He is celebrating YOU!

“And there came a voice from heaven, saying, Thou art my beloved Son, in whom I am well pleased.” Mark 1:11

Although you still have far to go, I want you to pause for a moment and see how far God has brought you. See how strong He’s made you. See how much your faith has grown in this year alone. You have come a long way my sister, and if I could give you a fist bump I would! You may not be where you want to be, but thank God you are not where you used to be. Rejoice over your progress so far. In your pursuit to be a better person, make sure you pause every now and then and thank God for how far He’s brought you.

A good parent celebrates every amount of progress their daughter makes. They take pictures of her first tooth, her first step, her first day at school, her first date, her first day of college. They are always celebrating her life and progress. God is no different. He is always celebrating YOU!

Think about that for a minute. Almighty God, the creator of heaven and earth, is always celebrating YOU! He is telling the angels in heaven, “Look at My daughter! Have you noticed how much she has grown? Look at her moving forward despite all of the pain she’s experienced. Look at her digging into My word to find out what I think about her. Look at My baby girl growing and learning how to trust Me. I am so pleased with her.”

God is so pleased with your progress. He is celebrating YOU. So you should too.

Prayer: Father, I thank you for speaking to my heart. I receive your love. Thank you for helping me pause and consider how far I’ve come. Thank you that I’m not the same person I used to be. You have saved me, delivered me from many things, and helped me become stronger and wiser. Thank you Lord for the progress you’re helping me to make everyday. I give you all of the glory, and I pray that you will continue to help me move forward in you. Love, your daughter.

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17 thoughts on “He is celebrating YOU!”

  1. I am trying to do the next right thing everyday to grow closer to my father above. Even though I struggle those struggles is what makes me who I am today. Only by God’s grace and mercy and knowing my Father in heaven is always with me.

  2. Oooh,this is good! Despite present circumstances this is good! I thank God for His goodness and I thank you Sis. for allowing Him to use you!

  3. I come this far by faith, ive been knock dwn but not out, been broken despised but im in this race running to the finish line ,

  4. Thank you Holy Spirit for keeping me covered in the name of Jesus continue to teach me your will and your way Lord in this season head God in the name of Jesus the process I’m receiving today in the name of Jesus you get all the praise and I believe in your word in the name of Jesus God continue to keep me continue to teach me your way in your love in the name of Jesus allow me to be a shine of God’s glory in the name of Jesus thank you for my sister Kesha and her Ministry and continue to be a blessing to the readers in the name of Jesus❤🌷❤🌷❤ growing and moving forward in the name of Jesus

  5. How absolutely beautiful! I’m grateful & I appreciate your gift and your time my Kingdom Sister! God bless you!


  6. Father God, thank You for celebrating me and not just me but also for every amazing woman in this ministry and those who will read Your message through this ministry. In Jesus Christ name I pray, amen.

  7. I will Hank You Lord, I know I am a work in progress but You see me progressing every day. I am happy You are well please with my progress. I love you, and I adore You, I am thankful for the love You give me, and knowing that I love You as well ❤️🙏🏽❤️🙌🏽 I am not where I want to be, but I thank You God, I am not where I use to be. That shows progress. THANK YOU GOD🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️ AMEN and AMEN 🙌🏽

    1. Thank you, Father, for celebrating me. You’re an amazing Father 👨 to take your precious time to celebrate a wretch like me. Hallowed be Thine name! Lord, I adore you, worship you, and exalt Your name.

  8. 💖💖💖👑😘

    Thank you Father ! It still amazes me how precious my life is to you 😌 God I thank you soooo much for taking me up when my earthly father forsaked me. I am greatful greatful that my heavenly Father celebrates ME ! 😃

  9. Amen! and thank You Almighty God for saving this sinner with more love & blessings than she ever imagined. I am eternally grateful & pray I will always be worthy of Your love 💖🙏🕊️😊

  10. This devotion has his the spot for me, it is speaking straight to my heart. When I stop and reflect and look back where God has brought me from it brings joy to my soul. This year I felt like giving up I was battered bruised and weak, but if it wasn’t for God on my side using this ministry and others praying for me I would not be here now stating Gods goodness in my life. I thank God I’m not the same person I use to be, I’m stronger and wiser and I put all my trust in my Father. Thank you Lord for not giving up on me♥️♥️🙏🏽

  11. This is so beautiful it brought tears to my eyes and understanding thank u Lord I give u all the honor and glory and thank u for my sister Francine Trevino we love u Lord thank u from Sandra Ortiz ponce

  12. Thank you so much God, for the growth I feel you spiritually, mentally, physically, all in my soul felt the holy ghost thank you again glory be to God, gotu baby steps of VICTORY!!! Amen 🙌

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