Healing of paralysis.

God is moving and is blessing us with miracles, signs and wonders, just as He said He would! We received this praise report from Letitia Washington and we rejoice with her and give God all the glory, honor and praise!
“Glory! Glory! Glory! GOD is moving by his spirit throughout the earth (creation/earth and vessel; we his sons and daughters)!

As our Sistah Kesha poured into us, signs, wonders, and miracles for HIS glory and for the good of others!
I received a praise report this morning where the doctors diagnosed my sister’s best friend’s son would not walk again after an MVA, paralyzed from the chest down! He’s moving his arms, legs and toes 🙌🏽. Jehovah Rapha, BUT GOD🕊️doctors are baffled, speechless! Remain humble, thankful, content, prayerful persevering in humble obedience with faith in GOD!”

5 thoughts on “Healing of paralysis.”

  1. I am dealing with Covid. I decided to Google Daughters of the King & the message hit home. Keisha you truly are a Woman of God. This was just for me.

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