Go Through the Open Door

“I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name.” Revelation 3:8

“For all the promises of God in Him are Yes, and in Him Amen, to the glory of God through us.” 2 Corinthians 1:20

There is nothing too hard for your God. What He has approved, no one can disapprove. What He has ordained for you to walk in, no one can deny you of it. No one can turn God’s “yes” into a “no”! When the Lord decrees a blessing over your life, all of heaven knows it, and all of heaven expects you to align your faith with it, go after it, and lay hold of it. Angels have gone before you and have prospered your way. This is why you can’t sit at any closed door feeling down, discouraged, and defeated. It doesn’t matter what others have said or done. It doesn’t matter the mistakes you made. My sister, what God has spoken over your life, what He has whispered in your ear, and what He has shown you in His Word, that’s what will be! Everything God has for you is yours. Everything. Go through every open door. As a matter of fact, my sister, run through it! Lay hold of God’s precious promises!

Declare this out loud from your heart: “What my Father God has approved, no one can disapprove. What He has ordained for me to walk in, no one can deny me of it. No one can turn His “yes” into a “no”! My Father has decreed a blessing over my life, and all of heaven knows it. I align my faith with it right now. I go after it and lay hold of it. God’s angelic army has already gone before me and made my way prosperous. I choose not to sit at any closed doors feeling down, discouraged, and defeated. What my Father has spoken over my life, whispered in my ear, and shown me in His Word, that’s what will be! He is strengthening me now and helping me rise up. He is helping me run through every open door and lay hold of His precious promises. In Jesus’ name!”

22 thoughts on “Go Through the Open Door”

  1. Praise be to God thank you my sister for this word of affirmation God Blessing continue to be in you and your family, Amen

  2. Praise the lord ! He has opened doors for me that no man can close, hallelujah to the lamb if God he paved my way that the king that I might be saved and receive all of my blessings with everlasting life !! I did not go to the cemetery yesterday because God spoke unto my spirit and through the spirit of our family minister that I should stop going daily because it was tearing me down so bad ,I was setting st a closed door !! Praise the lord God wanted me to come to the doors he opened for me ,,!! Hallelujah !! Thank you for the word my dear sister !!

  3. Hallelujah glory to God in the name of Jesus Father God I take hold of your precious words as you whistle in my ear continue to help me and my life I Fully trust your will be done and my life and in my walk with you Thank you Father God For your encouragment message do this beautiful ministry Out loud I say in the name of Jesus Father God you do your will and allowed it to be done The way that you promise Trusting you and your word is you continue to guide me Father God in the name of Jesus the name of Jesus Christ Amen 🙏🏽❤The Love of God all around me Thank you Sis Kesha For allowing God to use you in your ministry to reach others My Sis Kesha God is working it all out For his believers God words and Trusted live forever 🙏🏽

  4. Amen. I accept it and know God will bless my meeting today. The king has a plan for me. Thank you Jesus. Amen.

  5. Amen. Every day God opened my eyes so I may see his promises fulfilled. Sweet Jesus thank you.

  6. Glory hallelujah yes in Jesus name I will walk through every open door that he has open for me because no man can close it what God has for me is for me.
    Thank you my sister for being that you yielding vessel God has chosen to you God bless you

  7. Father God truly I give You thanks and praise, honor and glory, simply because You DESERVE it ALL! Lord, there is no God like You and I decree and declare that You are MY God and I align myself with ALL of Your promises in Christ Jesus that have all been answered in the affirmative!

    Father, I BELIEVE and RECEIVE all of Your promises in Christ Jesus and I await with great expectation the MANIFESTATION of them ALL! Please Father, keep me bullseye focused on You and Your desires for my life. I want to please You in every way. Help me to always do that which is right and pleasing in Your sight, to love mercy and to walk humbly with You, my God! I bless You and praise You for my sister, Keisha, her family and her ministry. Continue to pour into her so that she can pour into us and also, continue to increase her in the OVERFLOW in every sphere of her life and ministry! This is my prayer today, in Jesus’ mighty name, amen!

  8. Yes, the Lord’s promises are yes and Amen. I believe and receive this post. I will walk through every door as I trust and hold His word close to my heart. For the Glory of the Lord.

    Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙏❤🙏❤🙏🙌

  9. Lord I thank you for the word and the blessing that you shared with me today , from this day forward I will be walking in authority that you gave me that I know you will be with me all the days of my life and give me the strength to carry-on in Jesus Name I Pray Amen Your Daughter

  10. Glory glory glory!!! Over the past few day these devotions have truly been ministering to me. It’s like GOD is speaking directly to me!!! Int GOD good!!! Thank you Father for confirming your word!!! Your promises in my life are definitely YES and no man can stand in the way of them! I am blessed, highly favored, deeply loved, focused, upgraded and on fire!!! 🙌💪💯🙏✝

  11. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD,” I Receive YOUR WORD i DECREE and DECLARE and come inagreement in JESUS Name AMEN ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  12. My sister you bless me sooo much everyday. God has been using you so powerfully!!!

    Your words connect and resonate with every situation that I encounter. I know that God is with you and that He is speaking to you. It wasn’t by chance that I downloaded your app years ago. I can’t sufficiently put into words the impact that your ministry has had on my life but please know that you bless me every day.

    I declare a blessing upon you and your family. I love you my sister. God bless you.

  13. Amen and Amen ❤️ GOD you are
    Soooo good
    And I thank you with All of my heart and soul 🙏🏼🙏🏼🙏🏼

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