Jesus has been made unto us wisdom.

“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established” Proverbs 24:3, ESV.

One day in prayer I cried out to God, “Lord, make me wise!” I told Him, “I don’t want to be a foolish woman! I don’t want to be a foolish wife, a foolish mother, a foolish servant. Lord, I want to be wise!” I meant it with everything in me. The Bible says, “Every wise woman builds her house, but a foolish woman tears it down with her own hands” (see Proverbs 14:1). I didn’t want to destroy everything that mattered to me because I didn’t know how to control my emotions, control my tongue, control my thoughts or control myself. I didn’t want to be the one holding the broken pieces of my life because of my own foolishness.

Then God reminded me that Jesus has been made unto us wisdom (see 1 Corinthians 1:30). If that’s true, we are wise through Jesus and we only need to yield to the wisdom of God. He wants to show us His way of doing things, His way of responding, and viewing situations. He is helping us put away all childishness and be the wise women He’s called us to be!

Prayer: Lord, I yield to your wisdom in every area of my life. Help me to be effective and efficient, self-controlled and diligent. Grow me up God. I’m tired of making the same mistakes over and over again. Show me your ways of doing things. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

Challenge: Read a chapter of Proverbs everyday for the next 31 days.

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12 thoughts on “Jesus has been made unto us wisdom.”

  1. My God my God oh God give me wisdom in a knowledge and understanding your way on God to continue to be wise as you give me Your Truth words daily in my life Grow me to continue to me the woman you choose me to oh God I am your daughter and I trust you my God my God in the name of Jesus Amen ❤❤❤❤⚘❤⚘⚘⚘

    1. Peace & Blessings My Dear Sister Catherine💖!!!
      Yesss Lord, PLEASE TEACH US YOUR WAYS!!!
      The Challenge..I’m in also!! In the next 31 days, lets talk about Sis!!
      Nov. 4th😊..ELECTION DAY!!!
      Love Always💕🌺

  2. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD,” in KINGJESUS Mighty Glorious NAME AMEN AMEN AMEN Thank You Sister’s Kesha Dotk Ministrie GLORY TO GOD.” Timely message indeed. LOVE and GOD BLESS You All ALOHA Always Sister ❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤

  3. Amen..Amen..Amen!!!!!!!!!!
    LORD I THANK YOU🙌🙌!!! I Thank You for this Blessed & Awesome Word, That I BELIEVE & RECEIVE..In Your Holy, Mighty, Righteous & Precious Name!!! I Thank You..I Thank You..I THANK YOU LORD, for CONTINUING to give me Wisdom & Understanding!! Lord, GROW ME UP!!! Lord, I WANT TO BE WISE!! I DON’T WANT TO BE A FOOLISH WOMAN!! & I REALLY MEAN THAT!! WITH EVERY FIBER OF MY BEING, I DON’T WANT TO BE A FOOLISH WOMAN!! I WANT TO BE WISE IN ALL THINGS!! I WANT TO SEE, BE & LIVE IN YOUR WAYS LORD!! Lord, PLEASE CONTINUE TO HELP ME, PUT AWAY ALL CHILDISH THINGS & WAYS I MAY SOMETIMES HAVE. THANK YOU for helping me be The Kingdom Woman, I was pre-destined to be!! Lord, YOU ARE The Potter & I AM The Clay!! PLEASE LORD CONTINUE TO MOLD ME!! I KNOW when things go awry, they are only preparing me for the Greater That WILL COME Later!! I WILL NOT tear down MY HOUSE & destroy EVERYTHING/EVERYONE THAT MATTERS TO ME!! By my sometimes/can be/has been.. Vicious Little “pink thing in my mouth” Lord I ask You to PLEASE CONTINUE TO BRIDLE MY TONGUE!! Because You Lord ARE THE WAY, THE TRUTH & THE LIGHT & YOU have given ME Wisdom that I WILL yield too!!
    Lord, These Things I Pray🙏 In Your Holy, Mighty, Righteous & Precious Name..Amen
    I JUST LOVE YOU LORD!!!💓😍❤😊💝🤗💞😙
    🎙I CAN’T HELP but Praise You Lord..
    For The Marvelous Things You’ve Done!!!🎶
    Lord, Please Continue To Bless & Shine Your Light Of Love Upon Your Obedient Servant Sister Kesha, Her Awesome Team, This AMAZING MINISTRY, My Sister Felicia & My DOTK Sisters💖!!
    Be Blessed, Stay Humble & Encouraged!!!
    Love Always, Your DOTK Sister In Christ, Wendy💕

    1. Peace & Blessings My Dear DOTK SISTERS💖!!!
      If you haven’t already…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE..🇺🇸V O T E🇺🇸…on November 4th!!! Your Vote MATTERS!!! We DON’T want to be one of the ones that complain but don’t take advantage of helping to make a CHANGE!! Let US Honor Our Ancestors..that COULDN’T have a voice or choice to help make a helping TO BE THE CHANGE!!
      Be Blessed, Stay Humble & Encouraged!!!
      Love Always, Your DOTK Sister In Christ, Wendy💕🌺🍁

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