Don’t count yourself out because of poor choices. God’s promises are for you!

“Let us therefore come boldly unto the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy, and find grace to help in time of need.” Hebrews 4:16

Someone who has smoked multiple packs of cigarettes everyday for years might have trouble coming to God boldly to ask for healing of lung cancer. Someone who has wasted all of their money might not feel so motivated to ask God for mercy and grace in paying their bills. Our sins can affect our confidence in coming to our Father, so much so, that some of us opt not to pray at all. We think to ourselves, “Why would He help someone like me? Why would He heal or deliver someone like me? Why would He extend His grace toward me? I did this to myself and I’m getting what I deserve.” But that’s not the attitude of the Father and that’s not the attitude He wants you to have. You were not called to live in guilt and shame. Come out of that place in the name of Jesus! All taunting and tormenting spirits that have been sent from the enemy will leave you now in Jesus name!

No matter how you feel right now, you are a beloved daughter of the King! You are the righteousness of God in Christ Jesus! You are redeemed and purchased by His blood! Yes, you may have sinned and made a mess of things, we all have, but we know God’s mercy is greater! No matter what you’ve done, you can always, always approach the Father’s throne of grace and receive His mercy and find grace to help you in your time of need.

My sister, don’t count yourself out and don’t ever back away from receiving God’s promises that Jesus paid the ultimate price for you to receive! I believe you’re coming up and out of that place, and you’re going to live at the throne of grace!

Prayer: Father, in and of myself, I don’t deserve your mercy or grace, but because of Jesus, I come boldly to your throne asking for it anyway. Forgive me, Father, of all wrong I’ve done to myself and others. I receive your grace and mercy. I receive healing and I receive provision. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

14 thoughts on “Don’t count yourself out because of poor choices. God’s promises are for you!”

  1. This is exactly what I need to hear! The devil is a liar!!! Man how awesome is our God! He will put things in your path to speak to you. Talk about unfailing love!!!🥰🙌🥰🙌🥰🙌🥰

  2. Thank you Lord for always being there for me, even when I don’t think you are there. Thank you for forgiving all my sins, when I bring them to you. Thank you for loving me 💕

  3. 🔥🔥🔥Yes! God Promises Are For Us! There Is A Time And Season For Everything, And I pray for many that it’s their season now to come out of darkness and into His marvelous light, that we will go boldly to His throne of grace knowing that He is Our Father and wants us to have Life and Life More Abundantly!!!🛐🛐🛐❤️❤️Amen, I’m Not Counted Out No Matter Who Tries To Do So. 💃💃💃


  4. Wow. I’ve got chills. A really great friend just sent this to me, Its brought me back. It reminded me of who I am and where I came from. I’ am a daughter of God who loves me under no conditions or promises. He only wants what best for me
    And wants me to be the best me I can be. I forget sometimes with all the judgement in the world. There is one place I can always turn to. Thank you Jesus. And thank you Alisha you are a soldier.

  5. Thank you my Dear father God, I feel so happy knowing I can always count on you for everything. I feel blessed beyond belief. In the name of Jesus I receive all your forgiveness, caring and love ❤️ Amen

  6. Thank You Lord! I’m so grateful for Your love & grace in my life. Sister Kesha, this devoted is so positive & uplifting. Thank you & God bless ❤️🙏🕊

  7. Yes, I do receive the goodness and mercy of the Lord in the land of the living. Thank you. Blessings 👀🙏🏽♥️📖🙌🏽

  8. Thank you Dotk Family ministry, powerful devotional glory to God, grace and mercy. Father God, in the mighty name of Jesus, have your way in my life a mighty mighty good God please God thank you God for covering me thank you got a hold of me. Thank you Coffee Co protect me. Thank you for keeping my mind stayed on you in Jesus name.Amen 🙌🏾♥️🙏🏾

  9. Hallelujah!!! “All taunting and tormenting spirits that have been sent from the enemy will leave… now in Jesus name!” AMEN

  10. My sweet baby sister Cindy sent me this link. She knew that this is exactly what I needed because she struggles in the area of feeling unworthy to receive anything good just as I do. Regardless, our saving grace throughout our entire lives has been our King Jesus. He has NEVER,EVER left us nor forsaken us. He was tortured in unspeakable ways and crucified on a cross for you and for me and for each and everyone. That is how much He loves us!!! Holy is the Name above every name!!! Thank you Jesus. Thank you also my sister. I love you

  11. My financial situation gives me no confidence at all, and I have mauled myself over and over and got nowhere. Waiting for instructions to cast my net on the right side of the boat. It’s not even funny, I have seriously stayed out at sea for fishing, but found nothing. Just waiting and asking for a constant posture of discernment of God’s voice, eyes which see and a readily obedient spirit. God is so Merciful; it is awkward and strange how we sometimes paint such an unrealistic image of our Father. May God forgive me and forgive us for this posture our hearts sometimes adopt. Thank you so much for this precious drop of dew. It has been 10 years of catching nothing, but I look to Him either way. There is hope in Him. He will come through, in His time.

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