Courageous Faith

“Be strong and courageous, for you are the one who will lead these people to possess all the land I swore to their ancestors I would give them” Joshua 1:6, NLT

Settle this in your heart today: “I am who God says I am. I have what God says I have. I can do what God says I can do, and I will be what God says I will be. There’s nothing too hard for me, because there’s nothing too hard for God!”

Maybe God has asked you to do something you’ve never done before. You are in uncharted waters and you may have no point of reference and not one example in your life to model after. Yet, God chose you, and He wants you to have courageous faith. Here’s how you can…

Write it down.
Create a vision board, a drawing, or write down the task God gave you. The vision you pen will be what fuels you.
(see Habakkuk 2:2,3)

Feed your faith.
The more you hear God’s word and act on it, the more your faith will grow like a giant. Try recording yourself speaking God’s word and then listen to it over and over again. (see Romans 10:17)

Surround yourself with people who believe in you.
Everyone isn’t going to champion your cause and support your bold steps toward obeying God. Instead of allowing their discouragement to deter you, surround yourself with people who believe in you and who are full of faith.

Say what you believe.
The Apostle Paul said, “I believed, therefore, I spoke” (see 2 Corinthians 4:13). When it comes to having courageous faith, you will have to declare it openly, especially in the face of those who doubt you and your God.

Prayer: Father God, I thank You for Your work in my heart and in my life. You are wonderful! Thank You for nourishing my faith and helping me to believe in You and in myself. I often feel scared, but don’t let that stop me from obeying You. I love You. Thank You for giving me courageous faith. In Jesus name, Amen.

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13 thoughts on “Courageous Faith”

    1. Bless the Lord …I so needed that. The vision board is an excellent idea. Because with everyday task and situations coming up. You forget all what God has out in your heart to do or you lack that courageous faith we need to believe.

  1. Thank you God for courageous faith to believe in what you want me to do, it may be hard but you chose me for the task, when that time come help me to have Courageous Faith In Jesus Name Amen 💚💖💛💜

    1. What if I don’t know, I always felt that I have a calling but all my downs cloud His purpose in my life. My awesome God show me

  2. Thank you for sharing Courageous Faith. Remain strong in the Lord and His Mighty power that is able to launch you to your next dimension in Kingdom agenda for you!!!

  3. Amen. I believe this is for me. Thank you for this message. Lord, help me not to forget this powerful message you sent to my heart. I will carry it with me through each day everyday.

  4. We are made to be COURAGEOUS❗🙌👏👏💃💃💃Yes Indeed❕💯👐💞💖💕💓 GLORY BE TO GOD👑👑👑🎁💝🎉💝🎉🎉🎈FOREVER GRATEFUL❗ 🙏🙏🙏✨💥Dotk😉Thank you so very much❗🍇🍉🍒🍓 Agapelove💝😘

  5. Dear, DOTK sisters, I don’t yet understand what God is doing but I believe He’s using your writing and encouragement daily to prepare me for my task ahead..I have to admit that I’m scared but I also know that He will be with me every step of the the way..I would ask you all to pray for me. That I will be willing to become completely vulnerable to share my story. I need courageous faith!!! Thank you so much! God bless you all richly! Writers and fellow readers.

  6. I Thank My Heavenly Daddy for all the writing and comments , it was truely a pleasure to read and it did my Heart Good to read them. My Daddy Bless You All.

  7. Amen! We are who God says we are and can do what God says we can do. We need to have faith. Fill us with your Holy Spirit father that we may believe.

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