Delayed, but not Denied

“Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding, Proverbs 3:5, NIV

Have you ever had those moments in life where everything is going according to plan and you have the rest all squared away, BUT suddenly you face an unexpected set back or interruption that leaves you perplexed?

I admit, it can be a bit discouraging and upsetting to face such a thing, especially after you’ve invested everything you possibly had. But one thing I have learned in my walk with Christ is that delays don’t necessarily mean denials. It’s all about your perspective towards the matter and the way you perceive things that make a huge impact in your life and in your future.

I see set backs and interruptions as a opportunity to exercise our faith and an opportunity to demonstrate our trust in the Lord. At the end of the day, whatever plan we may have must first be approved by God according to His divine will for our lives. Although our understanding may run wild when we face a set back, we can not lean on that. We must lean on the Lord’s understanding which is far greater than ours.

If you’ve experienced this in the past or you may be experiencing it now. Don’t be discouraged, God is still in control. He still has the last word and He is still running the show. Just simply TRUST in Him and He will make all your ways straight according to His plan for you.

Whatever the outcome is, just be still and know that He is God and that He has your best interest in mind for you and your future. Follow His lead, because He will get you where you have to be safely.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for Your encouragement. I understand that delays don’t necessarily mean denials. When I face set backs, help me to be all the more encouraged to pray and ask for Your will to be done. I don’t want anything that is not from You in my life. In Jesus name, Amen!

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29 thoughts on “Delayed, but not Denied”

  1. Thank you Lord for you have spoking to be today . for I know delays are not denials, I will keep believing and confessing until I see what i am praying for,
    let it be your will not my will be done. And thank you for using Keisha to encourage us with a word from you for our lives. Amen🙏❤

    1. Thank you God I can’t say anything else but too give you the highest praise Hallelujah Hallelujah thanks be too God from whom all blessing flow and thank you DOTK this powerful word was on time for me.

    2. This was really needed & encouraging “Thank you so much as I am going through this difficult time …..Love DOTK

  2. Thank you for your encouragement words please and the name of Jesus let your will be done and my life oh God and the name of Jesus Amen

  3. Thank you Lord, because I know our house for sale is delayed but not denied. I will trust in you my Heavenly Father, and will not lean on to my own understandings, I will lean only on you. This is my second conformation I had from you. I thank you for this🌹 in Jesus name. Amen

  4. Eternal God our Father
    Thank you for your grace and mercy, Father you are
    Omnipotent,Omnipresent and all knowing. I trust you and I will not lean to my own understanding but, in all my ways I acknowledge you so you can direct my path.
    I know a prayer delayed
    Is not a prayer denied.
    It aligned with your will and timing.
    All glory and honor belongs to you.

  5. Thank you Lord for this reminder for my fasting and prayer is directed towards this very thing denial vs delay. Lord I need you it has been rough but i ask for peace Lord for stability for healing forgive me God for any infirmity that has caused my body to go awry. Heal me Lord in every area i pray amen.

    1. It’s not my will but God’s Will. Thank you Lord for your everlasting promises, I’m patient and I trust that you will be there for me.

  6. Thank you Father God for this confirmation. I strongly believe you are speaking to me! Be blessed Sisters in Christ!

  7. Thank you Heavenly Father for your Word & Grace. May your Will be done as I search for a job. Help me to understand the delays and not be anxious. I believe that you truly have a Plan for me to prosper. Amen

  8. Yes I lean on you Holy Father I trust you in all circumstances. I will sing you praises with my voice and in my heart. I love you Jesus.

  9. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD”, for YOUR Word if Wisdom. I so daily needs to be reminded hallelujah” Yes my LORD”. Rejoice in the LORD” always, Again I will say rejoice! Let Your gentleness be known to all men. The LORD Is at hand. Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, let your request be made known to GOD; And the peace of GOD, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through CHRIST JESUS”. Philippians 4:4-7, Thank You Sister Keisha and Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO GOD Hallelujah so on time. Thank You all for Your LOVE Prayers and faithfulness. GOD BLESS You all and all my Dotk Sisters Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hawai’i United States

  10. Thank you Lord for Your Precious Word. Thank You for reminding me that a delay is not necessarily a denial. And for reminding me that my perspective on the situation at hand may be a bit distorted. Help me to view things with Spiritual eyes and not those of the flesh. Give me grace Lord to wait on You, to trust You and not lean to my own understanding. IJN, amen.

  11. Thank you Father that your word is a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path. Even though the way has been seemingly like the valley of the shadow of death at times I trust in You Oh Lord. Thank you also with my sister’s that you are not denying me my hearts desires, You are right here with me refining me and making me more like You. I love you Jesus. Please bless and care for all my DOTK sisters 💜

  12. All I can say is WOW! I so needed to read this today. Just when I thought to myself…give up…you’ve given all you got and done all you could do. I come home to read this powerful devotional and literally broke into tears. This truly spoke right to my heart. God always knows when to show up and show out. He truly knew I needed this today. Thank you God for never failing and for always showing up right on time.

  13. Amen..Amen..Amen!!!!!!
    In the ENTIRE, LARGE Bible..Proverbs 3:5-6 is MY FAVORITE SCRIPTURE💓!! I have it framed in my home & everyone who knows me, when we’re talking I ALWAYS refer back to that is apart of my everyday life. We can’t figure things or people out..we’ll drive ourselves crazy trying too. I’ve learned during my Christian Journey..what it REALLY means by..What God Has For You..Is For You..He may not come when we want Him too but..He’s ALWAYS ON TIME! It’s not gonna always be peaches & cream but that’s when your FAITH kicks in FULL GEAR! And you’ve got to stand FIRMLY on His Word & KNOW that it WILL NOT come back void!! He is NOT a man that will lie!! TAKE HIM AT HIS WORD!! TRUST & BELIEVE HIM!! PRAISE HIM..FOR HE IS WORTHY TO BE PRAISED!! LORD I THANK YOU..THANK YOU LORD..THANK YOU..THANK YOU..THANK YOU FOR ALL THAT YOU’VE DONE..FOR ALL THAT YOU’RE DOING & FOR ALL THAT YOU’RE ABOUT TO DO IN MY LIFE..THANK YOU LORD..I CAN’T THANK YOU ENOUGH!!! OH LORD..I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH..THANK YOU FOR BEING A BURDEN BEARER..THANK YOU LORD!!
    🎤I could go on & on & on about You Lord..
    Because I’m Grateful, Grateful, So Grateful just to Praise You Lord🎵
    Lord, Please Continue To Bless & Shine Your Light Of Love Upon Your Obedient Servant Sister Kesha, Her Awesome Team, This Amazing Ministry, My Sister Felicia, My DOTK Sisters/Family💖!!
    Be Blessed, Stay Humble & Encouraged!!!
    Love Always, Your DOTK Sister In Christ, Wendy💕

    1. Amen dear sister Wendy!! That Prov.3:5&6 is on my home wall too!!! Also my favorite😊Yes He always comes through, may not be in our timing but He always does. Thank you Lord. And thank you sister for your contagious JOY!!! Love and blessings always 💜

      1. Peace & Blessings My Dearest Sister Lynne💖!!!
        Great minds think alike😉!!!
        Love You ALWAYS💕

  14. Thank you Lord I Delayed but not Denied. I am waiting on a promotion that is being held up on my job. I am trusting God to deliver. Thank you Woman of God

  15. I really needed this. Was laid off from 2 different jobs in a 14 month period between 2016 and 2017. End of last year began working as an independent contractor from home. After a couple months, the woman who handled my pay stopped paying me. Found out later she spent my money on her drug habit. Went back to work full time just a few weeks ago and on the last day of training was let go. They felt I was not picking things up quickly enough. On top of all this, my husband has been on disability for over a year due to being diagnosed with kidney disease. He has been on dialysis a little over 2 years now. We still have two teens living at home. I know there is a reason for everything, and God is in control and is faithful. Please pray God will guide me into where He wants me to be in my life and (His) ministry. Thank you!

  16. This is amazing! A word of confirmation as our Pastor just brought us a word on this exact same subject. Thank you Lord for answering prayers and being a God who will reach me when I seek His face.

  17. AMEN! FATHER GOD, I Do NOT want anything in my life that is NOT from YOU. Thank YOU for LOVING me (us) this much! ♡

  18. You can not say you Trust God if you do not Trust God’s Timing! Praying for Patience in my zeal <3 Be Blessed Beautiful woman of DOTK. God is working wether you see it or Not! Trust in His Timing!

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