Keep your heart soft.

“Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.” Matthew 5:8

Lord, keep my heart soft
don’t let it become hardened
brick hardened
keep it softened to You
while you keep my face set like a flint
while you keep my feet planted like an oak
while you keep my arms reaching
and reaching
and reaching
out like branches
don’t let what’s happening
outside of me
get inside of me, God
guard my heart
and the innermost parts
of my being
you are my shield
you are my shield
yes Lord, you alone are my shield

My sister, I don’t know what you’re going through, but God does. If you put a woman through enough hurtful situations, she can begin to transform into someone she’s not. No matter what you’ve endured, decide right now today that your faith will remain in God, your heart will remain soft for Him and your arms will keep reaching out to help others. Keep your heart turned towards God and He will keep your heart soft towards Him.

My prayer for you…Lord, I pray for your daughter who is reading this right now. If she can relate to the poem, Lord, I pray you minister to her heart…deeply. I pray you don’t let what’s happening outside of her, get inside of her. With everything in me Father I pray you be her shield. Stand guard in her heart and in her mind. Protect her Lord. Her life is in your hands. Her heart is in your hands. Don’t let her become someone she’s not. Help her to stay true to who you made her to be in Christ. Help her discover more and more your heart for her and your character. Keep her, Father. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus.

Penned by: Kesha Trippett

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48 thoughts on “Keep your heart soft.”

    1. I don’t respond as much however today I had to respond because I needed this because I found myself being cold hearted to those that acted I’ll hearted to me but I know that’s not who I was created to be. I always thank God for giving me the heart that I have because its loving and caring. I am in the world but I don’t have to be of the world! Thank you for the word that brought me instant comfort!!

    2. In Jesus name Amen!

      Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! God spoke through you to me. It’s what I needed to hear. Puts that hope back, lighting the fire again. Now I need to meditate on the message. I prayed the same prayer I return

      God bless you & you family

    3. Thank you. You prayed for me this morning. I tried to take back something I let go of…again. Ugh…so tired of allowing myself to act out before and pray afterward. I must remember my Lord is my Warrior. He has already won this of hell on earth battle for me. Glory to his name.. Jesus!
      Side note: on more occasions than not, the timing of your devotions is, well can only be from the Author himself. I’ve gone to bed at night asking God questions and to hear his answer clearly through your devotions. I praise God for DOTK ministry…and thank him for my Princess Sisters. ☺

    4. Thank you!! Exactly my thoughts this morning on my commute. I prayed and prayed because I can feel the real me simmering inside. I feel i lost myself in all that’s happened. Thank you for your message. You are special and i pray for all my sisters! !!

    5. Thank you, it was just what i asked God for today. As i go through this struggle i fix my eyes on Jesus, yes reaching.
      Love DOTK, prayers in return for you!

    6. Thank u DOTK, just what i needed to hear today, i feel not myself, so much has happened over the last 2 years, and the ripple effects just wont stop!! BUT…. I wont let go of our Lord, the lifter if my head, Thank u Jesus my only hope

    7. Read the poem and it instantly struck a chord. I cried because this is currently how I’m feeling. I am looking forward and to God to guide me through. I really do enjoy DOTK app, for me many days it’s exactly the encouragement,comfort and reminders that I require. Thanks to all of you.

    8. This is absolutely amazing! Not an hour ago,while on my treadmill, I confess to God with a declaration that my past hurts and disappointments will not dictate my future. I refuse to be enslaved by hurt or by its memories. My God is bigger than my pain and I release it to Him, who is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all that I can think or even imagine. This piece like most is on point. Thank you for hearing what the Lord downloaded into your spirit regarding this concern.

    9. Thank you for this prayer. I read it for myself, my daughters, and granddaughters. AMEN AMEN and AMEN, in the Name of our precious Lord Jesus Christ!

    10. Christ is King no matter what. Thanks for your words. May our God bless all those who read it. Amen

  1. Thank you for that right now word. This message was for me this morning. In all that I am going through, I know that God will never leave me nor forsake me.I know that this is only a process or a test for me. I know in the end that God will be glorified. Thank God for encouraging my heart. Stay on the wall for God. Is is truly using u.

  2. This goes to the core of my spirit right now, amid very painful circumstances. Yes, Lord Jesus, keep my heart softened & my mind fixed on Your all-knowing ways, abilities, & love! Thank you so much! !


    1. Dear God, Thank you for your Holy word. I needed to hear this message Right now at this present time. Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Hallelujah. In Jesus Name, Amen!

  4. Thank you for your prayer. I must always be. Aware of my heart condition. Giving it to the Lord daily for forgiveness for his mercy and love submitting myself to his. Will. Not basing my faith on my feelings but on the word of the living word that can take my sinfulheart and use it for his glory praises you Jesus diane

  5. thank you for today’s devotional.Its speaking to me.My only sister hurt me and I wanted to revenge but when I read this I immediately softened my my heart and forgave her.I will ignore it and move on with my life.Thank you.

  6. Thank you so much. I am going through a divorce right now and I needed a reminder of what’s happening on the outside does not define my heart on the inside. I’m fighting to be that woman that God has made but the one I lost so long ago. This devotion was what I needed.

  7. Greetings my Sisters, what I love about this ministry is this. GOD meets His daughters right where we are. He is always sending us His daughters encouraging words to help get us to the next step. I received this message in Jesus’s name. God blessed you all

  8. Abby Father, precious Father thank you so much Father for your words Lord. “Oh Lord” you are always, always, always on time! You are never ever late.
    Only through you Father God that keeps me moving forward.
    Father God I reach up to you, Father God I’m reaching up to you, OH LORD keep me soft in you precious Jesus. Soft Father. In Jesus precious name Amen.

  9. Thank you Lord for my sister through whom you spoke.. I embrace my cross as you did because I know that what I am going through will soon pass by your resurrection

  10. Lord I thank you for your grace and mercy. Father God I thank you so much🙌. I thank God for using you and this ministry. May God conitue to bless and strengthen you. I really needed this. God knows each of our struggles. Hallelujah!! Thank you Jesus!

  11. Father God Your love is so powerful, that it broke down the walls which were around my cold heart, many years ago. I can never stop praising and worshiping You for what only You and Your love could do. I pray that anyone who still finds herself in such a state would be touched supernaturally ,
    as I was touched by Your love Father God. Love melts the hardest or coldest heart and nothing can withstand that power. I pray for breakthroughs, personel encounters or whatever is needed for anyone who has never felt Your love. In Jesus name amen.

  12. Thank you ,father for your love and mercy. I’ve gone through so much hurt,abuse and rejection but; I decided not to allow my heart to become bitter. The lord took my pain away and gave me a new heart. I was cold and bitter, guarding my heart. I believe because of the abuse, I frequently suffered, everyone was going to hurt me. I constantly pushed people away and always saw the negative.

    I thank the lord for his grace and mercy. The lord has increased my joy, I trust him.


  13. Thank u JEHOVAH GOD for keeping my heart soft.from the time of a small child,I have always been told I’m too soft,too sensitive,forgiving And giving.but something inside of me(HOLY SPIRIT)knew that I wasn’t wrong.thank u JESUS for giving me your grace and power and courage to be who u created me to be and not be hardend or influenced by the world or the devil any longer.I have been through just about every bad injustice that satan can inflict upon me,but by GODS power I continue to endure.I will keep on keeping on,in JESUS name. Bless all my sisters in christ,let nothing divert ur attention from ur purpose.keep on keeping on.let ur faith be strengthened more every day.praise be to GOD in JESUS name AMEN

  14. Velda Williams Thank you! Yeah, totally was speaking to me. I’m about to celebrate my birthday in April .I’m going through a divorce .I was married for 35 years. Wow, now I’m about to
    Embrace a new venture. Lord,

  15. I am claiming this! Lord help my heart to be soft towards you! Help me not to be something I was never created to be. But help me to be what you created me to be! Hallelujah and amen.

    1. Goodmorning DOTK feeling very blessed this morning I woke up with not take ten minutes to get out of bed or ten just to sit up from bones stiff very thankful. Keisha your prayers remind me of Kathryn Kulman when she prays.I hear and see the Lord ministering. To you to us so awesome. Yes oaks of righteousness a planting if the. lord. The roots growing deep and strong . gives shelter peace shade patience long suffering to grow to maturity. And yes me to Lord don’t let me changed by outside circumstances especially into something I’m not. Keep transforming me inside out to reflect your glory nature and character seed of love and destruction heart of flesh not stone. Pure heart for they shall inherit the kingdom of God.keep my motives intention and heart actions words deeds pure. Purify me make me shiny and new transform my are welcome in this place let my mind expand in you tour thoughts your ways never let it retract to its original state renew recharge transform wash me clean make me white as snow. Heal any old new wounds offenses roots of bitterness emptiness lonlineaa disease. May I be filled with you all of you peace joy hope faith courage self discipline perservearance humility integrity Godly wisdom love service self control your atrenthvand power. To walk in Godliness let me minister with all I have take all you have love you and honour you with all I have. I have much to be thankful attitude of gratitude. To seekbyou firstc and your kingdom and all shall be added onto me.your grace and mercy are fresh and new daily give me a new birth new destiny new home. Let my life glorify you remove all the depression discouragement wrong mindsets and behaviors old tapes old way of doing things from all accumulations of hurt patterns strongholds wrong belief systems pull them out at the root. Seeds of greatness lightvtruth revelation insight understanding intersession deliverance light my path light my way ignite my heart your fire and passion and love shed any wicked way in me let me be obrdient to your word voice way truth might open my eyes to deceprionsclies trickery counterfeit light teachings false doctrines give me gift to interpret dreams and vision keen insight give me the power tobpreach and teachvand change atmosoheres father let me live my life in the miraculous signs miracles and wonders breathroughsvictories suddenlies turnarounds.thank you that my wings have been healed my wounds have been healed my emotions and thought process have been healed my body has been healed all my internal organs have been healed my mind has been healed my bones have been healed infections are leaving addictions are leaving right living clean livingbpeacefiy joyful happy and while I have a lot to be thankful and grateful firvgreat conversation a with family who were once my enemy recon collation with my self new birthvdreams visions and a home new and old giftings merging into one to stay on course stand at the crossroads I choose you Lord I choose life and life abundantly you arecsovworthy to becpraised I worship andchoniur you with my life you have set the oath before me set the crooked ways smooth thevpathecto my heart is open and receptive to give and receive live. Walk in steadfast obedience thecwaybis perfect yourcwayvia perfect ourcdesirescare becoming heart is full of passion and compassion my eyes blaze with fire zeal and zest truth comes from my most intermost being you fashioned mecyiu made me younknew mevin my mother’s womb I amnfearry and wonderfully made bold and beautiful lived wanted accepted bought and paid for with a pricebdeiver me from thiacevil present darkness remove any lust from my loins protect andcguard me deliver me from e vil for you are the bread off life anxacceotable sacrifice no spot no wrinkle no blemish you paid the price took my place thankful now I can overcome I can live life in eternity with you in paradise. I have a mansion its atreetsvare paved with gold liquid translucent gold I am transparent. I am written in the lambs book of life my cup over flowscwith faviur goodness and mercy and justice treasures within flowing with milk and honey presciousstone and medal forgiven thank you father blessings from above and with in

  16. Thank you for this. I am praying and trying to work on this in my life. I have a bad habit of hardening my heart to those who do me wrong, and shutting them out of my life. I am working on forgiving and softening my heart to show them love and let the inner beauty shine through. I continue to pray that God will help me with this. Thank you for the post. Needed this today.

  17. Thank you so much for this. It’s as though you are speaking to me alone. I’m actually overwhelmed by what is happening to me, it’s as if God doesn’t answer my prayers anymore. It’s so difficult to hold on. The desires of my heart seem like a mirage. I pray for strength and renewed hope in the Lord.

  18. I was once so tenderhearted. After years of a heroine addicted daughter I was tired and empty. My husband was very angry and his anger found a weak spot in my shield and got inside me. I don’t like myself or anyone else so much. Forgive me Father in heaven. Rebuild my faith.

  19. God thank you for not allowing the situation which surrounds me to consume me; Lord, thank you for blocking everything that is lingering right now, you’re my shield & strength. I’m clinking to you and I won’t let go. Have your own in the midst of it Lord. Amen 🙏 🙏

    Thank you DOTK sisters for the encouragement

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