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On February 28, 1980, I was born in the heart of Atlanta, GA, to a single-parent home. I’ve experienced my share of hardships, molestation, fear, deep depression, and pain to know, without a doubt, God’s hand is truly on my life. I was born for such a time as this. I surrendered my life to the Lord at a church revival at the age of 12, and have been hooked on His love ever since.

While seeking God in prayer in October 2012, I heard Him say in a still small voice, “I want you to start a women’s ministry, and I want you to call it, “Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals.” I obeyed Him and wrote my first devotional. I then released it the very next day to all of the women on my email list, which was no more than 70 women at the time. Now years later, by God’s grace, Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals are reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the world. To God be the glory.

The Lord has blessed me to minister across the US and abroad. He has graced me to counsel, mentor, and disciple many. I believe in sharing His Word with power and in a way in which it is easily understood and applied in everyday life. Blessed with wisdom beyond my years, it’s a joy to reach women of all ages, race, and backgrounds. My heart’s desire is for women all over the world to experience the love of God and the reality of His blessings in their lives.

In 2002, I graduated from Georgia Southern University with a Bachelor of Arts degree and a minor in Business Administration. After graduating, I traveled to France for a one-month study abroad program. I went on to graduate, with honors, from Word of Faith Bible Training Center in Southfield, Michigan, and am a licensed and ordained minister of the Gospel. I am happily married to my college sweetheart, Bernard Trippett, of 18 years and am the mother of six wonderful and energetic children.

When I’m not writing devotionals, you’ll find me doing something fun and ridiculous, enjoying laughing with my family, walking on the beach, or in my in-home studio writing songs that I still have yet to release.

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  1. You are beautiful, you are valuable, you are impactful, you have testimony to share and you are the right woman for the job. Thank you for being obedient to god so He can reach, teach and bless women like myself and across the world. ❤

    1. Girl never ever STOP…JESUS hung around the Prostitutes and drunkards… He saw just as munch value in the pole dancer( woman at the well) as Ester and Ruth…So get on that pole for your hubby in the privacy of your OWN HOME… Now for me I want a hubby so I can do that too… it is funny but I told God after I lost my weight I wanted to take lessons so I could bye a pole for my house so I could dance for my hubby…lol next time you come to ATL… I am going to come see you over the years I just recently worked in ATL during the pandemic and I shared your app with so many ladies in the city…I am originally from philly but I have lived in Lawrenceville for 24 years…God is amazing and I thank God for you and your gift…
      Love your Sister in Christ Dawn Hammitt

      1. Oh let’s not forget about the man told to go into the whore house to get HIS WIFE… God never told him to divorce her he told him to go get her and take her HOME!

      2. I love you Kesha, your sister from Jamaica 🇯🇲.

        I cant post normally I get an error, BUT ima get me a pole too Gods willing for my hubby and I,loool KEEP MINISTERING ,YOU TRANSFERRED your anointing on me and i send these devotions out every morning to a group of females and church groups and sometimes male group after editing,’male ,female etc, AND PEOPLE ARE BLESSED BEYOND TEARS CHRISTIAN AND NONE CHRISTIANS,you are me, what i mean is, i am called to “tell all” not easy but GODS will BE DONE, I love you Kesha xoxox BE ENCOURAGED STAY THE COURSE!!

      3. A big hello from Brazil 💚💛💙 to my beautiful sisters in Christ!
        Kesha, I love reading your Devotionals and they have blessed me in so many ways that no words can describe. Keep on doing what the Lord has placed in your heart and thank you for pouring so much love, encouragement and faith upon our lives and hearts. We love you!💜

    2. Amen and amen! She said it wonderfully but just so you know in my own voice, I’ll say it too…You are the right woman for the job! I can’t remember how I found these Devotionals but they been so on target for me…and it’s like my twice a day vitamin …lol. I read in the mornings…almost always this is the first thing I think about for my day, “what’s the Lord going to share through Kesha today?” Then at night when I lay my head on the pillow I reread it! Keep on keeping on Kesha…we will too…we’re running this race together! Here’s a real hug! Jenn

  2. Beautiful story! I am elated for your ministry, and I can’t wait for God to take you to greater heights!
    Continue being beautiful and blessing us with these Devotionals! Such an anointing!
    Love you!♥️♥️♥️♥️

  3. You are a blessing to me ❤️ I thank you for Being obedience to your calling it’s been a blessing 🤗to God be all the glory 🙌🙌

  4. I’ve been reading your Devotionals for about 6 years now.
    Went I was going through some trying times in my life a friend from work use to pray with me and she encourage me to download this app. I did and oh how it helped me!
    I have encouraged my daughter to download the app and she has. She finds it to help her a lot as she/ we continue to fight the battle of cancer with her son/ my grandson. He has been battling since the age 5.. he is 9. I know with much prayer and our faith he will be healing!!
    So I thank you for your love, your faithfulness, your time and thank you for sharing your story ❤️

  5. Hey Kesha nice to meet you😊😊😊. I love your devotionals and find that more often than not, they speak to the exact same situations I am facing or reminding or confirming to me something that God has said. 😘

  6. Thank you for allowing God to use you!!! May God continue to uplift you and bless you and your family 💜 Your devotionals are a truly an encouragement and blessing from God. Stand strong in your faith and know that there are many sisters in Christ who love you and support you. I thank God for you daily 💜

  7. Good Morning Sister Kesha!!
    That is it. I want people to get to know the real me, not the person that they assume to be me because they heard it from someone that doesn’t care for me and that person doesn’t know why they don’t care for me. The enemy is busy, but our God is Greater and Busier!! It’s bad when our sisters and brothers talk about or try to steal, kill, and destroy us with their words because of how the enemy have them to see us. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. I know we don’t always get things right, but please examine ourselves daily. We’re representing Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

    Take good care and God bless 🙏❤🙌🙌

  8. Good Morning Sister Kesha!!
    That is it. I want people to get to know the real me, not the person that they assume to be me because they heard it from someone that doesn’t care for me and that person doesn’t know why they don’t care for me. The enemy is busy, but our God is Greater and Busier!! It’s bad when our sisters and brothers talk about or try to steal, kill, and destroy us with their words because of how the enemy have them to see us. We wrestle not against flesh and blood. I know we don’t always get things right, but please examine ourselves daily. We’re representing Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.


  9. Continue to do what God has ornained you to do! You are blessed and beautiful. Know that only His approval is what you need. We want to know your story also because we are all flawed and want to relate. We all struggle in our path and far from perfect! It is refreshing to read I am not alone in my struggles and in my path! May God continue to bless you and minister through you! We love you!

  10. Good morning Woman of God.I am so blessed and honored to know you.And each day I feel that I get to know you in even a better way.My daughter in love introduced me to Daughters Of the Kings in December of 2015.After I was diagnosed with breast cancer I decided to pull me a team of daily encouragement and support.I asked everyone to bring a specific form of encouragement.And my daughter in love connected me to you daily devotions.Everyday God ANOINTED you to speak to me personally to keep me encouraged and focused on God.I was diagnosed with breast cancer on December5,2015.I had surgery Jan 13 and diagnosed cancer free Jan.26.13 days later and has been fine everysince.I just know in my heart it was the results of me following the daily devotions that played a major part in my healing.Jesus Blood took care of the cancer.And the daily devotions was the tool earth wise that God used as the merry heart that worked like the good medicine that He speaks about in his word!!!!!! I have been committed to your ministry every since.And only God knows how many men and ladies I turned on to the devotions.Every now and then I will send them to my sons based on what they are going through.I since in my spirit that you need encouraging.And I just want to let you know that you are truly a blessing to the body of Christ.And don’t go changing trying to please anybody.BECAUSE GOD LOVES YOU JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.ALL THAT IS WITH IN YOU GOD CREATED JUST THE WAY YOU ARE.TO DO JUST WHAT HE HAS CALLED YOU TO DO.I LOVE YOU MY SISTER.BR BLESSED TODAY AND EVERYDAY!!!!!!

  11. You have a beautiful heart for God; and I want to thank you for being obedient . You have touch my life through God in so many way. Don’t ever stop doing DOK it is absolutely your call to write what God has layed on your heart . I am truly blessed to be able to read your beautiful words every morning . Thank you for sharing your heart with me and so many others. May God continue to bless you and your family . I would love to meet you one day and share God together . Your writing has been such a inspiration to me and so many others. Thank you again for sharing the love of God !

  12. Stay the course and k ow that you are truly an encouragement. I am blessed each morning when I read my DOK devetionsal
    Thank you for empowering me..
    May God continue to Richly bless you

  13. I think you are amazing God works with each and everyone of us differently and I know that the heat you get from you posting what other girls woman don’t like or want to hear is there own judgmental problem. It’s lack of maturity the only difference is that your real and not ashamed to share who you are continue to be obidient and you are the right Girl for the Job

  14. 🌾 “wow. You are an a Amazing women Mrs.Trippett. God has done a beautiful beautiful thing in your life and I’m so glad he’s brought you to me because they have reach out to me and they have inspired me so much and there are some that have really spoken to me from God through you. I thank you for all of them🌾

  15. Good Morning..
    Daughter of the King, Sis Kesha🌹
    The comments say it all.
    I think it was 2015 that I found DOTK and have not missed a word from God, unless I was out of God’s will but I would repent and then read what God had to say about my actions with correction and encouragement, that came from your obedience to share God’s daily word to His Daughters 🌹 My heart was 💔 to hear that there were negative words towards you but to me they were also towards God. I hope that isn’t judgemental because I don’t mean to be! I just do not like the hate, when all you show is Love

    God chose you because “YOU ARE THE RIGHT ONE FOR THE JOB”. God Chose You!

    Love Sis Paige❣️

  16. 6 KIDS!!! and you do all that you do!? Wow! I used to pray for you and your ministry and for God’s continued fresh Holy Spirit anointing on you as you deliver a timely and fresh message each day BUT now that I know you have 6 kids too, I will definitely be praying your strength, peace and wisdom as a mom…. (mom of 4 here)… thank you for sharing a bit about you. I definitely learned some new things.

    Lord please bless our sister Kesha each day. Thank you for giving her the most awesomest gift of being called mom to 6 lives. Even in the tomes where it doesn’t feel very awesome, we know that it is a gift, privilege and honor. As she wakes each day prepare her mind and her spirit for the day. Make her arms strong for their tasks. May she prioritize all the things appropriately so no relationship lacks. May her home be a hone a great peace, live and joy. May your hand be on each child. May their differences be embraced and understood and may they all come and live together in unity as they each add a special and unique presence to the family. Help them all to feel loved, seen and accepted. May Kesha’s relationship with each child be fostered and may they each respect, obey and honor her and their dad, In Jesus name amen.

    1. Thank you for the awesome unique prayer for our Sister! I touch and agree with you! May you be blessed as well in all your endeavors. 🙏🏽

  17. Keep up the good work! What you write blesses me every day!
    You have a special gift from God!
    In Christ’s Love,

  18. I love you Sister. Thank you goer yielding to our God. Through your writing God has spoken life , direction, assurance , peace, joy,and most of all His love for me when I needed it the most. Keep on loving Sister.

  19. Oh goodness! You are so amazing! God has blessed you and delivered you. Your testimony is awesome!! You inspire me and many others. You opened up my eyes with your devotions. You are so appreciated. May the love of God enfold you, his power protect you and his presence be with you and your loved ones. Keep up the good work sister! Love always!!💖💝💖

  20. Thank you Kesha for such an amazing ministry.. I have been too blessed by the devotionals and been reading them for the past 3 years daily. Be blessed and you are indeed the right woman for the job🙏❤️.

    Love from South Africa

  21. I thank you for being so open and transparent. I have read this daily for years now. Your devotionals have got me through on days I didn’t think God heard me.. I now share your devotional daily with my woman’s church chat group. It’s not only touching me, it reaching them too! Thank you for being obedient❤️

  22. Thank you so very, very much for your obedience to God! I am praying for you that God will continue to bless you and your family, protect and strengthen you. Your vulnerability is truly a blessing to others. Be encouraged!

  23. Songs?! If you have hundreds of thousands of blog readers then your platform is equal to many professional musicians except better – you own this platform and unlike Twitter etc you are competing with nobody on your platform which you own. Anyways I love music. I pray you can chill and take a break if needed. 190 comments on a recent post is a lot to deal with. But that’s my perspective I’m a totally different person with mental health issues etc. Anyways thank u for your blog and posts. Maybe the drama calm down back to normal soon. Or maybe it’s not a bad thing sorry if I’m being negative.

  24. This reminds me I think jack Canfield in his book the success principles has chapter on an independent Christian songwriter who makes a living touring Churches and selling CDs. Started from nothing. And has more creative freedom and keeps all profits UNlike being signed. Stay independent. Rapper young M.A is independent. Most artists who Say they are independent are Not since the label is a subsidiarity of a major or a vanity label for a celeb/company. The music industry is deeply evil. Beware.

  25. You’re so beautiful. Thank you for this daily devotional that has blessed my life for years. For so long we have been in sync. Most times, the word God has ministered in my heart is what i find when i open your daily devotional. I bless you Lord for this beautiful soul and platform you have used to touch numerous lives Amen. I pray that everyone of us reading this devotional will have our prayers answered as we cast our cares and burdens into you Lord

  26. Thank you for the amazing woman you are! For your obedience in sharing the Word with us in your Daily Devotionals. I have recieved so many answers and direction through your devotionals. It has been life changing at times for me.

  27. It’s great to meet you on a personal level. It takes courage to give a testimony for some in fear of judgement. But here we’re able to open and be transparent because the love you’ve shown points to the Love of Christ. Thanks for being obedient to the Spirit of God. These Devotionals has helped in shaping my life. We needed you!🙏🏽💕🎁🌺

  28. Hey Kesha! Great to meet you. This ministry had breen a tremendous blessing and help over the years – Timely devotionals have anchored me in several seasons. May the Lord continually refresh you. Blessings to you and your family…Thank you with all my heart 💛😊🙏🏽

  29. Sis. & Minister Kesha
    I thank God for my husband & you!
    My husband told me about Daughters of the King Devotional….. about 7 years ago, & I have been reading them every since…
    I love you spreading the Good News!
    It has helped me grow & share God’s Word even more!
    You are A Beautiful Blessing & Minister, continue to be God’s vessel!
    May God 🙏 keep you & your family & may His face continue to shine on you bless you!
    People who love God💜, love God’s people! Thank you Jesus 🙌 Hallelujah
    Love you 💖

  30. Thank you my beautiful sister sister for allowing God to Minister to your heart to reach women across this Global I’ve been reading your devotions from daughter of the king’s ministry every since 2014 And I continue to lift you up in love you and God continue to bless your ministry💞🙏🏽🌷⚘🌷

  31. You are a Blessing to my Life I embarked or shall I say I came across your Ministry Back in 2019 at a time when I was searching for wisdom Someone along with God and when I read your Devotion that particular day it grab me you spoke right to my my situation how I knew it was God speaking through you to me and still do to this Day God is using you for me .. I Truely Bless you Woman of God and your Family for allowing you to take this time to Minister to US all over the world
    .. and woman are being Blessed I know I am… thank you… Now when is the CD coming so I can add to my daily Devotionals 🙂💖

  32. Thank you for sharing about you! God is good, and I love your heart and passion for Him and for wanting others to have that same passion! God bless you!

  33. Thank you for all that you do! For the past 10 yrs I’ve been reading your devotionals every morning before I start my day! You’ve helped me in so many ways and I appreciate you😊

  34. Good Morning and God bless you. First, I would like to thank you Keisha for yoyr awesome devotions that touch and speal to so many. Thank you for your love for God and for being obedient and through technology, mininstering to the multitudes. I first started reading your devotions about 3 years ago and faithfully start my day reading your devotions and sharing them with about 30 people daily. I greatly appreciate your style of writing that truly speaks and relates to me. And as many have stated please don’t stop what you’re doing. We all have gifts and talents and people are in need of what you have to offer. So keep being a blessing and keep being original. God don’t make copycats, He’s unique in all He does and so are you. Keep creating as the anointing leads you. God bless you and keep you. Thanks again.

  35. Good morning my dear sister Keisha . You are truly, ” a woman after God’s own heart .” I thank God for you daily as I read your devotionals. I have often said to my 3 daughters that you are my guardian angel : because, whenever I’m going through something, God speaks to me through your devoes. You are a true blessing to so many . Your honesty , fun-loving spirit , and love for God is so refreshing . I read some of your devotionals ( 6 kids later) and see the line dance video you asked your sister to make and I’m like, ” that’s my sister, Keisha !) You are such a blessing to me. I live in Houston and regretted missing your tour visit this year , but I know that some day , Our Father will allow our paths to cross and I can’t wait to give you the BIGGEST hug . 🤗 All my love and prayers to yiu and your family. God bless

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