Jesus is Our Perfection

“The Lord GOD is my strength [my source of courage, my invincible army]; He has made my feet [steady and sure] like hinds’ feet and makes me walk [forward with spiritual confidence] on my high places [of challenge and responsibility]” Habakkuk 3:19, Amplified.

Jesus is your perfection. He is your righteousness. If you have to say this a million times to yourself, then do it. Knowing that Jesus is your perfection removes every excuse for staying where you are. It also removes all of the unfair demands you’ve placed on yourself and others to be perfect. You might feel as though your weaknesses are glaring and are on full exhibition out in front of you for all to see. Remain hidden in Christ and God will cover you. He will cover you so well to where even with your shortcomings, all people will see is the light of the Lord shining through you.

Let’s make it our business to put on Christ every single day. Let’s not let our issues get the best of us. Let’s keep moving forward in Christ receiving God’s grace. God will continue to remove what’s not like Him, and make us more and more into the image of His Son. Let’s keep putting on Christ, forgetting those things that are behind and pressing towards what’s ahead. Let’s keep letting God tweak us and adjust us. Let’s put on the new man and recognize it’s not us. It’s Jesus! He is our perfection!

Talk to Him today…
Father God, I thank you for speaking to me so plainly. Thank you that I’m not alone in this. Along with my sisters in Christ all over this world, I put on Christ right now. I put on the new man right now. I choose to keep moving forward while you work on the areas in my life that don’t please you. I won’t stop pressing. I won’t stop yielding. I won’t let my issues hinder my progress in you. Jesus has been made unto me wisdom, righteousness, sanctification and redemption. Thank you Lord! Help me to stay hidden in Christ. I give it all to you. You love me so very much, and I love you too. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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(Read Hebrews 13:21; 1 Corinthians 1:30; Romans 13:14; Ephesians 4:24; Philippians 3:13-14)

Penned by Kesha Trippett

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35 thoughts on “Jesus is Our Perfection”

    1. Thankyou Father for hiding us in You.You are are hiding place,safe and secure as we trust You.When we blow it and ask for forgiveness and say sorry to who we hurt,You totally forgive us and forget.Help us to see a sign that are forgiven…No trespassing..the Blood of Jesus speaks on our behalf.It never loses its power!!!!

  1. Amen in JESUS name. I give all my issues to U LORD , U are always in control. I have no reason to fear. Thank U JESUS.U av given me d grace to move forward every minutes. I Love U LORD.

  2. U r a faithful Father , no matter what I do , U always been faithful to me . No matter what. Thank U LORD.

  3. I need everyone to join their faith with mine…I’m a little worried about my health.been having discomfort in my right lower abdomen for 8months. Ultrasound results diagnos a cystic mass. The discomfort feels worse and is beginning to affect my right leg. I know God can melt it away and change medical rules for my sake! Pls join me as i call on the greatest physician for healing. Thank you frm Nigeria

    1. Thank You Lord for hearing Dassie’s plea. Nothing is impossible for You! I pray for healing for her body and now body I speak to you and command you to be healed in the name of Jesus! By His stripes You are healed. No weapon formed against this body or disease has the right to enter the temple of the Holy Spirit. I pray that Your blood will now flow through her veins, over everything which is not of You! Be healed in Jesus name. Everything foreign shrink and dissappear in Jesus name. Thank You for hanging on the cross for all our sicknessess and disseases thank You for touching now this lady in Jesus name. Amen

    2. I’m joining on with you my sister in faith and prayer.. that God touches you from top to bottom! I know God is a healer! He will do above and beyond everything you ask and yes our GREATEST physician for healing is our daddy.. Christ Jesus!!! Be Bless my sister😊

  4. Jesus You are my perfection You are my righteousness. On and in myself I can do nothing! You are my everything, my Alpha and Omega my Aleph and my Taph. In You I live and move and have my being. Nothing and nobody has or ever would be able to do what You have done on the cross.You are the Way the Truth and the Life! Everything was made through and for You. In You I have hope , in You alone I have life, the life I now live I live in You and for Your glory. Thank You for preparing the way for me to the Father. Thank You that You died for me long before I accepted You. Thank You for not giving up on me. You are everything to me. I am Yours now and forever for Your glory! Amen!

  5. My heart praises you my father you are so worthy you are my strength you are my salvation you take mysinfulness and make me perfect in your eyes I ask that you heal dassy that you touch her from the top of her head to the bottom of her feet I thank you for what your going to do for her we love you Jesus. Diane.

  6. I love You Jesus!! I thank you for everything you do in my life, love me unconditionally and never leave my side. Only you complete me your blood you shed for me, takes all my sins away reminds me every morning to be the best I can be to show you my gratitude!!!!!!

  7. I also pray in Your mighty holy name JESUS to help all my sisters who are going through trials, painful situations in silence only You know our hearts Father.. God Bless You all Ladies xoxo

  8. Thank you Lord for new Grace! Jesus I’m getting so strong in my faith that I’m getting closer and closer to you…. Just a close a walk with you is my plea…I’m staying prayed up in my word living right and spreading the word of God as ur living bold disciple……..all of my life i will say yes Lord!!!

  9. God is fighting for me,God is on my side… He has overcome Yes he has overcome! I will not be shaken, i will not be moved! Jesus you’re here! I will live, i will not die, the resurrection power of christ! Alive in Me and i am healed in Jesus name!

  10. Thank you God and Thank you
    Kersha Trippett for this touching message brought tears to my eyes. God keep working on me in areas I’m weak, I Thank you God I am moving forward and not looking at what’s behind me. Thank you Jesus Amen

  11. Thank you Lord for sending this message to me today. I am broken & I need you! I need to heal from the heart break, anger & trust issues I have because my husband left me for another woman. It’s been 19 months & I know I can’t be healed of all this on my own & I need you to guide me Lord! I ask for prayer from all my sisters here. I also ask for prayers for my husband, in the 11 years we were together, he went to church a few times, but then refused to attend with me. I hope that he is saved & that he has found his faith. We have been in a bitter, nasty divorce for 19 months now & 6 months into our divorce, he had 2 heart attacks & the doctors had to put stents in. A year into our divorce, he found out he had a massive brain tumor & had to have it removed. Now, he is going through chemo & I pray that he will get through this & that God will heal him. My heart is broken because he ended our marriage by a phone call, we were in the process of moving across the country for his job & 4 days prior to the scheduled move, he called & told me he “wasn’t happy & hadn’t been happy for months”. He had been having an affair with his co-worker & moved in with her the night he called me & told me he wasn’t happy. I am disabled, I have gone through 8 back surgeries & I tried to get answers from him as to what happened in our marriage that he just up & left but he refused to speak to me. I will never know the answers, but in the 19 months of our divorce, I have been faithful to him & the vows we took. I loved that man with all my heart! I know it’s time for me to move on, but I can’t find it in myself until our divorce is final. We are in the end stages, right now, everything is up to the judge to decide. But I pray that the Lord will take care of me & be with the judge as he decides the future. Thank you all in advance for prayers, it means the world to me!

    1. Lord keep my sister strongvstrngth tovendure peace to overcome hold her when she Cry’s you know her hearts desires pray for husband he may hear your voice set things right restore all things I pray she gets the answers she seeks. I t took me ten years to get over my husband. Took the key to my locked and there itvaway to never be found I thank you Lord you have found the key unlocked it and centered in spare them if you can I prayblord from such despair hurt pain humliattion judgments loss grief longing and so on. We don’t always understand till years later sometimes never . but you say of we srel and knock you are I am seeking can scenic king with sister Susan. Give her comfort hold her close hear her prays the Lord loves you Susan with all his heart he will be husbandvyour best friend lover of your soul press in press on some times we breakdown to breakthrough. May he heal and fill every lonely empty painful part of your heart. Touch your husbands heart make a way where there is no way this very day. Some sort of bre consul lagoon communication forgiveness redemption and change change of heart body soul and mind position yourself to receive all you can from the Lord you doing the right thing do not give the enemy. Foothold to draw you a way from Godcsticl close when you don’t feel him that’s whenvhrs closest holding carrying you like the set of foot prints in the sand HE CARES we care here at DOTK I Care you notvalonr we are hear. Thiscaite has been a life line. An anchor safe harbor andcacgreat many breakthroughs. Im really sorry you having to walk this path not sure what all your disabilities contain or pertain may God hralth them to. Every hurt and wound we overcome is a testimony able to help strengthen someone else. Build their faith point to Christ everything we overcome we are given power can do authority in that area again help someone else understand ourselves and deepen our relation ship with the trinity. We get insight to someone else’s no ain or hell they living in given keyscto unlock doors to help tgevonevor the masses. Right now sometimes it’s hard even to say help. When you can’t Godcateps in literally orcsends someone your way. The joy of the lord be your strength so hard when your heart wripped out and stomped on thank God the Lord picks it back up massages it outs it back let’s thrive and oumovagain glad to be alive blessings from above and within renemvervyou are loved and wanted and protected my the savior hang in order

    2. Susan, your words have revealed to me that you are a deeply beautiful woman. God loves you. Listen in the stillness when He tells you that you are His and you are worthy and that you are the work of His hands. Your pain is deep, but God’s love and great power will heal your wounds. I pray that you will feel God’s love like a gentle breeze that surrounds you.

  12. Thank you Father God for speaking directly to me on this issue I will not allow anything to hinder me for doing the Kingdom’s work continue to give me wisdom and understanding and to be obedient to God’s word and Trust God not men I thank you Lord I love you for your work that you’re doing in me I give God the highest praise of all continue to keep me covered in the blood of Jesus and please Lord continue to work with me and remove anything that’s not right in me for the uplifting of God’s Kingdom the keep teaching me God’s wisdom and understanding fill me with God’s love and when I walk out the door people will see God in Me continue to do your work I love you I magnify your Holy Name each and every day as I wake up and I walk and take this journey uplifting of your kingdom in the name of Jesus I pray that nothing in this world will hinder me from God’s purpose to teach the truth about God’s love in Jesus name I say Amen

  13. You Lord is my perfection and Thank You for loving me the way You do. Work on me and help me to be more like You. Amen. Hallelujah.

  14. THANK YOU LORD👑, help me to stay hidden in CHRIST JESUS👑👑👑I give it all to you ….and then I SMILE for the rest of my days❗😄😃😀😆😊😁Glorayyyyyyy🙌🙋🙌🙋🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

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