Friendships are like eggs.

“A friend loves at all times, and a brother is born for adversity” Proverbs 17:17, ESV.

What if someone stood and declared, “I will never hold another egg again because I dropped the last one and it was a mess!” That would be silly because we know that eggs are fragile and are easy to break. So we handle them with care.

Friendships are much the same; they are like eggs—fragile and easy to break. So when God places a friendship in our hands, we are commanded to be gentle, loving and handle them with care.

You may have dropped the last one and it was a mess, but don’t worry, God’s going to place another golden egg in your hands in His perfect timing. It will then be up to you to receive. Don’t refuse to enjoy one of God’s greatest gifts to humanity just because you didn’t handle the first one right. Let God bless you. Let Him enrich you and add value to your life through the presence of a friend.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for speaking directly to my heart. Thank you for caring about every detail of my life, including this area of friendships. Forgive me Lord for every heart I’ve broken. I ask that you heal them and make them whole again. Help me not refuse your future blessings just because of my past failures. I receive Lord. Teach me how to handle people’s hearts with care and show me how to be an excellent friend. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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24 thoughts on “Friendships are like eggs.”

  1. AMEN. Thank you so much. This is so on-time. God knows just what each lady of His needs to get her day started on the right path. Again, thank you, Daughters of the King for encouraging words each morning.

    1. Thank You Father for these words! I struggle with one very long time friend. I love her dearly but how hard it is for me when many times it has hurt because she fits me in her life when she has time or she knows she’s gone to far! I feel like she takes me down off the shelf when SHE wants to spend time with me! Please help me to remember love and the blessings of a friend! Thank you Lord AMEN

      1. I have learned the hard way, that I’m their friend but they were not my friend. A real friend would not treat u that way. Have u talked to her about how she makes u feel; if she is a true friend like u r to her, she will change that. But if she doesn’t, then maybe u should rethink this friendship. It sounds one sided to me, but what do u think???


  3. Wow, I was just praying this morning and asking God to teach me how to be in a relationship because I don’t think I have ever had a healthy relationship and not sure that I know how?? I’m a little lonely and am just waiting for God to place that person in my life! Thank you Father for addressing this need and request for me! I love u amen !

    1. My prayer also l, GOD BLESS U and make His Face, shine, upon u, in Jesus name Amen to you sister

  4. Hallelujah, Thank You Lord, for covenant friendships. I try my best to be this kind of friend, like Johnathan towards David in (1Sam. 20: 16-17). It is such a Blessing to have someone you can trust wholeheartedly. Who is just as concerned for you as themselves. Who loves you unconditionally. Who might get mad at you, but forgives you.There is power in such a commitment. Savor your days together; appreciate them, pray with, laugh with, cry with, listen to, and stand together. Be there for them in good times and bad. A God given true friendship is one of lifes greatest blessings that can’t be bought. Thanks ladies for reminding me of how blessed I truly am.

  5. Thank you God, friends are like eggs. Thank you again for this word today In Jesus Name Amen ❣❤💚💛

  6. Amen💓 👏👐😍😄Thank you for caring for every details of Our lives🙏🙏🙏SWEET JESUS💗💙💪💜💪👑💝🎉 DOTK💌Im so grateful for these💗💖Heart issues❗💯💓💕🙋👏🙆💖💞 Teach Us FATHER GOD how to handle people’s Hearts with care and show Us how to be an excellent friend❗🎁💎

  7. This is what I needed. I have had a hard time opening up to people and letting them get to know me. When I see and hear someone say that he/she is my best friend. I don’t know how that feels.

    1. Needed to hear this..true friend are rare, I pray that God will put someone in my life to be a true friend, we all need a friend, maybe one day Daughter of the King will a picnic so sister like us can get together.. East coast, God bless you all

  8. Hello Daughters Of The Most High King I no so very well cause Godly given friends are a very special gift something to be charised. I HAVE 4 i call them my Godly given Sisters i Pray with1 she’s always giveing me incouageing words another1 we still hung out acaisionly cause we’re not at the same church anymore the other two we rearly get to hung out togather like i call us the Trinerity Sisters but we always keep each other and our famialys in prayer and we Prays togather1 of them a few yrs. back we hit a slow spot a misunderstanding but that was the early stage of our friendship it didn’t take long for us to come back into agreement.See even with God sent friends its still what i fell is a Blood Covenant given and put togather by God so its to be chairist. So as usual Have a Blessed Day Ladys

  9. As I read all of my sister’s comments what a blessing what a blessing I feel connected and that’s such a blessing not only to be committed to Christ but to feel the same love from my sisters in christ, yes, it’s so hard to trust anyone without the love of / direction of God connection. I pray and ask for that continuous strip in my marriage slash friendship with my spouse of 28 years and that I can continue to have my sisters in Christ that I too can be a friend thank you Jesus for the love and the one that you put inside me to share received and be a blessing in Jesus mighty name amen

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