Dear Readers, we owe you an apology.

Dear Readers,

We owe you an apology. Yesterday we released a devotional entitled, “Wisdom Nugget”. The Scripture we used was taken out of context. That is unacceptable as a ministry that represents our Father and we sincerely apologize for the error. We have since removed the devotional, and going forward, we will be extremely careful to release only what we can back with Scripture within proper context. If anything we share is not in the Bible, you are not obligated to believe it or receive it. Again, our apologies, and may God bless you abundantly. Love, The DOTK Family

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36 thoughts on “Dear Readers, we owe you an apology.”

  1. Please don’t apologize , if no one else you were speaking directly to me and also my , BF and not on different levels for different reasons. There will always be someone touched even if they don’t want to hear it right now

    1. I agree with Vicki. There is absolutely no reason to apologize. I love this app and would recommend it to any person. I find all of these passages helpful.

      1. Thank you for the apology for those who may have found it necessary. I love that you caught it and made the correction. I truly am grateful for this ministry.

    2. I really truly appreciate your integrity, and your desire to do all God wants to do with truth and in love. In this day and age especially, that’s very few and far inbetween. You guys have ministered to me GREATLY and a few of my friends I have passed on this devotion to.THANKYOU!! Amd I really respect your integrity. Thank you again. Keep up the great work in His name and in His strength

    3. I agree…it was the word I needed to hear! Regardless it was inspirational and the truth!! It actually felt like the devotional was just for me!


  3. Yesterday’s message was very helpful, no need for an apology. It’s good and necessary to take inventory, it makes room for the Lord to pull the remaining weeds of doubt, worry and unbelief. Personally, my intimacy with the Lord grew a little deeper and it strengthened my trust in Him. Thank you for the Nugget, God bless you!

  4. That was exactly what I needed yesterday. And to be honest, I was trying to ignore it, but this apology (while not needed) forced me to consider it again. God knows what he is doing! Thank you for the wonderful inspiration and wisdom!

  5. Praise God, no need to apologize my family, I needed to read that message. I felt that message was personal for me. I love everything you all put together for God’s daughters. God bless you all & keep doing God’s work. Love always…. TEAM JESUS

  6. The scripture reference I did not pay much attention to, and though it may not have been fitting for the encouragement. The encouragement itself was in no way wrong or offensive. The snippet of wisdom should’ve been applied to everyone as needed…Thank you all for your great work ;)…Be blessed!!!

  7. God knew your heart!! That message was wisdom and knowledge. Truthfully I really didn’t pay attention to the scripture because what I read was what I needed to read.
    It’s through our imperfections that God makes us whole. Thanks for being obedient and walking in your purpose……
    Much love and many blessings to you and yours!

  8. Please don’t apologize GOD knows what he is doing that devotion was for my husband and I. Who are now separated for the time being. You have no idea how that devotion was right on time. Romans 8:28 ALL THINGS work together for good of those that are called according to his purpose for those that love the Lord. A mistake was not made.
    Praise Jesus!

  9. I totally agree. This was valuable info & altho’ the verse didn’t totally work, there has to be something in the Bible backing it up. I NEEDED to hear that message yesterday & will ponder it for the rest of the week. I’m in a difficult situation & it is definitely making me think about the decision I’m making….I mean that in a good way….

  10. Thank you for your humility in this…
    For your love and obedience!
    But apparently it was meant to be said.
    Believe it or not, I had a late lunch with one of my neighbors yesterday.
    And she’s trying to coach me into dating after losing my husband four years ago.
    Long story short; I told her I did a self evaluation and realized I’m not ready! I’m not ready, I’m not ready mentally; spiritually; physically nor am I ready financially!!!! The Lord is not done with me yet! He still has quite a bit of work to do… And so when I opened my devotion that evening, there it was in black & white; “CONFIRMATION”
    He speaks to us in many ways!
    Thank you, DOK for obedience and your encouraging words!
    God bless you all!

  11. I missed it…but I know in my Heart that it was LπŸ’˜VE FILLED❗❗❗ πŸ’žπŸ’–EACH ONE OF YOU ARE TOTALLY πŸ‘FILLED WITH THE HOLY SPIRITβ—πŸ’‘πŸ“–
    πŸ’πŸ’œπŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’—πŸ’Œ I LOVE YALLπŸ’ŒDOTKπŸ‘‘πŸ’― BLESS GODβ—πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸ™ŒπŸ™‹πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ’ŽπŸŽ“

  12. Thanks but I’ve learn so much your intention are from the heart not to harm but to help we are all subject to error I will continue be part of dok may God’s blessings continue be upon u.

  13. That devotional yesterday was exactly what I needed to hear! It may not have been backed by scripture but I felt the Lord speaking to me and it was a blessing!!

  14. Hello Ladies Well I Thank God Any Way Because It Touch Many Lives On Yesterday I Shared That Message With Many Of Friends. I Thank You For You Apologies And Corrections. You Ladies Do An Awesome Job I Just Thank God And Give Him All The Praise And Glory For All You Do..

  15. Thank you! Thank you! For this message, no apologies needed. I truly believe God spoke to me through your message. May God continue to bless this ministry.

  16. Good morning!
    The devotion might have been taken out of context but please don’t apologize. God had spoken the context of that word to me the day before. It confirmed what He said so much that I had screen shot it to remind myself of what He said. So … I sincerely say THANKYOU for that word…. I needed it!!!

  17. Please I needed to hear the Nugget of Wisdom..God used it to speak directly to me…very timely word…I love this app and I have shared your app with many people I am trying to get them to read the Word.

  18. There is absolutely no reason to apoplogize! That reading touched directly to my heart and was the ‘sign’ that I have been praying for! It made me aware of what I need to apply into my life, and truly a message from God to my heart! if someone complained, maybe they should try…IF IT DON’T APPLY, LET IT FLY!!! This world is overrun by people who want to control what they think others need to do, read, believe etc! That is what’s shameful!! As long as I am right with My God, The Only God, all else is well!

  19. No need to apologize. I sent the devotional to my friend because it spoke directly to her. We thought that even if the verse was out of context, we were able to relate it to the devotion any way. I love DOTK!!!!

  20. I wasn’t able to see the post and that is the least of my concerns. We are ALL human and while it was your mistake today it can very well be a mistake that I easily make tomorrow. Who knows why that happened but it was a reason…. Maybe it was so you could teach someone else how to apologize or maybe it was to teach someone a different lesson…whatever the lesson was you was obedient and although the devil meant it for bad God (as always) made it work for the good. This daily devotional really encourages me more than you will ever know. May the Lord cause His face to shine upon you my Sisters in Christ.

    1. Going forward please attach the Devotional that you are referencing. This will allow those of us who missed it to have a better understanding of what you are speaking about. I am certain that if you pulled the Devotioal it was because there was negative feedback not all of it was positive feedback which we are only able to view at this time. Thanks.

  21. The wisdom nugget was a blessing and reminded me of the words of our Lord and Jesus in Luke 14:28-32. God bless you DOTK.

  22. I so appreciate your apology as a ministry!

    OF COURSE you want what you share to be in its proper context….both for the edification and growth of your readers, AND because you are accountable before the Lord for what you teach!

    Indeed this is Romans 8:28 “in action”, as I say, because apparently our Great God used the mistake in the hearts of many. (I love how He does that!!!) Praise His Holy Name!!!

    BUT, SISTERS……AND I SAY THIS WITH LOVE……An apology WAS necessary!! Be careful, dear family, to accept everything you read concerning Christianity!!! As does a drop a arsenic in a glass of water still pollute, our enemy can very easily derail you by giving you a wrong blurb about Scripture that is “MAINLY RIGHT”! Having a “whatever goes” attitude about the correctness of Scripture is infinitely DANGEROUS…..and you don’t want to be thrown off track, do you?!?

    Please Sisters, become more knowledgeable in The Truth of God’s Word, as from that you are more able to successfully detect error! And in this time of world history, discernment is SO needed…SO NECESSARY….Please, dear Women of God, be more concerned for the Truth you are ingesting, and I say this with much love.

    Again, kudos for you, DOTK, for admitting your mistake and choosing to set the record straight. May the good Lord continue to bless your wonderful ministry!!!

  23. I’m sorry….there goes my OWN typo! I meant to say, “Be careful, dear family, NOT to accept everything you read concerning Christianity”.

    Use your God-given discernment, lest you be led astray…

  24. I truly love the fact that you do everything to the Glory of God. and this ministry blesses me so much.All Glory given to God of course bit thank u for caring enough to encourage and lead and discipline us by the Word of God.May God bless and favor this ministry that is helping so many women to come to know the Lord in deeper ways.Amen

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