Just how deep His love goes.

“Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God. And such were some of you: but ye are washed, but ye are sanctified, but ye are justified in the name of the Lord Jesus, and by the Spirit of our God.” 1 Corinthians 6:10-11

At the heart of every alcoholic or drug-abusing addict is someone experiencing unbelievable pain. I know because, after every painful experience in my life, I desperately looked for ways to make the pain stop. My drug of choice was not alcohol or any substance. It was a knife to my chest, a rope around my neck, a hairdryer thrown in the tub, a swallowing of rat poison, a sitting in the car with a banana in the tailpipe and waiting for it all to end. My addiction was thinking of ways I could destroy myself. If I knew I hurt anyone, in my mind, I wasn’t worth living. I mean, I would cry if I ran over a squirrel in the street.

But Jesus.

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!

He delivered me. He pulled me out of the fire I set, and showed me who I am in Him. My sister, the blood of Jesus removes every bit of our shame until nothing’s left but His glory resting on us. The truth of Jesus screams louder than the lies and any tormenting thoughts until we are saying what He says about us. The love of Jesus reaches deeper than any pit our hands could ever dig for ourselves until our hands are reaching up in praise. He cancels every condemning word spoken over us until we are standing tall and strong in His righteousness. That’s how deep His love goes!

Prayer: Lord, thank you for meeting me in my deep place. You are my Savior and my healer. You are my deliverer. Thank you for washing me clean and forgiving me. Over and over again, you met the depth of pain with a love that runs much deeper. Continue to teach me who I am in you and be glorified in my life. I am beyond grateful for your grace and mercy.

15 thoughts on “Just how deep His love goes.”

  1. Wow what a testimony,to see where you are now it’s only through our Lord Jesus.I’m stunned, what an amazing testimony I thank you for sharing that.

    1. Praise God for His wonderful deliverance from your pain. Thank you for sharing your story. You are going to help many by your amazing testimony. God bless you and keep you safe in His arms. God is Faithful.


  3. 🌾 I Thank my Heavenly Father for saving my life with the drug addiction I had for many years there was many times I wanted to take my own life to quit and give up on life, But Jesus he delivered because I cried out to him and this all took place in 2004 I have been clean for 11 years now. from all of the chaos the darkness in my life, he restored my soul and my husband and marriage because my husband and I surrender our life over to the Lord Jesus Christ. The Lord Jesus Christ did so much in our lives I mean so much in my children my grandson. And I thank him for everything😃😃. Love ❤️ You Father you are my Deliverer my provider my counselor and my everything. Praise your holy holy name. 🌾

  4. Thank you for sharing this powerful devotional testimony. Through the Blood of Jesus Christ we are cleansed and set free. I am so glad that the Lord, God Almighty delivers us from ourselves for His Glory. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙏🏽❤🙏🏽❤🙏🏽

  5. I am so grateful for this sister and her obedience and love of the Lord Jesus that she keeps giving. Your testimony is so owerful and has touched my heart and will many others. Thank you for all you give.

  6. My God continue to teach me your will and the plants that you have for my life Father God in Jesus name Amen 🙌🏾❤🙏🏽💞

  7. Thank you for such an inspiring word…
    I am in the midst of a spiritual transitioning / awakening and stepping out into where God is leading me. …and this devotion was confirmation to me that despite my ugly past, my Father has designed my future .!!!

  8. Amen!! His love is deeper!! 😭😭
    I’m grateful for His unconditional love, grace and mercy. That’s why it’s so important for us to be that reflecting life to those that doesn’t know His love. To show that love so those to want to get to know His love in the world. Seeing His love through us for one another. You have that beautiful testimony because someone shared His love with you. Thank you so much for sharing and it’s is very much appreciated as you are for these powerful daily devotionals.
    I’m grateful and thankful, He came to save a wretch like me. He will meet you at your lowest point as we surrender, submitting it all to Him and allow Him to be God of our lives. This is so touching because at the age of 9, He saved me from swallowing all those pills. As we grow, He grows within us as we allow Him to be God. 😭😭
    He Is Worthy To Be Praised 🗣️!

    Sister Kesha, thank you so much for sharing how you got out the pit and being held captive in your mind. You’re helping set the captives free. 👏👏

  9. I thank God for your life my sister. Oh, how your blessing. Your transparency is powerful. People need the real and someone they can relate to. You encourage me to testify even the more of what God has brought me through and the power of His love at work in my life. Words can’t fully express how much your devotionals mean to me. So many times they are on point and exactly what I need to hear in the moment. I love you my sister. God has brought you a mighty long way. I thank God for your life. 😭🙌🙏🏽

  10. If your being blessed by someone’s ministry as the Spirit of God leads you, support that ministry. A sister in my church has published a book of devotionals that has blessed me. I buy books from her and give them to others to support her ministry and bless others who God will touch through her anointed Holy Spirit inspired work. I just thought tonight to buy some of Kesha’s devotionals too and give them away. When you see someone genuinely doing God’s work for His glory and not their own and to see lives changed-people delivered, saved, healed, etc support them. Especially those in your own churches, families, etc. To many times people go out and buy books, etc by world renown people but will not buy from and support those in their own circles. This is not good. Support the renown but don’t forsake your own. One pastor said, I buy from and support the businesses of people in my own church. Let us support one another like this. If a ministry is blessing you, expose someone else to it, so that they can be blessed too. If you have your own ministry, business, school, non-profit or whatever tell people about others ministries, businesses etc. At the end of the day, we are or should be in this to glorify God and get His work done in the earth. Let’s unite and do just that. It is not about us; it is about Jesus. I don’t know Kesha personally, but her devotionals are changing my life. I feel led to support her ministry. If you feel led by the Spirit of God, please do the same. Share the blessings and expand the work of God. Love you all. 🥰

  11. Praise Him for pulling all our roots up! Making us new!
    This devotional reminds me of a song by Tasha Layton, “Look What You’ve Done”
    Hope it’s all right to post link to lyric video on YouTube… https://youtu.be/uqEdqaZNt6o

    May His Peace continue to cover you sisters! God Bless, Jennifer

  12. Wow. What a beautiful testimony and a reminder that GOD truly loves me.
    Like the prodigal son, I was once lost but now I’m found; I was blind, but now I see 💃✝️

    Glory, I rejoice in the Lord because I know where He brought me from, and I’m excited about where He taking me in the days, weeks and years ahead 🤗🙏

    Our testimonies are to be shared for others to be encouraged and set free from their own bandage through the power of the Holy Spirit living in us.

    I am not ashamed of the gospel of CHRIST! Those who look to Him are radiant, their faces shall never be covered with shame.

    Hallelujah. 🙌🙌 Thank you woman of GOD for your testimony, and your obedience to “thus saith the LORD” 💯💯

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