He will abundantly provide for His vision.

“And My God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:19, NKJV.

When I needed God to provide, I would often say, “God, I need you to provide a home, I need money to pay the bills, etc.” I would go down my list asking for everything I thought I needed until the Lord showed me a new perspective. One day He asked, “Are you looking for My provision or are you seeking the vision I have set before you?” I then looked up the word provision and discovered it’s meaning to be quite interesting. Provision is defined as something done in advance to prepare for something else. The prefix pro- means “in favor of”, and -vision is “the act or power of anticipating that which will come to be; the state of being able to see.”

God in His faithfulness will always provide for you as He does for the birds and the lilies of the field. He will supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus. God will give you vision, and He will provide for it to come to pass. When you go to God in prayer, rather than asking for materialistic things, ask Him to give you clear vision. Ask Him to help you see what He wants you to see. He will abundantly provide for His vision for your life.

Prayer: Father, I love you. Today You have enlightened me by Your truth. I need Your vision, not my own. Please help me to see what You want me to see. I want to stand firm for all that You are and choose for me to be in You. I thank You for Your vision in advance, and I trust you to provide. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Mathew 6:28; Psalms 81:10; Psalm 84:11; Romans 8:32)

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29 thoughts on “He will abundantly provide for His vision.”

  1. Lord, help me to focus my prayers and my conversations on your will for my children’s lives instead of what I think they need. Guide them to seek your will. Amen.

  2. God, you’ve always provided for me and I know you will continue to do so. Please provide me with a job that I am happy with vs the one I have now. I thank and praise you for your provision, in Jesus’ name Amen.

    1. Lord I put my hand in yours to lead me keep me and provide for me. Thank you Father you know my every need but asking you brings me closer to you. Each day is a gift waiting to be opened.

  3. Thank you father God for always providing for me & my family. Your vision for our life is clear and so I ask Lord, that I see your vision and not my own or any other persons. Thank you for waking me, to see my handsome boys and I pray that they believe in you & be men of God.

  4. Thank you for your wisdom at all times, the word which’s your truth Lord in my life. There’s no day you’ve held back your truth from me. Help me to take a different approach whenever I come to you in need of anything. To see your vision for my life will allow me to see your plans that’s ahead of you and provision. I anticipates great things and wait upon you with thanksgiving. AMEN 🙇

    Thank you DOTK sisters, may the Lord continue to strengthen you in your faith, thanks for your many prayers and always sharing a word of hope. Amen

  5. Hi ladies in Christ

    I downloaded this app yesterday, to start my walk with God again as it was not the same like it use to be. Once I have read the devotion I pass it on my family as we going through a challenge that God gave to us, by me finding out my father cheating and wanting us to move out what our family has built together so that the other lady could move in here with her family, why im telling you this God will never give you something that you cant handle as a daughter my mother always reminded me prayers can move mountains.

    I took on the challenge to get off all social media as I spend to much time on there than rather with God and I challenge myself that this week is the start of building my relationship with God in process seeing his provision for me.

    Please keep our family in your prayers, thank you.

    1. Sharna,
      Hello my sweet sister. Welcome to a beautiful sisterhood of sisters in Christ who will light up your life with inspiration and encouragement, and loving, life-changing support. You have come to the right place, my dear sister! I want to pray for you. My heart was moved deeply by your situation!
      Father, move in my heart like never before! I love You more, because You have given me a heart to love You more and more! My heart belongs to Jesus! Hallelujah!!!
      Jesus, come and sit with my sister and whisper truth unto her ear! Hold her hand in her turmoil! Hold her close when she is afraid! Grab hold of her family and her dad right now!! Hallelujah!!! I shall praise You now for what You are doing I I the background! I have faith that walks on the water now! Watch me step out! I am coming Jesus!My eyes are on You, Jesus! I know if anything happens, You always have this! Your love is sovereign and no one can take it from me! No one can snatch anything from Your hand that You refuse to let go of!! Take hold of the marriage going down the drain, my Lord!! Plunge it back up, and clear the pipes of all the lies!!! The enemy is bound by the Holy, Sovereign, All-Authoritative, All-powerful Name of Jesus now! I speak peace into the marriage that sinks into the dark abyss!! You can not miss when You set a target, my Lord! Aim Your Sovereign Hand of healing and restoration straight at this marriage in danger of going under, my Lord!! It is rising now! It is not drowning anymore, my Lord! You shall see it done, in Your sovereign plan to save this marriage and glorify Your Name in it!! God bless my sister Sharna for her sincere heart and trust in prayer, my Lord! Honor this truth that her mother taught her now, my Lord! Now! Now! Now!! Run after the heart of Sharna’s father now, my Lord! Run hard after the men who run from their callings!!! Call the men of God back out of the wildernessn, my Lord!!! Call them back to us, your daughters of the King!!! You are more than the enemy’s lies in the men’s minds who eat of lies day and night! Your truth shall be the only thing that tastes right!!! We, the women of God, our Mighty Jehovah Shalom, shall march on and believe and know that You are the sovereign holder of our marriages and our futures!!! Spirit of adultery, I bind you in the Name of Jesus!! Hallelujah!! Fade and die! No power here for evil or deceit!! King Jesus’ love is relentless! Jesus reigns! Jesus reigns! Jesus reigns! His blood stains my heart and no one can erase this stain!!! Hallelujah!!! Gonna rock the world with us, King Jesus!!! Hallelujah!!! I REALLY, REALLY, REALLY DO ABSOLUTELY LOVE YOU!!! YOU RESURRECT AND SAVE MY DEADENED MARRIAGE INTO SOMETHING IT NEVER WAS BEFORE! YOU LIGHT A FIRE IN MY HUSBAND’S HEART THAT I BEGIN TO ADMIRE YOU FOR!!! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!! YOU ARE MY LOVE STORY!!! PROTECT AND GUARD SHARNA’S MOTHER HEART! PULL HER IN AND LOVE HER THE WAY YOU DID ME!!! GLORY,GLORY, GLORY!!! I LOVE TO EAT OF YOUR FLESH AND DRINK OF YOUR BLOOD, MY LORD! I LOVE TO DIE WITH YOU DAY AND NIGHT!! IT IS SO HARD IN THE FIGHT!!! BUT GLORY TO GOD, THE END IS RELENTLESSLY OVERWHELMINGLY BEAUTIFUL TO ME!!!! GOD BLESS THE GLORIOUS PROCESS!!! GOD BLESS SHARNA AND HER FAMILY!!! LORD, PROTECT THEM IN YOUR SOVEREIGN HANDS AS ONLY YOU CAN DO!! KEEP THE MARRIAGE AND FAMILY UNIT INTACT! SHALL NO WEAPON FORMED AGAINST THIS MARRIAGE AND FAMILY PROSPER IN THE NAME OF JESUS! I LOVE YOU SO MUCH, LORD!! IN JESUS’ NAME I PRAY. AMEN.

  6. Thank you Heavenly Father God for all of your blessings on me and my family and friends even people I dont know. I love you God, I love you Jesus Christ, I love you Holy Ghost.

  7. Thank you God for always providing for me and my family. Thank you God for showing me the vision I will see very soon. Thank you Jesus in Jesus Name Amen.

  8. Praise God…o Ty!! this came amidst my prayer time early this morning..I had fasted since Friday for things God showed me,told me…even hardest was standing firm on God’s word to me when my well meaning parents offered the gift of a dating service…I then had to kindly let them know that our God they introduced me too had my husband picked out,I already had a dress I didn’t choose but God gave me three years ago & God wouldnt need our help bringing my husband forward!!! Its been hard this word today was what I needed to stand against the battle that was growing in my mind…TY Jesus you are the one who brings us to God’s will & His one true power to finish what he starts

  9. Lord help me see the vision that you have for me remove that things that is not right for me cover me God daily and the blood of Jesus I really need you everyday of my life give me the vision that you want for me, And God help them that don’t see you Lord My God is true and So real I just not understand some people, God I want more of you so give me the vision and the eyes to see God. Vision for God kingdom Amen Thank you God

  10. Thank you through your word for giving me the wisdom to disern what is expected of me from what I expect from you for your honor and your glory. I worship and adore you for you are deserving of my praise.

  11. Thank you Lord for your plans for my life. Thank you for my family and friends. Thank you for the vision you have given to me for I know that you are able to bring it to pass in due time. Lord I pray that you would strengthen Sharna and her family as they go through trying times. Holy Spirit minister healing to their minds and hearts and bring restoration in Jesus name. Amen.

  12. I hope someone gets blessed like I have sisters in Christ keeping looking to Jesus He may not come when you want him but He is always on time so much to be greatful for just when you’re not looking maybe you’re giving up then you see Jesus at work all the tears, pain, prayers, hurt, suffering and trails in life communing with Jesus is not all in vain believe Jesus is love and he cares about you. …..
    We all have a very real goal of becoming like Jesus Christ so that the world will see Him through us. But the task is just as monumental as the ones above, considering our old sinful nature that constantly haunts us. Couple that  with the fact that we have to live in a fallen society which tries its best to ensnare us and the task becomes even more formidable. What shall we then do? First lets look at three provisions that God has given us in Christ. These are divine knowledge, divine power and the divine nature.

    2      Divine Knowledge
    a.     a precise and correct knowledge of things ethical        and divine.
    b.     Not found in the world (Romans 1:18-32.) This is the darkness we all once walked in. *18-22,25
    c.      Only found in God’s Word (2 Timothy 3:16,17) unlike human teaching which is severely flawed.
    3      Divine Power ( Dun’amis ) 
    a.     inherent power residing in a thing by virtue of its nature –               power for performing miracles – moral power and excellence of soul
    b.     same exact  word  found in (Ephesians 1:19)
    c.      Jesus often went to pray alone and receive this power  in
       (Acts 1:8) He promised this power to His disciples including us.
    d.     Power comes from relationship notice David’s words in
    ( Psalm 63:1-3)
    4        Divine Nature (Physis)
    a.     the sum of innate properties by which one person differs from others _ distinctive native personalities. This is the only place this word is used in scripture.
    b.     God’s ultimate purpose is found in (Romans 8:28,29)
    c.      People can recognize when we have been with Jesus
         (Acts 4:1)
    d.     Since we have the nature of Christ we are able to put on His
       5.   Function of the Divine Nature (vs.5-9)
    a.     a carnal nature has spiritual myopia (nearsightedness) vs.9
    b.     a spiritual nature is both effective and productive in his understanding of the Lord Jesus Christ and his application of scriptural application to his daily lif.
       6.  Characteristics of the Function
    a.     “ make every effort” means that it requires   effort for a Christian can muster along with the enabling power of the Holy Spirit
    b.     Faith – separates Christians from the rest of the world
    c.      Goodness – virtue, moral excellency
    d.     Knowledge- Spiritual knowledge comes through the Holy Spirit and is focused on the person and Word of God.
    e.      Self control- means to have ones passions under control
    f.       Perseverance-steadfast endurance under adversity.
    g.     Godliness- man’s obligation of reverence toward God
    h.    Brotherly kindness- fervent, practical caring for others.
    i.      Love- desiring the highest good for others ,the kind of love that God exhibits toward sinners
    7.      Consequences of the Function.
    a.     Christian growth results in spiritual effectiveness and productivity
    b.   One who fails to grow will be ineffective.
    8.      Finality of the Divine Nature.
    a.     Fruit of the Holy Life seals the deal.
    b.   Be diligent, you Will succeed and be blessed.

  13. Father God, I thank You from the bottom of my heart for my vision, which You stir up inside of me. I thank You from the bottom of my heart for the provision to see it through for me!!! You are the Provision, King Jesus!! You are everything and infinitely more than I can dream up in my own finite imagination! Even in my wildest dreams, I am nowhere near Your plans for me! Your plans for me are for good and not for disaster, to give me a future and a hope. These are the days in which I pray and You listen! So as I look for You in earnest, I will find You as I seek You! For You have said it, that You will be found by me! So I find You, my Beloved! I find You waiting, at the table You have prepared for me in the presence of my enemies. You love me so relentlessly! I could never be the woman I desire to be without You, Precious Lover of my soul! You help me let go, and help me move on, and help me get strong! You teach me to love because You love me with a move I have never known. I am so blessed to know now that I am never alone! Oh, Precious Jesus, I am so blessed to be loved by You! I am so blessed to have a friendship with You! I am so blessed to know You intimately! Thank You for all You do for me to make this beautiful experience possible for me! Thank You, Jesus, for this opportunity to be one with the Father, because of Your sacrifice. Thank You so very, very much. Your life is what I want to always strive for. Help me to do that. Help me to always be focused on You first. Help me to always be about You first. Help me to always strive for the mark of Jesus! Help me not to settle for less, Jesus. God bless the LORD, my God Almighty, the Alpha and the Omega, my Sovereign Lord and King, the One and Only Risen King, the Holy One of Israel, King Jesus!!! I love You, Lord! You are an Awesome Savior and Deliverer! I trust Your plan most and foremost. In Jesus’ Name I pray and shout praises! Unto His Namesake, all glory is due! Hallelujah!!! Amen.

  14. Amen. Help me to focus on and see your plan and provisions for my life. Hallelujah You Father have me in the palm of your hands. Glory to God my sisters 💙

  15. Yes indeed❗Thank you for giving your eyes 👑JESUS👑👀💪👀 I cannot see anything with my very own….🚫 But I can see clearly with your vision for this Journey🚶and my Lifmy🙋🙏🙏🙏I LOVE YOU with my whole HEART💕💓💓👐👏

  16. Father help me see your vision and not mine. I praise you for your faithfulness! You placed a burning desire in my heart to be a mother, help me to see your vision for the family that you have promised. Teach us patience and give us the ability to trust you more. If it is your will that we do another round of IVF give us wisdom through the process Mighty God! Thank you for your promises that you have placed in my heart! I give you praise Lord! Amen!

  17. Bless the Lord my sisters of the King.the 16 of February was my Birthday i turn 50 i gave my awesome God the Glory. For being in my life.my birthday he gave me.

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