared your heart and mind through prayer and confession of God’s Word.

Prayer: Father, I repent for every time I refused to pray or get in your Word. I repent for not taking this seriously. Give me a sense of urgency God. Help me be prepared for the storms. Show me, Lord, how to get built up and stay built up in you.I come against all fear, and I receive your peace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Matthew 7:23-25; John 16:13; Psalm 63:1)

(Scriptures to pray over children: Isaiah 8:18; Isaiah 44:2-4; Isaiah 49:25; Psalms 112:2; Psalms 118:17)

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45 thoughts on “Build your house early.”

  1. Amen and amen!God has been putting that in my spirit to begin to pray and read his word!Yes,I have not moved with urgency, but thanks for your testimony, because today is a new day!With Urgency!!! Please pray for me in this matter that the Holy Spirit will guide me on the know how.I always pray but God is saying pray more read more with fervency! In Jesus Powerful Name I Pray!!!!(I don’t take this lightly) Thanks my sister for words of Godly Wisdom!

    1. This message Really Made Me reflect on My relationship with my King and I’m going to be Praying & In the word daily!

    2. Amen! God I’m praying for you to intercede in my life with the Holy Spirit as I pray for all in my life in Jesus name.

  2. Amen Thank you God because I feel some great when I’m and the word of God and Praying words of heaiing and finance and the children of this world and my whole family and friends and church family we all need this and to be and God’s Words daily and Pray up Thank you Dotk family for your daily devotion

  3. My beautiful son was a drug addict. I felt like a failure as a parent and knew my son was headed towards an early death. All I could do was pray. I prayed us through five years of living hell. Addiction rips your family apart. All you worked so hard to build. I kept praying. On my knees for five years. Even through it I applied the blood of Jesus on my son. There were times he wouldn’t come home for days. I thought he could be dead. I kept praying. He was in jail. I kept praying. God is faithful. If you are struggling with something in your life and are hopeless, get on your knees and pray and don’t stop. Today my son knows the Lord. He is clean. He is finishing school. God has restored my family. I praise Him each day for the blessing of my son. God always has a plan.

    1. hallelujah🌠🌠🌠Glory be to God 🙌🙏🙏🙏Maria💝 won’t he do it and I don’t care how long it takes Sistah❗💯We WAIT on YOU LORD👑🙏👑🎉🎁SHINE4JESUS😇🙏🙏

    2. Amen God bless you for not giving up! His Righthand over you and your family may God be glorified through your lives. Hallelujah God is so faithful and just.

    3. I too have a son who was addicted to alcohol. Many many days I didn’t know about his well being. Then he went to the city. I claimed Eph. 3:20 for him. He became homeless and one day he called was in Denver. We left right away and looked for him and prayed and prayed. He went into a library and called us. Today he too is clean though each day is a struggle he is doing great. I praise God.

    4. Praise God!!! I have 2 sons I worry about constantly and told the Lord they are in His hands now because I’ve done all I can…I,still pray of course but sometimes I don’t feel the peace I think I should.One of my sons,age 5,has already gone back to the Father and I’m petrified because I know I couldn’t live through another sons death.I am always in prayer over one or the other.

    5. Thankyou ffor the hope not to give up on me or loved oned or ones we are meant to pray for stand in the gap. Even pray for our enemies. It was hard but i did it daily fo ten years for my abuaer because i was told it was the right thing to do and itvwould help me forgive but eventually it worked i didnt want to kill him hate hin hur him. could find one goid thing about him that he was,able to provide financially for the family that was twenty two years ago .we have come full circle unbelievable i can be in same room no anomosity hatred revenge hurt or. Fear Pray for his. Salvation.. Thought he was pure evil growing up. Sincey brother died twenty years ago hr has hone thriugh some changes. Oray God changrs him hrals mr and my responses vs reactions. Revenge hurts iother people.nibwant grace and mercy i must give it. Dontbhave to be brst friends unless Gid brings it about. Dont have to take garbage or abuse from anyine incuding myself. Exploitbor manipulate to get my own needs met. Learningvto br lrss selfish more selfless and more self care

      1. Started understanding patterns in my life from childhood lies from the enemy that kept my behabior and chices reinforbcing ibwas no good notbeorthy etc. OnlybJrsus can hraltheae chikdjiid hurts andboatterns hrlp me to love me andvto build trust. Ibam wirthybibdidntvdeserveit. I am truly loved. Hurt oeople hurt people. Every area of hurt becomescavtestimonybandca miniatry oower in the testimony

        1. Only jesus can heal every hurt is a testimony a miniatry powwe in thevtestimony. Thank Gid firvwird tibemmerse myvselfvckranse my thinking understand Godcand his ways git mevthriughbthevfire the stirms thebliins drn the snake pit. Heloed mevto hang in when wanted tinguve uo. Powervofvthecwordcsooken wird decress declaringvstandingbon oromiae the blood of christ has oower to orotectinband change circumstances

    6. Thank you for testimony I am believing God for total a deliverance for my son Elliot n my brother Robert .. God is working to set them free from drugs.

    7. GOD will do what he says he’s gonna do, he is a man of his word. You cannot and will not put a time limit on God because in due season things will change. In those five years you’ve grew as a parent but also a friend and while going through those hard times your son was fighting a spiritual battle but with God on our side those Giants do fall. Thankful that the Giant of drugs, and the Giant of being jailed did not prosper. I know God will continue to show up and show out you guys just keep the faith. There is nothing to big or too small for out God.
      Be blessed my brother and sister! BE BLESSED!

  4. AMEN thank YOU FATHER God for this testimony! I need more urgency in my prayers. I have a problem remembering the scriptures that i read. I need YOU Jesus to help me to remember and speak what i read over my children and family and friends. I come to YOU FATHER in the name of Jesus asking this request.. Amen

    1. Thank you Jesus for those powerful testimonies. I have that same problem remembering scriptures, but God knows my heart and He is prayer answering God. So I believe He will help us to remember. Thank you for sharing. This gave me hope.

  5. Thank You Father for loving us no matter what! Thamk You for every prayer prayed for me ever and also through this network. Bless and provide for every need they may have. Bless my dear friend Cricket who always prays for others and fot me. Love her abundantly provide for her carry her and her family through whatever is stopping Your will to be done in their lives. I pray for a MIGHTY breakthrough in their lives and circumstances and if some of their ways attitudes or desires need to be changed please help them and show them Holy Spirit as only You can. Thank You for the powerful message of today bless Daughters of the King to grow more and more for Your glory. Lord please open the networks where obstructions occurred be our network in Jesus name. I and we all love You completely with everything we are. Amen.

  6. OUR FATHER. THANK YOU JESUS FOR THIS DAY. I LOVE YOU WITH ALL MY HEART AND SOUL. LET’S WALK TOGETHER HAND AND HAND IN YOUR POWER OF LOVE JESUS. COVER ME JESUS WITH THE BLOOD. I repent JESUS of all financial storms, pain and suffering storms unhealthy storm’s touch me JESUS keep touching me FATHER ALL THE DAY’S OF MY LIFE give unto me your power to keep it moving to Stand receiving understanding your words and work’s of peace of mind build me up to help a falling child a person with the love you have given unto me. Help me not to hate because they hate me. JESUS COVER MY HOUSE WITH PEACE AND LOVE COME IN JESUS. 💜💜🌺

  7. Thank you GOD, for this word I needed to hear. I do pray scripture for my children, NOW I have more AMMUNITION, BLESS THE LORD. Thank you God and Thank you DOTK Family.

  8. AMEN!

    Father, we know that You are able to do ALL things. We ask for healing for our drug addicted family members, many are not able to quit on their own. They need You Father. Please transform their lives. Strengthen them to reach out for help. Give courage and hope to these families. In JESUS’ Name we pray. Amen.
    We Thank You Father.

  9. Oh my God…how this has touched my spirit. Thank you sister for this word; and I praise and thank God for healing your baby. Preparation is key!!!

  10. This is so true and a daily practice for the children to commit to as well. Thank You Lord for this word👪

  11. Amen Good gives you victory and strength to overcome what ever you are dealing with at the moment when you speak out those verses. What has helped me is writting those scriptures down on the flash cards and memorizing them.

  12. Amen and Amen!
    Oh Lord, build and establish your word in our spirit, soul and body that we may always abide in the word! more grace to you all!

  13. Amen!
    The Lord is always gracious to all His children. Am really glad to read this testimonies here, He surely never fails!!!
    Remember not the former things for I am doing something new in your life! I actually knw that I’ve nothing to hold on from the past coz I await the new thing the Lord has in store for me.
    Yu ar precious to me, yu ar mine!!! The insults hurled at me, names from my past behaviours and deeds won’t hold me down again bcos I belong to the King! He calls me mine, why should I take notice of what they call me? I already knw who I am! I am what God says I am! He calls me blessed and I am blessed, He calls me daughter and I am His. I wonna turn a deaf ear to other names and let this names from my God have more meaning to me and my life.
    For God so loved the me that He gave His only son to die for my sins!!! Why should I look for love elsewhere yet when I look at the cross I see the greatest love? Its love that held yu Jesus,my Jesus, on the cross not nails!! I am surely loved and no matter how loud the world voices are telling me am not loved are, I won’t let them affect me. A woman can forget her suckling child but I’ll never forget you. Your name is written on my palms with indelible red, I mean my marks/wounds!!! Child you are never alone.
    I am an adorable daughter of the king, I am precious and He calls me His!!!
    Thank you father for your word it’s surely a lamp to my feet. I need to knw yu more to experience yu more and to have a brand new meaning of this God that I serve.
    I love yu Lord, thanks for giving/sending me your Holyspirit. He gives me strength to fight some more to conquer situations that I thought were beyond me. Yu surely ddnt give me a spirit of fear. Thank you so much dear Lord.
    I want to be dead to the world and only live for yu so help me Lord

  14. God bless u my sweet Anne! O yes l’m grateful for today’s word. You know how l long n yearn to spend moments with u my lord. Anytime we meet its like eternity. But aww, what’s really eating me up is procrastination . . As Joseph preserved the lives of his generation due to the wisdom of God , may l also preserve lives of by learning to pray ahead . This l dearly ask in Jesus’s name amen. procrastination.

  15. Our Father you’re my solid foundation. you desire for me to get into your word which’s bread of life, thank you for healing and restoration to my soul. Please increase within me the spirit of obedience to do your will and let self decrease. In Jesus Name, Amen 🙇

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