Don’t grieve Him by complaining. Thank Him.

“For although they knew God, they neither glorified him as God nor gave thanks to him, but their thinking became futile and their foolish hearts were darkened” Romans 1:21, NIV.

At the root of complaining is pride that says, “God doesn’t know what He’s doing!” It is lifting ourselves up and placing our opinions about our situation above our knowledge of Him. We quickly discover how that kind of thinking gives place to the enemy and sets us up to be deeply humbled by God.

My sister, even when you feel like you have a right to complain, hold your tongue, and find something to thank God for instead. Pray for Him to put a watch over your tongue. He is going to cause everything to work together for your good, and until He does, thank Him for what He has already done in your life.

Prayer: Father God, forgive me for complaining whether out loud or in my heart. You are my God and you are worthy of my trust and my praise. You are good even when my situation doesn’t feel good. I humble myself right now and I ask that you please put a watch over my tongue. I know you will cause everything to work together for my good because that’s what you do. Thank you, Lord, for all that you are and for all you have done! In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Read Psalm 141:3; Romans 8:28

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15 thoughts on “Don’t grieve Him by complaining. Thank Him.”

  1. You know I needed to read this and receive this. Shouting out loud with Joy. HALLELUJAH I RECEIVE IN JESUS NAME. ALLELUIA I RECEIVE IN JESUS NAME. HALLELUJAH I RECEIVE IN JESUS NAME. AMEN

    1. If i complained in any way lord i ask for your forgiveness im not perfect and i just ask lord forgive me im so thankful abd greatful for what you have done and doing in my life i ask you lord please cintinue to step in my situation and intervene on my behalf and work everything out in my favor thank you jesus i love you amen..

  2. Thank you so much! It should be a lot easier to thank and praise God then complain! Thanks for the reminder and encouragement to fight the good fight of faith! Blessings!

  3. On Aug 13 I took a new job. It scared me. But your Devotionals have uplifted me and my faith. They have been talking directly to me each day. God has been talking to me through you. Thank you for your daily commitment to God and to us.

  4. Thank you God for all that you have done for me and the people around me continue to help us all and to keep us humble God I see you working and yes sometimes our situation don’t feel right but Oh God I will lifted up holy hands and praise you forever and the most of it all continue to be and my tongue and to keep me humble and the name of Jesus Amen 🙏❤❤

  5. It is so hard not to complain!!! But it is easy to thank God for all he has done and for what he is doing!! So I choose to be thankful!! Thank you God for reminding me. You are so loving!!!

  6. Praise Jesus he is worthy of our thanks and praises. When I want to complain the Holy SPIRIT quickly reminds me of all the beauty that the Lord gives me every day. My Lord takes such good care of me. I am thankful for so much because Jesus is my provider I Love you Jesus.

  7. Yes I have been complaining a lot about unanswered prayers. Feeling dejected rejected and very frustrated by the whole situation. I repent and ask forgiveness for my complaining and give thanks for the good things. All things work together for good to those who love the Lord. Amen and Amen. .

  8. Thank you Lord Jesus. I am thankful for all you’ve done in my life. I know that You have big shoulders Father and I can always cry my heart out to You. But always knowing even if I have unanswered prayers, You are good, and You always come through in some way. I need You, I love You💜

    1. Peace & Blessings My Dearest Sister Lynne💖!!!
      Thank You Lord For ALWAYS coming through, in one way or another!! WE THANK YOU LORD IN ADVANCE FOR CONTINUOUS BLESSINGS!!!
      Loving You ALWAYS💕🌻

  9. Amen..Amen..Amen!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ohhh Lord, My Soul Cries Out..AMENNN & THANK YOU FATHER GOD🙌🙌!! Ohhh Lord How I Thank You🙌🙌!! Lord, I Believe & Receive This Blessed, Awesome & Timely Confirming Word!!! THANK YOU LORD!!! The enemy wants sooo badly for me to have doubt in the goodness of the Lord, but honey I KNOW WAYYY TOO MUCH ABOUT HIM TOO EVER DOUBT HIM!!! I KNOW what He’s done before & I KNOW He’ll do it AGAIN..IN HIS TIMING,
    🎙You made a way..
    When it looks as if it was over..
    Lord YOU..
    MADE A WAY..
    So I’m standing here..
    Only because You made a way🎶
    There are soooooo many songs that the Lord is singing over me right now!! I feel that’s His way of letting ME KNOW..”Wendy, I HEAR YOU & I’M WITH YOU, JUST HOLD ON & KEEP THE FAITH, I GOT YOU!!”
    And I say ever so humbly..”LORD, I THANK YOU🙌🙏& I WON’T COMPLAIN”
    🎙God, has been so good to me..
    Heeeee’s been good to me..
    More than this ole world could ever be..
    He’s been so good to me..
    He dried ALL of my tears away..
    Turned my midnights into day..
    So I’ll just say..
    And I WON’T..
    Lord, Please Continue To Bless & Shine Your Light Of Love Upon Your Obedient Servant Sister Kesha, Her Awesome Team, This Amazing Ministry, My Sister Felicia & My DOTK Sisters💖!!
    Be Blessed, Stay Humble & Encouraged!!!
    Love Always, Your DOTK Sister In Christ, Wendy💕

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