Goodness and Mercy

“Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever.” Psalms 23:6

Two people knocked on the door of her home. Staring at them through the crack of the door, she asked, “Yes, can I help you?” They said, “We have been assigned to follow you everyday for the rest of your life.” She laughed, “You want to do what!?” They said, “Our names are Goodness and Mercy and your Father in heaven has sent us here to follow you wherever you go.” She was cautious. Life had taught her some hard lessons about trusting others. As she stood there, she could see Corruption and Dismay lurking behind the trees, with a sneaky grin on their faces. She was all too familiar with them and had just kicked them out of her house. However, they knew if she didn’t receive God’s Goodness and Mercy into her home, they would find their way eventually back into her life.

As she stood there, she whispered to herself, “If anyone is going to follow me, it won’t be Corruption and Dismay. It won’t be what I’ve always experienced in my past.” She then opened the door—as wide as she could open, and Goodness and Mercy came into her home and closed the door behind them.

Whenever she stumbled, Mercy was there to pick her up and dress her wounds. Mercy helped remind her of the Father’s love regardless of her many mistakes. Whenever she faced a trial, Goodness was there to help her gather all the treasures that came from it. Goodness was always excited about the Father’s expected end for her.

Through the years, their friendship grew. They followed her through every moment in her life, every joyous victory and every heart-wrenching tragedy. They were there and never left her side. And when her time had come to take her last breath, Goodness and Mercy escorted her to her heavenly home where she would live for eternity with these two heavenly servants and her heavenly Father.

Prayer: Father God, yes, I receive your Goodness and Mercy in the home of my heart. I open the door as wide as I can to you. Heal every wound and cause me to gather all the treasure after every trial I face. Until I take my last breath, be with me and be glorified in my life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

19 thoughts on “Goodness and Mercy”

  1. Lord I am here with the heart of my heart, mind, and soul open and I thank you for loving me so. Bless the vessel carrying your word with your mighty righteous hand and her entire family.

  2. 🌾 I remember reading😃 this book with these names in it. Goodness and Mery corruption and dismay. The name of this book is called. Deer On Hines Feet. If any of you have not read it get the book, it’s a good book to read. Yes goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life and I receive it in Jesus name. Amen.🌾

  3. Amen. Thank you sister Keisha for being a obedient servant I really needed those words this morning thank you again and may God bless you and your family.

  4. Thank you Father for my Every Request that I pray to you That you be before me in all that I do … and that Grace and Mecrey SHALL follow me me ALL the Days of my Life as I Live til eternity … I Recive the Message In Jesus Name..Blessings to Keisha

  5. Amen… thanks 4 this reminder of the importance of His love, grace and mercy.

    This will always be a classic..


  6. Glory to God! I have been experiencing goodness and mercy these past few months from my Lord Jesus Christ. Through all the trials and tribulations goodness and mercy has been right there too Rescue Me support me and uplift me. Glory to God God is good all the time. Peace and blessings

  7. DEAR LORD, THANK YOU for Your Goodness and Mercy and may I forever be aware that they are following me all the days of my Life❣️

  8. Thank you so much for Turin hearts word from the Lord this day
    It was for me
    I can’t stop crying it is so true I can’t trust anyone
    And this does hinder my walk with the Lord thank you for sharing
    Amen lots of love your way

  9. Amen!! Thank you Kesha for your “comeback”. Every day your message is on point!! Thank you for your support of all us women . I cried so hard when you ” left” and today i ammm sooo grateful for your life and this ministry..crying as i write this. Thank you for your love.Kesha.

    Abba Thank you for Keshas life- please put a hedge of protection around her and her family always. Please bless this ministry and keep it safe in your care always. Thank you father. Amen.

  10. Praise the lord for sending goodness and mercy into my heart ! My grief has caused so much pain ! But goodness and mercy never left my side !! Grief is a process like childbirth and I know our father in heaven has a reward waiting for me as he heal me one day at a time!! Thank you sister for the word !

  11. This spoke to me so much, I find it hard to let good things in or trust at all because of the past and I prayed and accepted that God is with me in good and the hard times. Thank you God. Help me to trust you like never before 🙏❤

  12. Oh heavenly Father, thank you precious Lord. From the moment I wake to the time I lay my head, I will sing of the goodness of God. Your goodness is running after, is running after me. Oh your go goodness and mercy is running after me. Glory be to your matchless Name.

  13. Thank you sister Kesha! This was enjoyable 😁 Very encouraging. I say YES to GOD’s GOODNESS and MERCY entering the home of my heart! I trust GOD to open heaven and pour out an abundance of His blessings. I won’t have enough room to contain it 💯 I believe that GOD’s grace is enough for me in every trying situation. Shalom 🙏

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