Don't wait to say, "Ouch!"

“If your brother or sister sins, go and point out their fault, just between the two of you. If they listen to you, you have won them over” Matthew 18:15, NIV

Imagine you’re walking with your friend, and as you’re going into a store, she steps on your foot, and it hurts you terribly. Some of us would say right then and there, “Ouchhhh! That hurt!” To which your friend will apologize, your foot will heal, and you go on and enjoy your time together.

However, what if your friend stepped on your foot, but you didn’t say anything at all? You waited and waited and after several months, you try to tell your friend, but they don’t remember a thing.

When it comes to our relationships, it’s best to deal with offense and hurts right when they happen. Don’t wait to say, “Ouch!”

Because of my upbringing, I found it difficult to express hurtful emotions. I didn’t know how to express it, so I held it in and repressed it until Holy Spirit showed me this truth. Next time someone hurts you or disappoints you, just say, “Ouch! That hurt!” Don’t wait or try to pretend like it didn’t affect you. Deal with offense and hurt swiftly.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for teaching me this truth. Help me not wait to say ouch. Help me learn your wisdom and your way. And when someone tells me I’ve hurt them, help me to respond quickly with a heartfelt apology. Help me to be quick to repent and quick to forgive. Bless every relationship in my life that you’ve given me and be glorified in them. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Matthew 18:15-16; Luke 17:3; Matthew 18:21-22)

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41 thoughts on “Don't wait to say, "Ouch!"”

  1. Father God thank you for your teachings, help me to receive your wisdom and learn your ways

  2. Lord, pl help me to tell ppl when they offend me. I always try not to offend them by not telling them & walk away bcz I don’t like conflict. I now realise that I have to be stronger.

  3. Thank you Lord for sending this devotion my way because I have been quick to go to them when they have did me wrong I have always had a forgiving heart to let them know my feelings some time they made apologize and sometimes not .But see I can pray for them anyway see I have a true heart of Love and forgive and if I’m wrong I will be quick to say I apologize Thank you for your Devotion just morning Dotk Family God bless you all Amen

    1. God bless you R Jones. Amen to your prayer. May God help you be the woman of God you desire to be. May He build You up in His Kingdom all for His glory. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

  4. Good Morning Everyone!! Amen!Amen!Amen! Lord help me to be swift to recognize when I’m wrong and swift to forgive others when they hurt me. Help me Lord teach me to say Ouch!! And say it with love. Be blessed everyone and have an Amazing Day!

    1. God bless you Alberta! May God grant you success in all of your endeavors unto His heart. May He strengthen you and build you up in His Kingdom. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

  5. Good morning Father and DOTK family. Father i would say ouch!Sometimes its too bluntly, only because I’ve been hurt so much.Father help me to speak in love at times people hurt me and let me always operate in the Love of God.When I hurt them I am quick to admit it but help me be more mindful of my actions in all things,Keep me with a forgiving heart always. I want to do better ,I want to live right!In Jesus Name!!!!!

    1. Amen and amen to Bridget B’s prayer. Help her be the woman of God she so desires to be. Make her paths straight because of her oppressors. May Your Guiding Light lead her on the path of everlasting life. Shall no weapon formed against her or her family prosper in the Name of Jesus I pray and declare. Jesus make a way for Bridget B. to receive a mighty and much needed breakthrough in her circumstances. You know what she needs best and I pray that You bless her and love her with an extra special love to get her through it. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

  6. Thank you Father God…. For wisdom to know from right n wrong.. Wen people offend me wen it hurts me.. Or me offending them too. I thank you that you Father working in me. With more love n kindness I’m not perfect but u are creating in me a new heart.n the right spirit Cuz u said i have the mind of christ. thanks Father that you are a forgiving God n you want the best for me. Greater are you lord in me . in Jesus name!

    1. God bless Carmen in her walk with You. Lord, I pray that she would have an even more intimate relationship with You, my Lord. I pray that You would bless her heart, mind, body, and soul. I pray that You grant her patience and endurance to endure the race. God, thank You for granting Carmen all of what she needs each day. I trust You to take care of her always. In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

      1. Carmen, I would like you to have my email address. It is I love you my dear sister and friend! I pray that we can be an encouragement to one another even further in Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

  7. Dear Father God help me to say ouch in love, even when the hurt is bad. I choose to walk and stay in love – Your love keeps no record of wrongs done to one and is unconditional – with You as my guide I can do it, on my own I fail hopelessly!

    1. In Jesus Name. Amen and amen to Zebi’s prayer!! God bless you, Zebi! I am forever grateful that I found even more than a sister in You, but a friend, as well, and a blessed prayer partner. This is my email if you would like to have it. I would love you to email me in private occasionally. I really enjoy all of your prayers and your knowledge and discernment is right on. I have no other “place” to share with believers in peace, as you said. I would love to be able to connect with you more personally.. I really love you as a sister and friend, and I pray that I am able to bless you, as you have blessed me! So many times when I was weak, God gave me your prayers to pray. When no words would come, your prayers would speak for me. Others have as well from other sisters and dear friends. But I just want you to know it, Zebi. For a while, I fretted over you honestly in spirit. I just kept praying. But now when I pray, I feel like you are doing better. But I still lift you up. I pray that I am right, and that you have been strengthened and built up in your time of trial! God bless Zebi, my Lord, to do exceedingly and abundantly above and beyond her wildest expectations and dreams, all for the Glory of God, to further the Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven! Thank You, Jesus, for it is in Your Name we pray. Amen.

      1. Father God You Who have control over everything and each one of us, I come this day to bring my sister and dear friend Cricket to You. Father only You know where the knots and ties lie within her which have to be loosened and broken for her to be free. Father I can feel her bleeding and the rawness of her hurts and pain, Jesus You came to set the captives free. I ask for deliverence and healing through Your blood for my dear sister. Help her Holy Spirit to be set free by forgiving each and every person in her life who has abused her or hurt her in which ever way. Forgive me where I have failed her as a friend for praying perhaps out of Your will own foolish soulish prayers . May I never be guilty of hurting or misleading anybody in ignorance or lack of knowledge or whatever but to only pray what is
        pleasing to You led by Your Spirit our sweet Holy Spirit. Cover her with Your blood Your love Your Grace so that she be restored to be free to fulfill her destiny in You. Draw her closer to Your heart to the secretplace in her heart where You and her become one in mind spirit and heart. Help her to find and stay in that secret place where Your peace reside in love which our human understanding can not comprehend. Love her my Lord to health, spiritually and physically in Jesus name. She is Yours and Yours alone, the evil one has no right over her life or body! Thank You for receiving this prayer I know it’s Your will to retore her to make her whole, in Jesus name amen and amen.

        1. Amen and amen. Thank you Zebi. You are a true blessing in my life. You are a beautiful friend to me, so much more than a sister! May God grant you His blessed favor and sovereign protection always. May He bless you and keep you, as His very own chosen one! Shall He anoint you more than before, to speak truth to many, in your beautifully, kind way, which is such a beautiful portrait of God’s grace and love! You represent Jesus well in my life and in our friendship. Thank you, Zebi. May God bless you, in Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

  8. Thank you so much dot-kc for restoring my connection with you, it was a test for me but due to your trustworthiness and faithfulness to my complaint I now can join in peace with fellow believers. Father I speak Your blessing over these people who so faithfully send out messages which is so apt to our walk of sanctification. Bless and prosper them for Your kingdom sake. Amen.

  9. A Forgiving Heart
    Forgive people their trespasses [their not thinking willful sins, leaving them, letting them go, and giving up resentment], your heavenly Father will also forgive you. But if you do not forgive others their trespasses [their reckless and willful sins, leaving them, letting them go, and giving up resentment], neither will your Father forgive you your trespasses…” – Matthew 6: 13-14

    Sometimes this is really hard to do – especially if we have been through trauma at the hands of another person. YOU really try to show love to know matter how hard you try they just want allow you you pray Lord I’m trying so hard to love the unlovable. What do I do can feel quite justified harbouring unforgiveness, but it only leads to bitterness.

    But Jesus keep telling me to keep showing love
    The scripture says
    Out of love have I drawn thee
    We must keep showing godly
    Unforgiveness becomes a lifestyle, a learned attitude. We may find it a lot harder to forgive any offence that happens in our lives.

    We need to take on an attitude of forgiveness. It is the first step in being healed ourselves. If we saw people through God’s eyes, we would see a mirror of ourselves, as we all have sinned. We all have hurt someone at sometime in our lifetime.

    Remember, hurting people – hurt people.
    You know it is said, but I believe they help people because if the fear of God is upon the individual( They will know how to do unto others as you would have them to do unto one self hallelujah
    Who is on the Lord side(GLORY

    if you’re hurting right now because of some offence, will you give it up to God and ask God to help you forgive that person?
    We must forgive before the sun goes down
    I remember I had to ask my pastor to forgive me because of a misunderstanding in right in sunday school
    The Lord allow the both of us to be good stewards showing others the right way to forgive in have peace
    Bitterness can take a hold
    But forgiving others frees our souls.

    1. God bless you Bonnie!! This spoke volumes to soul!!! I did what You said, and I am expecting God to help me do what I asked of Him. He will give me the grace and forgiveness in my own heart to forgive and be merciful, even to the most hurtful offenses. But I admit my weakness to You, Lord. I have been hurt allcof my life. Many times, just because I was the easy target. I seem to always be the easy target, my Lord. But here and now, I want to say that I want to be the easy target for Your love and affection. I want to be the easy target for Your grace and mercy. Honestly, I am so grateful for how far You have brought me. But, You, Lord, know me better than anyone. You know my deepest hurts and most soulful longings. My desires are no longer mine though. So help me let go of what I can’t have in this moment in my life. I believe that You are going to see me through unto a blessed end of this journey, and I believe that every step I take will be sovereignly directed and protected in my life, according to Your will. Not my own will, but Yours. My soul hurts. This is what humility feels like, and I am just more grateful that You, Who was sinless and undeserving of punishment unto death, endured the pain and carried on through all of the shame and humiliation and horrible persecution!! You were all alone, my Lord! Just You and the power and Authority of God! But You chose to drop Your power and Your Authority all for the Glory of God, my sweet Jesus! I could never be even a smidgen of Who You are, but I pray that You give me a better heart to pray for others, especially those who hurt me, forgive my offenders more quickly and apologize willingly and swiftly to keep my heart clean and pure. Thank You, Lord, for speaking to me. My heart is overjoyed that I was finally able to cry some. I have been trying but it just wasn’t coming. Thank You for complete healing and restoration in my heart, mind, body, soul, relationships, marriage, family, home, household, my husband’ s and children’s hearts and lives, finances, and family life. Thank You for complete healing and restoration in my relationships with my parents. This is causing me much grief. I don’t want to miss something, my Lord, and mess up an opportunity to repair a relationship that could bring much needed love and joy into both of my parents’ lives before they die, not having known what real love is. Help me to love and forgive my parents for every offense to the depths of my heart and soul. For the hurts that just get repeated and repeated, I pray that You show up and show out and plant grace and mercy in these relationships that I struggle with. Help me to be the wife I am called to be, even when it hurts the most. And it does hurt, my Lord! It does. But I have Your love first! It is what gets me through day in and day out. I shall not doubt that! Not Your love for me!! Not Your Goodness and mercy!! I won’t doubt Your sufficient grace!! I stand in defiance of the enemy’s lies!!! My God is all powerful and supreme!! I shall not fear!! I shall believe!!! Jesus, make me a believer!! Make me a receiver!! Make me an achiever in Christ’s power!!! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

      1. Hello cricket
        I was in tears reading your reply so cold not knowing what to write all most out of words to say
        I don’t know about your parents your chidhood ,but I know Jesus don’t make any mistakes all I know is that God already has predestined our lives from our Mother’s womb one must look there self knowing that JESUS throuhgt you was worth to die for only Jesus knows where you go from here my mother always told me a men can always mess up a good woman and that the woman’s blood will be required upon her husband because if the husband was truly doing what he was supposed to be doing the woman would not be in harm’s way DANGERS please pray for your parents give them their flowers while they live let them know that you love them love love goes a mighty long way for the Bible says we owe know men nothing but to love them my heart bleeds at this time when I read what you had to say all I could do is pray. I don’t know about your husband I don’t know about the lies but I do know one thing that a good woman makes her husband Jesus only know our destiny and brewery go from here my mother always told me a man can always mess out a good woman and that the woman’s blood will be required up on her husband I suggest that you get down on your knees and pray for your husband and for your parents
        Get a sheet of paper write there names your concerns how they wrong you then write a prayer of blessings for each one of them life it up before the throne of God to work everything out don’t give up don’t give in let go and let God read Psalms 103 :1 through 5 I almost didn’t write anything back this time because I didn’t know what to say but I steel before God tears in my eyes and the Lord allowed me to hear his voice love you and be blessed you’re in my prayers may the Lord bless you and keep you and calls you to keep doing the work for the Kingdom God bless ๐Ÿ™‚

  10. I learned to think before I speak and how to speak on any situtation and also when not to speak I learned years ago to let go of anger with anyone wha says or do me wrong its too much work to hold on to all that anger I will use the ouch that hurt from now on thanks for this message

  11. Thank you for this reminder, I need it greatly. It’s so hard to tell my husband when he hurts me because it always has to be him denying he did anything, putting me down, telling me I’m crazy, etc so I tend not to say anything. If I mention it later he always acts like he didn’t do whatever it is that I’m trying to talk to him about. A Christian friend told me never to put off talking about it and now you are confirming this. Now God Please open his mind to hearing me.

    1. Father God, I pray that You help me and Leslie R to hold tight to You, as You get us through this difficult challenge to a woman’s heart. I deal with the same things and I pray that You, Father God, will bless us with a virtuous and pure heart! Help us to keep our hearts pure and innocent for YOU, my Lord. Help us more and more!! Because I am in the same boat with my sister, Leslie R and we need some help in our current situations!! Please bless our husband’s hearts, minds, bodies, souls, and lives. Help us to let You wake our husband’s souls from their slumber and to lie in wait, ourselves, under the shelter of Your wings until then!!! God bless the safety and refuge of the shelter of the Most High!!! We are encouraged and wait in confident hope for You are our Rescue!! In Jesus’ Name I pray. Amen.

  12. Thank you for this reminder, I need it greatly. It’s so hard to tell my husband when he hurts me because it always has to be him denying he did anything, putting me down, telling me I’m crazy, etc so I tend not to say anything. If I mention it later he always acts like he didn’t do whatever it is that I’m trying to talk to him about. A Christian friend told me never to put off talking about it and now you are confirming this. Now God Please open his mind to hearing me. My bitterness towards my husband builds over this.

  13. Wow what a word! The world without emotional pains, hurts,bitterness etc would have been heaven on earth. However, we live in a fallen world. Dear lord it really hurts to be hurt by a loved one especially when all efforts at trying to let that individual know proves futile. Please daddy help me to strive to do ur will n to please u at all time. I was told about a vision that a sister had n this has greatly humbled me. She was praying n then fell into a trance. She was taken to her church where she saw her pastors n elders n members of the church lifting their hands in worship but alas all their garments were bleeding with sin n filth !! ln fact as they worshipped majority of them were absent minded. They were thinking about other things other than God. The rest were praying for showmanship.Her garment was equally dirty. You know what when we don’t get rid of the little “foxes” they will spoil our vine n our end will not glorify God.She had the chance to put things right in her life due to the vision she had.We may not have that chance so we must strive to let go of the pains n bitterness. To be hurt by a loved one especially ur husband or sibling is indeed painful but since heaven is. our ultimate we ask for the grace to forgive n strive on.

  14. Amen and Amen again! Yes I was the very same way because of my upbringing when people offended I often times never said anything until it was too late. I become very passive aggressive. Also angry over the years. However, I prayed to God for help. I also went to anger management at my church to help me learn to better deal with my feelings. I’ve gotten so much better now that I’m older. Thanks for sharing!!
    Be blessed!!

  15. Amen to the word. Learning to deal with the ‘foxes’ of hurt that don’t go away until you face them so they don’t stay and destroy the vine. Praise God

  16. Praise The Lord, I just got to this devotional today 2-4-16 and God allow me to turn it into a full personal Bible Study this morning. Our God is so kind, sweet and awesome. He shows us us and how to see our own offense against Him and others and for that I am thankful. Father God please continue to show me me that I may repent and turn from wicked ways. That I may have a poor spirit and be blessed. In Jesus Name Amen (Hallelujah)

  17. Daddy Jesus, thank you for always revealing your truth to me. Help me to realized my wrongs or if someone has done me wrong to resolve the issued in love; please forgive me of the the many times I held back when there’s a problem. In Jesus Name, Amen ๐Ÿ™‡

  18. Very good messageโ—๐Ÿ’˜๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘ hallelujah๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽPRAISE the LORD๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘๐Ÿ‘‘

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