4 thoughts on “DOTK LIVE Today at 7pm!”

  1. Thank you for jesus words of wisdom ,it is his wisdom that gets me up and lay me down and reading reading your devotional is very inspirational. Thanks for helping me move forward daily.

  2. Thank you for the devotionals. They help me get through my days I live reading of our Lord & Saviour Jesus Christ.

  3. Oh this is an. awesome ministering tool it has help me so much in my walk it has help me get tru alot of discouragement and heartbrokeness and god has given me alot of love and freedom in my life.

  4. I have a prayer request. I know there is power in prayer. I’d love you to pray for me to get pregnant and have a baby.
    My husband Kelvin and I Letty desire to have a family.
    Can you send me a confirmation that you got this message and a prayer via e-mail.
    If there is anyone else that wants to pray for me it is also appreciated.
    God bless you.

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