Get through it together.

“One who has unreliable friends soon comes to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother” Proverbs 18:24, NIV.

Many years ago after an argument, I told my husband, I’m leaving. I went to my closet and started packing my suitcase. He came over to me and said, “Where are you going?” I told him, “I’m leaving. I can’t take this anymore.” We had been struggling financially and I was tired. As I stuffed everything in my suitcase, he looked at me and said, “We got in this mess together and we’re getting out of it together.”

I unpacked.

The greatest relationships you admire all have their stories of how they made it through sickness, financial crisis, job layoffs, family issues, baby momma drama, loss of loved ones and the list goes on. These relationships have gone through the ups and downs of life, but they got through it together.

I’m thankful I unpacked that suitcase on that day, because the good days are so much sweeter when you’re with the one that stuck with you through the bad days. If you’re single, here’s a nugget of wisdom. You want to marry someone that can handle tough times. If he doesn’t have a prayer life, that will be a problem in a storm. His prayer life will be what keeps him together so he can lead you and the family through it. His relationship with the Lord is what will help him respond right when you’re packing your bags trying to vacate the premises.

The bottom-line is this…Let’s imitate Jesus. He’s with us when we’re up and He’s right there when life comes crashing down. He’s not a fair-weather friend, only coming around when times are good. He sticks closer than a brother. Our crisis doesn’t scare Him because He knows the truth: No matter what we face, He will cause us to triumph in everything.

Prayer: Father, I thank you for never leaving my side. You have been faithful, the greatest friend I’ve ever known. Help me to be a good and faithful friend just like you. Help me not to abandon people I love when times get hard. Help me maintain the right perspective and trust you to bring good out of it all. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Meditate on 2 Corinthians 2:14)

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  1. Our Father which art in heaven draw us nearer to You almighty God. Fasten us in your love to appreciate the good, the bad, the ups and the downs. Help us to stay strong in our weakness. We look to you oh God for you are our strength and you are able to keep us. We thank you now for what you are about to do for me and everyone of my sisters of DOTK in Jesus name amen.

    1. Thank you remaining faithful to the posts! They are divine and always on time! Thank you for having a prayer life. I’m a flight attendant who keeps these prayers in mind.
      Thank you!

    2. Amen and amen. God bless warrior. May Your Will be done and Your Kingdom come in her heart and life forevermore, my Lord! Hallelujah!!! Jesus breakthrough!!! I do so love You, my Beloved!!! I DO!!!

      1. Almighty God, I give you the Glory, the Honour and the praise, for this imparted knowledge and prayer. Thank you Lord for what you have done and whst you are about to do. In the Mighty, Matchless Name of Jesus, Amen, Amen & Amen!

  2. Thank you Father God for helping me you are always with me and I praise your name and Jesus name Amen Thank you God

    1. Hallelujah!!! Yes, yes, yes!!! You are always with us, my Lord and Savior!! Jesus, You are ALWAYS with us!!! Cricket loves Jesus!!! I praise Your Holy Name!!! I shall never be the same!!! Your Name is mine, Jehovah Nissi!! I am Yours and You are mine!!! I lose all sense of time in the rhyme, but the Light is the guiding light and I feel the warmth, my Lord!!! God, You are right and there was never anything else that even compared to You. I am lost in love for You!!! You hold my heart now, so I know that nothing can stop us now!!! Halleujah!!! Thank You, Jesus!!! I stand down! Stand up in me, Jesus! I surrender my all to Your glory! You are the Love Story!! Selah.

  3. Thank you my Father for begin there with me. Thank you for begin my friend when times were hard and when I couldn’t see my way. I’m single and friends are few. I thank God because he has always been their for me. Praise the Lord.

    1. Father, I pray that You would be Louise’s best friend, dear Jesus! I pray that You would build her up in a strong and devoted relationship with You, that would be a great source of comfort and strength for her when she is lonely for friendship and companionship. I pray that You would dance Your way into her heart like You did mine! I pray that she would know and feel Your Presence in a special and comforting way, when she is alone and in need of companionship!! I pray that she would get to know You on a deeper level as her sovereign friend. In the Blessed and Most Beautiful Name of Jesus I pray. Amen.

    2. Cricket, Crystal Marie.
      I thank you for praying for me. I receive. May the Lord pour out a double portion of his anointing upon you. I love you the prayer that you prayed for me. Much needed prayer. You prayed a prayer that I’ve years ago. Be Bless My Sister in the Lord. To DOTK may the Lord enrichly Bless each an everyone of you. Lord pour out a double portion of your anionting on each them . In Jesus name.

  4. Amen thank u lord for everything each an everyday is a blessing I love u I honor you for bein who u are in my life! Amen again

  5.  For if the ministry that brings condemnation [the old covenant, the Law] has glory, how much more does glory overflow in the ministry that brings righteousness [the new covenant which declares believers free of guilt and sets them apart for God’s special purpose]! Indeed, what had glory [the Law], in this case no longer has glory because of the glory that surpasses it [the gospel]. For if that [Law] which fades away came with glory, how much more must that [gospel] which remains and is permanent abide in glory and splendor! Since we have such a [glorious] hope and confident expectation, we speak with great courage, and we are not like Moses, who used to put a veil over his face so that the Israelites would not gaze at the end of the glory which was fading away. But [in fact] their minds were hardened [for they had lost the ability to understand]; for until this very day at the reading of the old covenant the same veil remains unlifted, because it is removed [only] in Christ. But to this day whenever Moses is read, a veil [of blindness] lies over their heart; but whenever a person turns [in repentance and faith] to the Lord, the veil is taken away. Now the Lord is the Spirit, and where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty [emancipation from bondage, true freedom]. And we all, with unveiled face, continually seeing as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are progressively being transformed into His image from [one degree of] glory to [even more] glory, which comes from the Lord, [who is] the Spirit.
    – 2 Corinthians 3:9-18

    Lord, I pray that You use me in every way that You choose to use me. I surrender my heart and will. I am tired of carrying this burden on my heart for some of my sisters that don’t reveal it, but I feel it. I trust that You gave me this heart that feels my sisters’ pain so that I could be a vessel of brokenness to usher in Your Kingdom in prayer! My face is unveiled and Your glory is shining upon the mirror of my face! My soul is lit up with Your everlasting love! I can taste it, my Lord! The joys of those who take refuge in You! You are preparing me for something great! I know it! Because this battle is fierce and I ain’t stopping!! This call is irrevocable, my Lord! I know I need more of You, my Lord! I might stumble, but I won’t fall, my Lord! For You are my sole source of strength and comfort. Like others who have gone before me, I walk a deserted path less taken! That’s okay, my Lord! My heart is smitten with relentlessly passionate crazy love!! I am chasing after the flower petals today!!! They all say “Jesus loves me!” Never will a petal say, “He loves me not” again!!! No way!! I know Your love is here to stay, my Lord! There is nothing I can do to scare away the love You have for me! There is nothing that can tempt me away from the sovereign hand that holds me! There is nothing that can be done to stop this! There is nothing that can be done to accelerate it either, my Lord. I understand. Teach me genuine steadfast patience. I want to be patient with You most of all. I want to enjoy every blessed moment You give. Even the hard and difficult ones. I don’t want to be the reason I can’t make it where You are taking me! You chose a vessel of weakness for this very purpose! I trust this! I trust the process! I know this spiritual war we are in is relentless! It comes in and sweeps away our defenses! The enemy senses our devotion and sets into motion a plot to trip us up! But no way! I am looking up for the sisters and myself who face difficult challenges to stay at the foot of the cross today!!! But in our hearts, we shall remain everpresent with You in our deepest disturbances of heart and mind. Don’t let us wander unto a fearful act of desperation at any moment, my Lord. We love that You make us stronger as wives, mothers, daughters, friends, and women of God! We thank You so much! My Lord, may we be transformed into Your image, from one image of glory to another more intense image of glory! May we become the daughters of the King we are called to be, and love You first and foremost! May we be dripping in Holy Ghost love and empowerment! I am so lost in grace and my anointing grows there! I perceive it in the Name of Jesus! I am walking in liberty!!! This is emancipation from bondage and true freedom, yes it is!!! Hallelujah!!! I am free!! I am free indeed!!! Who frees the captive souls from the dungeon of fear and regret? Who frees the hearts that beat death unto the night? Whose glory is so bright that no darkness can defeat it? Who is this Jesus? Who is He? He is the One Who calls out to me in the great expanse! I hear Him now! He calls me unto a dance! My Lord and Savior, show me the way! I am stepping out and basking in the glory, my Lord! I am smiling because no one can take my Son shine away!!!!!! I am here to stay, my Beloved! I am never leaving You! I trust my promise, because it is sealed with the blood of Your promise! Hallelujah!!! Give me a prayer to pray for the masses!!! Hallelujah!!! I love You, Jesus! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do! I do so love You! You rescued my heart from the mud and muck! Help us to get up out of our sticky situations and remove the old garments that keep us stuck!!! We want to get up, my Lord! We just need more of You!!! Get us up with more of You!!! We are weary and stumbling along, but we here Your voice still! We follow it still and we know Your Name!!! We know no one can steal us away from Your hand any day!!! We hear Your voice and follow it and we know that no one can snatch us from Your hand!!! We are Your sheep and You are our Shepherd! Shepherd our souls more, my Lord! We do truly, madly, deeply want more of You. Help us receive it!!! In the Name of Jesus we believe it!!! Not in our power, but in Yours!!! Not later, but now, my Lord!!! More of You and less of me!!! From glory to glory, keep on writing Your love story on my heart. I receive it unto fullness and completion. I am here to stay!!!! I am here to stay and run and play in the fields today!!! Let’s stand on the battlefield today, my Lord, but keep my heart here in the fields today!!! I need this today!!! Help me pray with a new effectual and fervent prayer today!!! Shower me in Your blessings, my Lord! I receive them in humility and grace, because You love me through the race!!! You never look back and say, “Hurry up!” God, I so much love Your love for me!!! It is beyond awesome and amazing!!! God, You shall shower my sisters in Your love this day! You shall protect them in Your sovereign hand! You shall smite the enemy in his camp, before He can reach the battlefield!! My sisters shall feel a release and a comfort fpr their souls. God, I trust You the most. I know You love me and You will never let me go. You lead and I follow. I bind the spirit of fear in the Name of Jesus. I loose the Spirit of Peace in the Name of Jesus. Yes, sweet Prince of Peace, You move me into depths unknown!!! I am moving on!!! I am holding on to Your sovereign hand for my life is always in the palm of Your hands!! I am putty here, my Lord!!! Mold me and form me today. Toss the uselessness away! Fill me with Your purposes for me!!! I am strong in my weaknesses because Your grace is sufficient!!! I am awake!!! I am awake!!! I am awake!!! My slumber has ended!!! My soul shall hibernate anymore!!! I am not late!!! I am just on time for God’s providential timing!!! I am rhyming my way unto the heart of our King today, to share a Love so glorious in nature that it captured a heart that was drowning in evil, and made it most beautiful!!! I am beautiful, as I stand here in the ashes, my Lord. I am beautiful and I am not ashamed to say it. Because my beauty comes from You and no other beauty could change me from the inside out. You are Beauty and You are breathtaking in my vision!!! You are my Provision and I look forward to seeing what You are going to do with me!! I am just a willing vessel of brokenness and You are just the God Who shows up and shows out, cuz that’s what You are about!!! Wow!!! Wow!!! Wow!!!
    I stamd down from every stance of arrogance and pride that ever knew my name! I am unknown to pride now. Pride can not find me when it searches in the darkness! I am glowing in humility!!! Like a firefly, I light up the night with God’s enduring, unfailing, compassionate, and devoted love!! I don’t just chirp now, my Lord!!! I light up!!! Hallelujah!!! I am a firefly unto the night, my Lord!!! Light up the cold, dark night in my heart for all to see!!! Glory, glory, glory!!! You set the captives free!!! Free indeed!!! I bleed the love!!! I bleed the love!!! I bleed the Love!!! I bleed white as snow, and in the dark I glow!!! I light up the night, and I stand and fight on this battlefield of love in spirit, but my heart is snuggled up in the feathers of my Lord! I am hidden in the shadow of Your wings!! I find refuge in the shelter of the Most High!!! Come nigh, my sisters!!! Lift up Your hands and praise the LORD, our God, with me!!! He rescues us, in the darkness, though we walk in the radiant, glorious Light of Love!! Your sovereign hand fits us like a glove, my Lord! Your sovereign hand holds us steadfast in patient love!!! Hallelujah!!! We love You so much, King Jesus!! We love You, truly, madly, deeply, Beloved Jesus!!! In Your Name, we pray, sweet Jesus! Amen.

    1. Cricket my sister am always looking forward to hear from you. I like your versions and prayer line. May the almighty God continue to use you as His vessel of honour. Amen

      1. To God be the Glory! Thank you Sara. Your words of encouragement for me are heaven sent, as well! All of you, my sisters, are heaven sent to me! God bless you each one. And may God shine His love upon your souls, so that His glory is a mirror image upon your faces! May you, each one, be suspended in heavenly graces that can not be touched by the enemy’s lies! May your hearts, lives, marriages, homes, divine purposes, gifts, talents, scars, physical bodies, relationships, friendships, and ministries be blessed in abounding measure. May God heal and restore all that is broken and destructive. May He lift up His countenance upon us and shower us in deliverance and liberty! Deliver us from what ails us daily! Lift us above the strongholds that reach out to pull us back in! Break the strongholds that are sewn in with traumatic memory and circumstance! Love the hurt right out of us! Comfort us, Holy Spirit! Bring us into a place of acceptance in those things we can not change, and give us courage to change those things that we can, and give us the wisdom to know the difference, my Lord! We desire serenity, my Lord! We find it in Your everlasting embrace! Allow us the privilege of laying our heads in Your lap, and having You stroke our hair, as You number each hair, one by one, and sing a love song unto our hearts, that spreads unto the air, like a mist that settles as dew upon mourning hearts, awakening to the dawn of joy!!! Hallelujah!!! We hear You Father God! We are Your daughters and we are lifted up in Your powerful acceptance! We know You love us and that You are taking us places! We know that where You take us, we shall find a future and a hope, sweet Jesus! Your plans for us are only good!! In earnest, we seek, and in radiant glory You lead! You listen, we listen, You speak, we speak! We have found You!!! Ha!!! Got You, Father God! We found You!!! You’re It!!! Go and claim Your sheep, all for the inevitable fame, glorious splendor, and magnificent glory of God!! Hallelujah!!! It is all for the Glory of God!!! In Jesus’ Name, make a way!!!
        Tag, my sister, you’re it!!! Run after God’s heart now!!! Catch Him, He is waiting to be found by you!!!
        We love You, King Jesus! We absolutely do!! We do! We do! We do! We do!
        We love King Jesus first and foremost! He is the Lord of our hearts, lives, marriages, homes, relationships, and divine purposes! He is our divine IT!!!! Tag, You’re It, God!!! Go, and pass Your love along!!! I love this love song in my heart!!! It sings just for You all the day long!!! You make me strong, and I just travel along, beside still waters, sipping from the Fountain of living waters, living in me, making me a new being, daily, in grace and power from the Father above, with everlasting love that numb hearts can’t fathom!!! Thaw out the cold hearts, my Lord! Set a fire in the souls that are cold and hard to reach in the great expanse, because they hide in the dungeons of their souls!!! Help them let go and let God!!! Hallelujah!!! Jesus breakthrough!!! I see it in my heart, believe it in my spirit, desire it in my soul, long for it in my mind’s eye, and call out in the great expanse for God to light up the night in a wild and spectacular way, like fireworks unto the sky!!! Light up the souls that lie dormant in the dead of night!!! Awake, o sleeper, arise from the dead and Christ will shine upon you!! (Ephesians 5:14)
        For we live by believing, and not by seeing.
        (2 Corinthians 5:7)
        Search for the LORD and His strength, and keep on searching.
        (Psalm 105:4)
        My sisters are listening!! We are listening, my Lord!!
        You are listening!!! We are communicating!!! Use us as Your instruments of Glory!!! Glory, glory, glory!!!
        We are wrapped up in Your love story!!! You destroy all horror stories that try to advance upon our souls!!! You are our Mighty Defense!!! We hold our peace and remain at rest, standing down from our own stance, and You rush in with a mighty powerful entrance, and we just stand in deliverance, as willing recipients!! Our souls are training to be soldiers of love in Your army!!! We won’t let go!!! No other God knows our names and we know no other god’s name as our own. We have written Your Name upon our souls, and we trust You to see us through, in the Most Precious Name of Jesus. Amen.

  6. Good morning DOTK family! I’ve experience a lot of let downs and many fair weather friends,but even in those times that no one was around JESUS NEVER FAILED me,no not once!I thank God for that! God did send a friend and I will not trade her for nothing in the world because when I was at my low with nothing to offer, she was right there, then and she is right there, even now!She prayed with and for me always, give Godly advice when needed. She has been a true friend for 6years now and have not missed a beat!! That’s my sister ,I call her now!She is an awesome women of God and I LOVE HER!!!(Keyonna King is heaven sent)Thank you Jesus for sending a true friend in my life,bless your holy name!In Jesus Name I pray!!!

    1. God, Please bless Keyonna King for being a true friend to Bridget B.! And bless Bridget for being a wonderful friend who would honor her friend by displaying rising up and honoring her name like that. So beautiful, my Lord. I trust You to give me a friend like that! I love the beauty that You display before my very own eyes! I love that You made me accept You as my Very Best Friend first, so that I am blessed with many, many godly friends, and beautiful sisters in Christ, to carry me when I am weak in spirit! I love all of my sisters here! I do! I do! I do! God bless all the friendships connected to this ministry! YOU are my Advocate, and my dearest Friend, Holy Spirit! You create a heart in me that is friend to all!!! I stand tall in me, as a lover of souls, even a lover of my own, because You first loved the loveless.. me!!! You picked one of the most brokenhearted and desolate souls to become a lover of lost, starved, confused, brokenhearted, crushed in spirit, sorrowful souls. Only You could do this! You confound me in my own silly wisdom!!! I have none!!! This love You give is so relentless!!! God, I am so crazy in love with You, the Lover of my soul!!! I am a witness to the mercy and love You have shown to a broken heart hurting people in her own pain! I am a witness to the grace and strength You have bestowed upon a willing heart to a shatter her own preconceived notions of Who God is! God is! He is that He is! He was and is and always shall be! He is a God of verbs! He does things! He does and is. He remains. He sustains. He restrains. He claims and names. He chooses. He provides. He makes. He moves. He wills. He grants. He blesses. He forgives. He lives. He breathes. He searches and reveals. He predestines. He calls. He justifies. He glorifies. He is! God is a God of nouns! He is the proper noun that supersedes all common nouns! He is the pronoun! He is He! He is God! He is Jehovah Nissi, Jehovah Shalom, Jehovah Sabaoth. He is Jesus Christ, Emmanuel! Yahweh, You are the God of names!!! You are the prepositional phrase that moves us along from glory to glory, and from faith to faith, and through grace in weakness!!! You are knowledge and wisdom and discernment and understanding! You are everything we are blessed to know and understand intellectually!!! You are the beautiful mind that lies within me!!! You created me and I am in awe of Your creation!! Thank You for making me! Thank You for helping me to love myself in Your love, Jesus! In Your Precious Name I pray. Amen.

      1. WowGod Bless us all through Cricket Crystal for she loves you as we do but can explain it wiser thank you and I thank Dotk for this ministry love u all

        1. To God be the Glory! God bless my sweet sister Rose. Thank you for your beautiful words of gratitude. I pray that this prayer blesses your soul. Father God, As You walk in the great expanse of souls that hunger for the love they were made to pant for forevermore, we surrender our hearts even more! This is a dance we were made for! This is a love song only our souls know! Your song that sings all the day long and into the night, on and on! My soul sings a love song unto the Lord of the dance! I was a a little cinderella girl who ran and hid away! You called me out by name, and I became a little shepherd girl who prayed her mountains of shame away!!! You are the Way, the Truth, and the Life! You erase all pain and strife, as I put it to the knife! You say, “My beloved, I am shredding this up for you, into pieces that shall redefine you!!! I am the One Who realigns you! I am the One Who predestined you, called you, justifies you, and glorifies you! It is I AM defining you! There is no stopping this process! Yes, it is relentless; but I AM that I AM! I am the great I AM! So, nothing is stopping this! Nothing is impossible with your Lord and Savior! I AM that I AM! Am I not??? Are you still not sure yet? When the veil lifts, the storm shifts, and the thunder rolls unto a final destiny of sweet victory! You shall see the Lightning! Many will witness this! I am the Lightning! I AM flashes upon the cold, dark night! My light is a lighthouse to lost souls, and you as a vessel of weakness, sail along, with a testimony building, blowing you along. I am the holy breath blowing you along on the seas of desperation and regret! You and I threw those strongholds overboard long ago! Look up, and let go! We are sailing along in the perfect storm of oppression it would seem, yet, in your weakness, I AM in you. My power works best in weakness! My sufficient grace passes the test unto a strength that is all you need! You bleed white and your cold, dark night is warming up and the thunder that will explode into an implosion of peace that will arrest your soul is ushering in the Lightning! The Lightning flashes upon your soul! You can’t help it! You let go! My love is relentless, you can’t help but surrender it all up! Because I AM that I AM! I hold your heart, mind, body, soul, destiny and purposeful glory for me right here in My sovereign hand. You ponder reality, and I just stump your stubborn soul! You don’t have to worry, my beloved adorable wonderer of wonders! You are no longer a wanderer!! You shall wander no more, My sweet daughter! You are Mine and I AM yours! I AM that I AM! Nothing can change the fact that I AM yours! This is the love story that rhymes unto the hearts of your sisters! Deliverance and healing and restoration is all yours! This is the way I want to do this! I make a way in the wilderness! I AM! Do you perceive it yet? I AM! Who are you?”
          I am who You say that I am! I am a highly favored and supremely blessed, beautifully anointed daughter of the King! I am the singer of love songs unto the Lord of hosts! I am a mighty prayer warrior on this battlefield of love! I am my Lord’s adorable little shepherd girl, running and playing with Him in the fields on our way to sweet victory!!! I am alive in a new and refreshing love story! It beats a song of hope and restoration that explodes in the cold, dark night, the one that lays hold of lost and lonely souls, searching in the great expanse for the still, small voice, beckoning them into a new and deeper, much more intimate relationship with Him, the Redeemer of all lost causes!! Hallelujah! I am who You call me to be! I walk in sweet victory because I am one with my Creator and He is one with me! We walk in sweet victory in a realm unknown to me! I just follow and You lead! You freely give and I humbly receive! It’s all You, Jesus, and none of me! You are my sweet victory, every single day, in every single way! You pour Your grace on me and I am lovedrunk! You spike the Fountain of living waters with the Holy Spirit living in me! I am walking in victory because the King of kings and the Lord of lords lives in me! No other reason! Just the Jesus in me, living as living proof, even to me, that God makes a way in the wilderness for sinful wretches like me! I am just a bottle of emotions, bottled up to be poured out in love on You, my Lord! I absolutely get lost in love and thirst for more in these moments of entanglement when I am wrapped up in Your web of love! Here, in Your web of love, I can not deny anything You ask of me! Here, in Your web of love, I am caught up, and I am dying a slow death to the world, and all its evil, hate, and curses! I am fine with this when I know Your love is holding me up! I believe more than I ever have before! I am looking up! I am trusting in You, the Author and Finisher of my faith! Sweet, is the taste of the joys I receive from taking refuge in You, my Beloved! There is no other place for me than in the shelter of the Most High, snuggled safely in Your wings, hidden in the shadow of the Almighty as You walk all over the mountain that tries to pin me in! But You are my Mighty Defense, so nothing can stop this! I am swept up! Hallelujah! I am so in love! You swept me off my feet, and I dove in head first! You have never failed me! Every time I did sink in the sea of fear, regret, doubt, and disbelief, Your sovereign hand did lift me up! I stood back up and we walked along on the waters some more! I was never sure that we were truly doing it, I admit it! But You were, are, and always shall be my mustard seed of love! You plant hope and belief in me that grew from a seed of love that took over and consumed the weeds that tried to eat me alive!!! Yet, as I lay dying, You were rhyming Your way right into my soul! Your breathed life into a dead soul, and I gasped a desperate sigh of relief at first! Then the night got darker and the cold got colder! But You never left me there in that dungeon of fear! You said, “Truth or dare” and I said, “Okay, my Lord, dare me then!” I am such a stubborn soul, I know! But You use the deaf and dumb to redefine what is wise in me! You confound the logic that never rhymed any sense to me! The words never made sense to me in the madness! I was covered in darkness and You said, “Awake, O, sleeper!” And I woke up! Hallelujah! I woke up! My biological clock is no longer ticking to find the love of my life! I am awake, my Lord! I am no longer hibernating in the coma of death the enemy coaxed me into! His comfort was never anything except total nonsense and belligerent destruction upon me and my own! I am all done with his lies to my soul! I am burning from the inside out! My fire burns from my eyes, my mind, my heart, my hands, my feet, my tongue and my mouth, and the soul that defines me in You! Hallelujah! You are so beautiful to me! Glory, glory, glory! I am alive in the Light! I am warm and I am glowing in the darkness! I am a witness! God, take my words and make them more than they can ever be in this atmosphere of finite and impotent powerless within me! Perfect Your power in me! My weakness is worth boasting about! Because You are the miracle in the background!!! I stand down to the power and glory of a power infinitely more than me! I just surrender and receive and He shows up and shows out, all the while using me for His glory! We started this love story releasing my pain and setting me free from strongholds that multiplied within me when destruction seemed imminent! But yes, destruction unto the enemy is imminently prophesied before me,so I move along in the fire, burning up for my Lord! I am on fire! This is a revolution of love that revives fires that have been smoldering in the ashes too long!!! Come along with me!!! I am just moving along in the spirit! Holy Spirit, You are the very best friend to me! Glory to God in the highest! His love is relentless! He makes me a witness, and I just breathe in the Spirit of Love and He does the rest! Now, my Lord, shall I rest and receive a special blessing for pass in this test! My blessing is mine to receive only because the blood that covers me is the blood of the Precious Lamb, my sweet Jesus! His love is so relentless crazy that He never, ever gave up on me! I can assure you, my sisters, He isn’t giving up on you! God wants to bless you each one with a much more intimate and stronghold- shattering love! He shall do it! Just receive it in graceful empowerment! Hallelujah! We are lifted up! We are encouraged in the Lord! We know that You are more than every obstacle we face! We wipe away every tear of disgrace! We shower You in love with the smile on our faces!! We thank You, Lord, for strength in weakness that perfected power in Your sufficient grace provides us! We thank You for undeserved favor! We shall savor this, and appreciate what You do for us! We love You the most, Jesus! We really do! We do! We do! We do! It is true! We love You first and foremost! Hallelujah!! You provide the vision and the provision! You provide the cost and the payment! You provide it all! You are the Great Provider and we rely on You first and foremost ! You are the Beginning and the End! We can not pretend we do not see You there! Truth or dare You say! We say Truth! We dare You to give us the Truth, my Lord! We love You and trust You with our hearts! We know that what You say comes with a plan behind it to see it through!! We trust YOU, King Jesus! In Your Faithful and Loyal Name I pray. Amen.

  7. Thank you God for the the sisters and brothers in your faith. Keep us helping and using us like a vessel for those who are in need for your glory.

  8. Thank you God for my wife De.Von Pellot DOTK Who has been big supportor in our marriage in your faith. Between our struggles you are still doing your work through her. Proud of you baby! Love you!

    1. Father God, Please bless De Von Pellot and her husband Josue. Bless their marriage abundantly unto the Kingdom of God. Bless them, each one, with abundant blessings of joy, purpose, wisdom, and love. May You strengthen this man of God who blesses his wife so sweetly. And may You glorify Your Name in DeVon’s life and heart abundantly! God bless them both! My heart is touched, my Lord. God bless You, Jesus! You complete me and show me hope in the darkness of wonder! Your love, Precious Jesus, truly is wonderful! Bless the husbands of the readers and writers of this ministry, in the Name of Jesus. Shall Your Will be done and Your Kingdom come in all of my brothers and sisters in Christ whose hearts, minds, lives, and circumstances are touched by this ministry! To God be the Glory! Hallelujah!!! In Jesus’ Name I pray and receive. Amen.

  9. ha❗ha❗hallelujah🎉🎉SWEET JESUS👑👑👑DOTK I totally understand 💯I unpacked too❗this message in home💒💒💒Thank you for Sharing🌷🌹🌷

  10. Hallelujah sisters in Christ
    I just feel so blessed on this morning how the Lord Jesus Christ can touch your life with in a blink of an eye send a visitation in your life even the ones he’s placed in your life on your behalf glory hallelujah TGBTG yes I do believe one can get it together with the right person in your life yes Jesus will show up on the when you want him when you need him Jesus is just that kind of friend. …
    Yes I do believe we can work it through


  11. These morning devotions have been a blessing to my life and so many others. May god bless you all for sharing your divine wisdom and revelations to others and not keeping them to yourself. 😇

  12. Lord, help me to help myself and love myself, so that k may help and love others, heal my mind,body and soul. Injn Amen

  13. Wow!! may God’s goodness, kindness n mercies never depart from the house of all the team of Dotk. May He cause His face to shine on you n give u rest in all your undertakings. Sweet sisters you can covert this prayer. My dear Cricket God richly bless you for your prayers! You said something about women being emotional beings in your previous prayer n l totally agree. l guess the battles n struggles we encounter are also due to how we manage our emotions. Dearest lord l come to you just as l am. Please use me for your glory.Help us to have dominion over our emotions so that we will be able to always put the devil where he belong. Dearest sisters, see you at the top.The top is where we belong.

  14. Thank you God for always being there for me in crisis, Thank you for always being by my side in everything I go through. Thank you your the only one I can come to. Thank you God always, Love You in Jesus Name Amen.

  15. I thank the lord for his grace and mercy. I don’t have many friends but I’m not concerned. I’ve taken a new path, the lord is leading me. Some friends are stumbling blocks, the lord removed all the fake, evil and vindictive friends around me.
    The lord has surrounded me with good people. Jesus is my best friend , I can rely on him at all times, he always shows up. I’m never disappointed.


  16. Be good to me, God— and now!
    I’ve run to you for dear life.
    I’m hiding out under your wings
    until the hurricane blows over.
    I call out to High God, the God who holds me together.
    He sends orders from heaven and saves me, he humiliates those who kick me around.
    God delivers generous love,
    he makes good on his word.
    I find myself in a pride of lions
    who are wild for a taste of human flesh;
    Their teeth are lances and arrows, their tongues are sharp daggers.
    Soar high in the skies, O God!
    Cover the whole earth with your glory!
    They booby-trapped my path;
    I thought I was dead and done for.
    They dug a mantrap to catch me, and fell in headlong themselves.
    I’m ready, God, so ready, ready from head to toe,
    Ready to sing, ready to raise a tune:
    “Wake up, soul!
    Wake up harp! wake up, lute!
    Wake up, you sleepyhead sun!”
    I’m thanking you, God, out loud in the streets, singing your praises in town and country.
    The deeper your love, the higher it goes; every cloud is a cloud to your faithfulness.
    Soar high in the skies, O God!
    Cover the whole earth with your glory!
    -Psalm 57 The Message

  17. How precious each and every one You have sent on my way Father, they are like angels without wings. I have been blessed with the best of the best and that gratitude I give to my Father, He saw my need and supplied in all my needs. When people truly love the Lord, they stick with you through thick and thin, especially when they also have a testimony. Thank You Father for truly giving me Your angels.

    1. Love you my sister Amber!! I am happy to see your amen! I have missed seeing your name! God bless you!

  18. Compassionate Lord, thank you for good & bad times, all the blessings in my life, never leaving nor forsaking me. God you could chose to ran but, you stick closer than anyone else. Thanks for always being apart of my life and for this I’m grateful. Amen 🙇

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