Get Wisdom at Any Cost

Proverbs 4:5 (NIV) “Get wisdom, get understanding; do not forget my words or turn away from them”

Every morning on the way to drop off my children at school, we have what we call “devo-time” in the car. That is a time where my daughter reads her devotional and my son reads his, we pray and we sing a worship song to the Lord (I have a long ride). Today’s portion of scripture on my son’s devotional was Proverbs 4:1-27. It spoke about wisdom and the importance of pursuing it and keeping it. I’ve read that portion several times before, but for some reason today it seemed as if the words were bulging out at me. It was as if the Lord was right before me telling me, “SEEK WISDOM MY DAUGHTER”.

I admit it was a pretty amazing feeling! You see, most of the problems we encounter on our day to day life are because we lack wisdom. We get into situations before even consulting God, but when we reach dead ends we blame Him. We get into relationships without His approval, but when our partner begins to act up we get angry and wonder why we always attract the same type of guys/girls. We live beyond our means and over spend our money but when we don’t have enough to pay the rent at the end of the month; we wonder who the Lord’s provision belongs to.

If we can be completely honest this morning, we tend to generate our own problems sometimes. But the Lord is telling us this morning “You cannot complain about things you permit.” Ouch….that stung! But it’s the truth. The word of God is clear on what the outcome is when we pursue wisdom. Wisdom prolongs your life, it brings peace and prosperity. It helps you win favor and makes your paths straight. It brings health to your body and fills you with overflowing peace and joy. Wisdom is more profitable than
silver and gold. It keeps you safe and blesses those around you. It also keeps your foot from being snared and helps you to inherit honor.

I don’t know about you, but gaining God’s wisdom sounds to me like the best way to live. Let’s quit making decisions based on our emotions, impulses and limited intelligence. Let’s seek God and His guiding wisdom in order to live a life that is full of His greatness.

Pray with me: Father, this morning I pray for wisdom. I pray that You help me to no longer act out of my flesh, but instead out of Your Spirit. I am tired of seeing the same mountains in front of me. I need a different scenario Lord. Thank You for Your word, because it is alive and well. Help me heed to Your understanding so that all of my ways can become prosperous. Thank You Lord, because change begins today. Amen!

Penned by Evelyn Suarez

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23 thoughts on “Get Wisdom at Any Cost”

  1. Dear Sister and Daughter of our Great God, i thank you for being a vessel of his glory this morning to bless and exhort my life. Every word was for me, thankyou for being Gods messenger to me today. Be blessed.

    Daniela Reynaud

    1. Thank for Father God for speaking to me and I receive it in the name of the Father son and holy spirit Amen!

  2. Wow! I sure needed to hear these words this morning.,
    I to go straight to my emotions first thing, not thinking breathe just breathe. After all we are women , Right!
    I know now to pray for his wisdom before I even get out of bed. Now wisdom, and full armour. Got it.
    Thank you for sharing this
    Passage. Have a blessed day.

  3. Good morning beautiful blessed daughters of the king
    This post is definitely of God ! My daughterr just sent me a text about a dream she had concerning me. New house but old ways ! Ouch yes ! I am going to be transparent. This season were God is taking me i must leave my old ways behind , as i deal with diabetes ache and pains i have forgotten who my healer is and depend on the man made medicines to give me temporarily relief wheni know my God can release me from the temporarily problem that i will no longer claim ! WISDOM IS A FORM OF DELIVERANCE OVER OUR TEMPORARILY CIRCUMSTANCE. Thank you for the conformation to my daughters dream GODS BLESSING FOR THIS MINISTRY

    1. Thanks. I have prayed for healing in my legs. For wisdom. But I guess this is where God wants me. But so frustrating at times but God is in control.but I trust him to give me the wisdom I need

  4. This is so true. I was in a relationship for 11yrs and not married. When I first entered in a voice told me not to but I was not hearing it this man loved me. We started having problems, I remembered asking why am I going through this. Again the voice said, what are you upset about he is not your husband. Wow that hit me like a rock. I wasn’t saved but I prayed earnestly and honestly asking God to removed me from the relationship and He heard my cry. He put me in a house. I had the house for two months before I moved out from this man. One morning we were arguing and again a voice said didn’t I give you a home. Stop arguing and go home. Wow this time it was a brick that hit me. We bring problems on ourselves because of the flesh, seeking to be completed by man at any cost. Well it’s been 5yrs in my new home and I am a new creature in Christ for the past four years. I love what God is teaching me, starting with Proverbs 3:1-8 Wisdom. Thank you all for the encouragement. It helps me to stay in God’s word.

  5. Amen i received this message and good morning and i praise the Lord for you wonderful ladies God will continue to bless you all in Jesus Name Amen Grace and peace WOG and Shalom💃💕💎😄🌹

  6. Without wisdom, we shake our own boat and sometimes sink it then we want to blame God. Wisdom is what Solomon had but lost because of disobedience. ( too many wives and heathen too). Proverbs says ‘a wise man will hear and increase learning, a man of understanding will get wise counsel, will also understand the word. But the most important part is: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. This fear means respect and honour. If we really honour God we will want to know Him better. How? Through wisdom. Just read chapter 2 slowly and with an attitude of wanting to understand because this tells you how to go to work to get it and what it entails. It is a lifelong process but will help you when you’re not sure what to do. Many people have knowledge of the word but lack wisdom which in turn makes their lives very difficult. Yes get wisdom which Proverbs is all about and receive favour from God and man when you apply it. God bless you in your search to please Him. Shalom

  7. Lord I thank you for this word and I pray that you would impart unto me wisdom knowledge and understanding in Jesus name amen.

  8. Amen Thank you Father God I have received your words and to my heart and the wisdom that I need guide me oh Lord Please and the precious way to go oh yes sweet wisdom of God Amen again

  9. Thank you for blessing me with what I NEEDED to hear, not just what I WANT to hear. I am in a season of my life where my budget needs tremendous help. I have been in the habit of compulsive spending, and just need to STOP IT. Thank you and bless you for being the Vessel and Sister that my Daddy uses to get my attention.

  10. Thank you Lord my God for your wisdom to move forward on my journey to serve you. Lord go before me and enlarge my territory for your honor and your glory. Amen.

  11. Praise the Lord the daughter of a king I think my sister in Christ for the of God get wisdom at any cost yes I am guilty of making decisions on my emotions and my impulse and sometimes we go through circumstances situation we blame God I think God for the word for today it was just for me not to do nothing without him seek him first

  12. I thank God for every prayer, I pray today for wisdom in every area in my life, I’m having a problem dealing with my daughter and I’m seeking wisdom today in not Arging with her just pray for her and that being the bigger person. God I thank you for the word this morning amen


  14. Praise the Lord i believe in this prayer and word on today. Thank you Jesus I rather live by your spirit not my will. In Jesus Name Amen.

  15. Hallelujah! It is my prayer daily for wisdom for myself and my daughters/family. I read a proverb daily, it is the ultimate book of wisdom!

  16. Thank you LORD JESUS for your word today! 📖 🙆🙏🙏🙏👏👏💃💃💃Wisdom Builds!💯🎁🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉DOTK 👑👑👑💝💝💝

  17. God is a wonder, he is ever and always the with me. He is my dwelling and because of that angels are watching over me to guard all my ways. This word he spoke through you will not return back void, but it will accomplish in Jesus name…Praise God! Thank You!

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