Dear Reader

Hi my sisters, I am led of the Lord to change our ministry name from “Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals” to “Messages from God’s Heart.” The Lord told me that He is doing a new thing and it is time to move with Him. He will be glorified like never before. It is a blessing to know He is steering this ship and we can trust Him. Your continued prayers and support are greatly appreciated!

All my heart,

Kesha Trippett

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    1. I trust Jesus!! To lead you I’m so thankful to you Kesha that you are following his voice and where he leads praise Jesus!!

    2. I Give honor to Christ I think God for being first in my life and I thank God for you too Keisha because your words of encouragement have really really brought me through some tough times and some tough situation and I’m in courage and I trust the Lord God with all my heart mind body and soul and thank you for being a daughter and a messenger of the king Jesus🙏🏽

      1. Amen!!! Stephanie, I too have been healed and blessed my Kesha’s ministry and brought back to the Lord. I don’t know where I would be without it! I have read loyally since 2013 and change is good! God bless us some more with your words through Kesha!!!!

    3. AMEN thank you SO much for the many things you share. Sometimes I’m like how does she know my business lol “The Holy Spirit” please keep doing what your doing. God is definitely using you! God bless and thank you again!

    4. Hello, your messages brings me soooo much comfort. Just what I need at the time. Thanks for sharing our Father’s love. 🧡🧡

  1. Praising God for you Kesha!
    These last few weeks I have really come to anticipate what God will say to you and find they are speaking more to me than ever before. God bless you and your family!

  2. This is absolutely awesome Sister Trippett! The messages from God’s heart will touch men, women, boys, and girls all over the world! Thanking God in advance for continuing to pour out His Word, and we take heed, apply the word, and hide His word in our hearts while He is speaking. God continue to bless you and your family! Keep moving forward in God’s perfect will. Amen

  3. So, instead of typing in I will type Messages from God’s Heart” tomorrow?
    I lost You for about 6 months. I was I so glad to find you again!

  4. Praise the Lord sister Kesha! Thank you for being led of the Lord and sensitive and obedient to His leading. The Lord through you sister is blessing my life. I pray for divine and supernatural strength, peace and support for you.
    Love, hugs and prayers

  5. Amen!!! We have to shift with God in this season, and move quickly unto Lord!! God, is literally doing a new thing!!! Amen for your obedience.

  6. Kesha
    Continued prayers for you!
    God is doing new things!
    I am growing daily with these messages.
    Blessings to You and yours!

  7. Yes I totally agree every time I need a word i pray and mediate on His word than I open your devotional and their praise God your word always confirms what my Heavenly Father is speaking .

  8. Thank you so much much your words are encouragement to my soul i thank God for your life. I pray for abundance of blessings just like you bless us!

  9. Thats thrills my soul, because God is doing a NEW thing in me too, so im good with brand new in God, thank you for all you do.

  10. God bless you so much.
    Your devotional has really helped me alot.God has been talking to me through your messages.

  11. Praising God that you are honoring Him and following God’s plan for your life!! We are excited for the continuing of the great and miraculous things He is doing in your life and the life of the ministry!!! Love and blessings to you!! 🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️

  12. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Amen. Glory be to our Father our Savior and our Comforter. In Immanuel Jesus name. Hallelujah. Amen. Praise God.

  13. I felt the spirit of God when I read this sister. God let me to thank Him for your obedience. May you be blessed my sister. Your devotions have been a foundation in my life and faith but the messages from God messages have been right on cue for what God is saying And doing. I give Glory to God for using you. You have impacted my life, your crown awaits you sis. Stay strong and endure. That’s what He is doing in us.

    I heard Him say practice is good, but I want you to spring now. Take all the strength and peace and come to me. Don’t look back, look at that vision I gave you and come to me. Amen

  14. What an awesome God we serve!! He continues to do great things-

    May God continue to order your steps and bless you!


  15. I thank you for allowing God to be in your life and use you to speak and teach me. God bless you abundantly Mrs. Kesha

  16. Praise God! Every time I see a message from God’s heart on the devotional it really captures my attention…. That is awesome…. I have one question, will the donations name change do I have to do anything on my part?

  17. Thank God my sister that you are listening to the call to go higher there is a shifting and GOD will get the GLORY i appreciate your service and i appreciate you. To GOD be the GLORY!! AMEN AMEN

  18. KEISHA,

    Your ministry has blessed me daily since I learned of you in July. Continue to be the vessel of God. You encorage and remind me daily; and I share your words. Love you!

  19. Amen I’m so grateful how God is using you Kesha!! I want to follow along with you can’t wait!!! May God bless you and keep you!! Hallelujah to A New Thing!!

  20. Praise be the the Lord and thank you Kesha for allowing Him to lead you. Your devotions are inspiring and I look forward to them every morning.

  21. Wonderful! Is that’s what these messages are, messages from God’s heart. I’m having trouble with the app. Some days it won’t open at all. Not sure if it’s my phone or the app?

  22. Your ministry has been a blessing, your encouragement and devotion to the Lord is inspiring. I share with friends, they are encouraged also. May God keep you and bless all who read your messages as you share From God’s heart.
    May you all have a blessed Christmas and, healthy New year 2021🌈🙏

  23. To God be the glory🙏 change is awesome when it comes from God. Thank you for blessing us as the Lord continue to speak to you and give us what he gave you as we continue to read our word which is love letters to God and go out to serve.👄 peace and love and remember to let Jesus continue to be your light. So glad he chose me.

  24. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤At 1st i thought something was wrong with my phone & the color change lol…i believe He’s leading ALOTTTT of us into something new & yesterdays devo gave me a little thump on the head, like, “Girl if you want Me to take you & lead you where you’ve been praying & pleading to go, you can’t afford to let satan trip you up into some of this foolishness you’ve been letting him snare you into!” “Now, let’s get up, dust off, & walk forward in some “JESUS CLASS” lol” I’m dead serious when I tell God nearly daily I DOO NOTTTTT WANT ANYTHING NOT OF HIM IN MY HEART, NO UNFORGIVENESS, NO JUDGMENT, NO GOSSIP, NO EVIL…I truly want to walk as He walks, think,love,forgive,as He does & i am sooooo serious!!❤❤❤

  25. Thank You Sister Kesha,💜⚘ ⚘Glory to our GOD and KING,” Yes I’m agreement with all my Sister’s “Message From GOD’S Heart” i too LOVE Your Ministrie GOD has been using Your Ministrie in such a Powerful Way in my life, to walk my walk of Faith to Run my Race as we go thru this battle to teach guide and lead me us in HIS Devine Purpose Hallelujah for HIS ⚘Glory. The Trials Challenges Battles many time felt like i was dying But HE iIs Us Such a Faithful GOD and FATHER HE Keeps Raising us up. Yes even when we short of the ⚘Glory HE is there. I open Dot-k and HIS WORD Always on time Wheeeeeew ⚘Glory ⚘Glory ⚘Glory to GOD ” i LOVE YOU my LORD FATHER GOD,” my Sisters Kesha Message From GOD’S Heart” Ministrie Family. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah ⚘Glory ⚘Glory ⚘Glory to GOD to GOD.”❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘

  26. Yes& Amen!

    It is done. Blessings & his mighty favor is upon you, your family, and ministry. Trusting this next chapter is filled with a double portion for us all! I’m looking forward to meeting you in person (Houston, Tx).

  27. Blessings all!

    I love the new name! I feel the love of God through it!

    Love you sis! Thank God for you and your obedience to Him

  28. Holy Felicitations Sis Kesha, I thank my God for you always for your obedience willing to change in a moments notice. Your doing so has blessed our lives in so many ways. We are standing with you and will commit to continue to do so as you follow Christ. In this season, we must be a good listener ready to hear and act on the will of God.

    I look forward to where God takes us. May He continues to increase your territory ❤️😇

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