DOTK 2020 Tour Update

Dear DOTK Family,

Unfortunately the DOTK Tour event in Houston, Texas has been cancelled. The local government in Houston has issued a restriction against meetings larger than 10 people and has also set a 15 day restriction on in-service restaurants, which includes the coffee shop where our event was going to be held. We will submit to authority, and will announce a future meeting date for Texas. Regarding the remaining tour events for the year, we are going to continue to take it day by day and stay updated on any restrictions set in place. Praying God’s peace and protection over all. Thank you for understanding.

Love and blessings,
Kesha Trippett

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14 thoughts on “DOTK 2020 Tour Update”

  1. I genuinely want to come. If I to stand up, I’ll do it! I want to be in the Filling Station off West Little York in Houston, TX. The tickets were sold out by the time I learned of this dynamic ministry, but please keep me in mind. Ask this ministry and God to make room for me. Thank you for continuing on. I declare Psalm 91 over this ministry, our families, and this nation. By faith I will seee you March 28-Adrienne🙏🤲

  2. Hi Kesha! My name is Barbara, i live in Brazil! I congregate in the Baptist Church. I would like you know that God talked with me many times through your messages! God bless you and your family and your work more and more.. Let’s make a event in Brazil?!

  3. Blessings my Sister in Christ. Just wanted to tell you I’ve been a faithful follower of your Devotionals God has used you in an amazing Spectacular way!! To God be All the glory! Praying for you and everyone in the name of Jesus!!

  4. My sister God continue blessing you family and ministry. You Devotionals has been a blessing to my life. Keep doing you devotionals please we love you and thank you so much may God bless you

  5. Awesome Sister ! God is with you and Team ! Will be praying for your tour ! God will protect you’ll wherever you’ll Go! I declare psalm 46 over this ministry and definitely this tour will be a Blessing for so many !

  6. Praise God my sister your devotional has been a great help for me. I have been reading about two years. It inspire me so much I just started sharing your devotional site to a lot of women.

  7. Grateful Saturday.
    Hope all is well Jesus Christ name!!!!
    I was wanted to know when will you be in Philadelphia..

  8. Happy Saturday! This ministry has been a great blessing for me. I work in the healthcare industry and is in management needless to say we are facing some challenges! Also being in my position I to have many challenges that I have had to seek God and praying and repeating Pslams 91. The enemy has been attacking my every move it seems! But Yet I trust God! And every Devotional that I’ve read this week has help me with my situations. I’ve even shared it with some of my staff as well as family. Thank you for allowing God to use you. I pray that He will continue to strengthen you , give you the knowledge and wisdom to spread His massages of hope , love , peace and encouragement. Blessings to you and your family. 💜

  9. I love the Dotk devotionals. They help me very much and have for years.
    I’m very concerned about the tour though. God has given you and us other venues to use, the live link on the app, and old fashioned radio for those who don’t have smartphones. It is the message that needs to get out, not you or the people that would be tempted or wanting to congregate at the tour sites. We need you alive, as well as the people you would reach.
    Please consider a different venue for now and maybe a delay of the tour for when it’s safer for God’s children to be together physically.
    God’s will be done whatever happens.

  10. Amen 🙏. God is in control. Where one or two are gathered in my name there will I be in the midst 🙏🏿✝❤

  11. To God be the Glory. I am trusting God with you and for you. Let His Will Be Done. See you in New Orleans🙌

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