Fearfully and Wonderfully

“I will praise You, for I am fearfully and wonderfully made; Marvelous are Your works, And that my soul knows very well”
‭‭Psalms‬ ‭139:14‬, NKJV‬‬.

I used to wonder why God gave me feet with so many visible veins. I wanted smooth feet like my friends. But I see how my veins look like tree roots. Extending outward in a complex network. Psalms 1 talks about what it means to truly be rooted and grounded. Now I have a visible reminder, hand carved by God Himself, every time I look down that I am indeed rooted and grounded in Christ. Every single part of us is fearfully and wonderfully made by God.

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  1. Amen! It takes spiritual wisdom and maturity to really grasp that truth. It doesn’t mean perfect and beautiful the way society has defined beauty but instead it includes all the differences that make us all individually unique. Yes along with what we call imperfections. We all are made each with very different and intricate details. Like the trees you used as example, they are all trees but all very different in detail, none exactly alike. Thank you for that because I think we as women especially need to be reminded from time to time to embrace and care for our natural beauty God gave us because yes, we are all beautiful and wonderfully made. God bless you sistas.

  2. Good Morning!!! Everyday that I read and study, that I meditate on His Word. As I read these devotionals, it assures me of how much God loves me and everything that He created. Thank you, for showing us how uniquely He made all of us.

    * Isaiah 64:8 – But now, O Lord, thou art our father; we are the clay, and thou our potter; and we all are the work of thy hand.

  3. This is one of my favorite verses especially if I’m feeling down on myself. God reminds me that we are His Masterpiece created by The Master Himself. The world looks upon our physical outside beauty but God created us mind, spirit and soul. In that we are all beautiful because we are made in the image of the Beautiful One.

  4. This is an awesome Analogy of Gods creative work in you. He is awesome in how he reveals us to ourselves,when we don’t see ourselves like he does, he opens our eyes to see.

  5. I Thank God and Thank you fir that because I have varicose veins & use to be so ashamed. But I am fearfully and wonderfully made in Christ Jesus know I’m grounded & rooted in Him.

  6. Thank God for who I am
    How I am and
    Whom I am.
    The Spirit Of Contentment is the greatest gift from God.
    Shielding oneself from vain material, social and physical expectations and entrapments is the greatest gift you can give yourself. Q.E.D

  7. Amen.
    I am GOD’S beautiFILLED masterpiece, intricately designed for His perfect plan and purpose.
    FEARFULLY, WONDERFULLY and UNIQUELY made in HIS very image and likeness.
    I Am who GOD says I Am.
    There is absolutely none like me. PERFECT in His eyes and CONTENTED with ALL of me.
    PERIOD 💃🔥💥🙌✝️💯😍

  8. Thank you for the reminder that we are fearfully and wonderfully made. I often forget this. Thank you. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙏❤🙏❤🙏

  9. WOW! I never paid attention to my feet like that until I read this. My veins are very visible as well. After this I will look at them from a different perspective. Thank you for sharing! God bless You! ❤️

  10. I Love this! You blew mind with this word today! I too have these veiny feet but I never thought yo look at it this way!

  11. Thank You my Sister’s Kesha Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO GOD.” LOVE and GOD BLESS You ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hi ❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘

  12. Thank you for this reminder of Gods hand on my life. I’m struggling with a lot & wish I had a girlfriend who knows Jesus to talk this out. But in short My husband needs His help, mainly for health problems but also spiritually. I’m thinking he is sick with cancer and won’t get to know God before he leaves this earth. I’m praying to remain by his side to be his faithful wife etc. God is in control and has provided in big and small ways, though this situation is beyond what I ever expected and trying to get me to freak out. Then I remember the Bible says not to think it strange when we go through various trials. Please pray for Grady & Jenn. Thank you!

  13. I look at my hands and feet and wonder about my veins standing out. Now I know why. I am beautiful and wonderfully made. Praise God.

    Also one of my favorite verses and have it on a picture that I was going to hang on my wall today… I Also have Jeremiah 29:11 😊

    God never ceases to amaze me through DOTK and without you Sis Kesha we would probably long to hear from God in ways like this. My daily prays are “God take the scales off my eyes so I can see what (He) wants me to see and take the deafness out my ears so I can hear what (He) wants me to hear! Amen


  15. Yes! This is one of my favorites as well. I was humbled as I read this, my mother asked me to take to get a pedicure, I explained that wasn’t a good idea bc of COVID-19. Reluctantly, I said that I would do it. After she soaked , I held my mothers foot in my hand and thought about their experiences on earth. And how she is masterpiece too.
    Thank you for sharing your story.
    I love you ❤️ I wish I could be at event today in Philadelphia.

  16. I could cry. I have the same thing with my feet and sometimes feel self conscious about it. It is all about perspective.

  17. My feet swell up a little sometimes and have to take off footwear. Perhaps many veins outside helps cooling the feet so they don’t swell.
    Also feet are awesome we blessed without them life is difficult. No matter what they look like they are magnificent.
    And yes we can be trees strong and able to withstand storms of life.
    Someone once told me you have bad feet cuz I was wearing revealing footwear. But there’s no such thing as bad feet.
    I’m reading a book from library called “what mentally strong women don’t do” and one of first things is comparing yourself to others. I recommend this book. Vast majority of women feel bad about selves the author mentions statistics. Very helpful book

  18. Thank you Keisha for the reminder. Had the same problem with my legs, they are think and while in primary school, other kids called me chop sticks, that thing stuck in my head until one time, while reading Psalm 139 I was reminded how wonderfully and beautifully I am made and said “atleast I have legs to move from one point to the other” .
    Though coz I have done trousers all my life and still not confident enough to wear skirts and dresses. Pray for me. But I know I am beautiful ❤️🥰

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