It Takes Courage

It takes courage
to tell the truth
to follow your heart
to do something alone
to make yourself vulnerable
to leave a longtime love
to trust again
to speak up
to wait on God’s best
to start something new
to admit your own ignorance
to believe things will change
to give expecting nothing in return
to be yourself

Often we find God saying throughout Scripture, “Be strong and courageous.” “Take heart.” “Take courage.” While negative situations come to deflate and discourage us, God gives us the necessary ingredient to face life’s challenges head on—courage.

Let God give you the courage you need in order to do what you never thought you could do. Let Him give you the courage to succeed past your limitations, to face tomorrow, to enjoy life today, to face your fears, to change your world, to face your inner critic, and to embrace the truth of who you are in Him.

Prayer: Thank You Father. Help me be courageous. You are my strength and my confidence. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit and help me do what I have been so afraid to do. I know You have not given me a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and a sound mind. Help me understand what that means for me. In Jesus Name.

(Read 2 Timothy 1:7)

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11 thoughts on “It Takes Courage”

  1. Awesome Woman of God!!😇 Thanks Thanks for those word of encouragement and that powerful prayer! 🙏
    You and your lovely family have a successful and blessed day!!🙌

    1. Thank you so much for this beautiful moment.. I have been struggling alotbthese days …was thinking about given up….I read this at least once a day and God whispers to me..I am here with you …..I am not ready to take you home….You are doing my work on earth with that soul you have ….I can’t thank you enough for this….Amen

  2. Thank you dear sister for this encouraging word. Please pray for me. Sickness can tend to make us weak. Help me Father to be courageous and strong with confidence and not fear. You are my only hope. I love you Jesus 💜

    1. He has shown the light please keep your head up. I’ve felt the dark and the hate… the will to give up what I have in my life. I look back now and I wasn’t worth hurting or thinking bad.. life is always better knowing your worth so much more…. have a blessed day. In the name of God I prey amen..

  3. I’ve been lost and hurt. But kings of daughters have given me a blessing and made me fell blessed. I thank you..

  4. Thanks father God, help me be courageous and not fear knowing that the Holy Spirit will help me in all step of makeing desicions. that i may have open ears to hear what the spirit is telling me that i be obedient and fear not , cause fear is not of God.

    1. Thank you for today’s devotion. It spoke to my heart in such a real way. So much so that it broke my heart. Please pray. I have to walk away from a long time love. I need courage.

  5. Thank you for delivering this Devotion to us all today. Continue to pray for me and my family and again I say thank you God bless this ministry

  6. Thank you so much for this I have been struggling with the being courageous part there are some things that they’ve asked me to do in church but because my boldness is not where it needs to be I’ve been praying and praying about it and so this year just in Courage me to know that God give us a sound mind and not a spirit of fear but of love so this is going to just help increase my faith and my boldness to do what God would want me to do thank you again

    1. Glory to GOD! I’m smiling because the thing that is in my heart to do is so far from “my” sensible way of going about things, that I need GOD’S kind of courage to step out of the boat and do something totally different at this point in my life. I’ve been praying and asking FATHER GOD to show me and give me the nudge I need to Just Do It! To step out in faith and follow the unctioning in my spirit. My FATHER will never leave nor forsake me and is with me wherever I go! Thank you for being obedient to the voice of the LORD!

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