Knitted Hearts

“As soon as he had finished speaking to Saul, the soul of Jonathan was knit to the soul of David, and Jonathan loved him as his own soul” 1 Samuel 18:1, ESV.

In the midst of corrupted hearts, authentic, non-competitive, loving friendships do exist, but only God can supply such a thing. I didn’t always have this mindset, especially after some friendship betrayals, but once I drew closer to God and allowed Him to work in my heart, I began to attract what I gave.

If you give love, you’ll receive love! If you have compassion, you’ll receive compassion! If you encourage, you’ll receive plenty of encouragement! If you offer support, God will surround you with loving supporters! We call this, “sowing and reaping.” You can’t expect to receive what you never give.

Beyond common interests and a sense of humor, the aim of friendships are to sow into each other words of purpose, eternal life and blessings. When we do this, we refresh each other’s spirit and strengthen each other’s faith. A Godly friendship means you bear your own hurts along with those of your friend. You cry when they cry, laugh when they laugh, applaud them when they succeed and hold up their arms when the battle has made them weak.

Truth: You can’t expect to receive what you never give.
Point to Ponder: Are you being the kind of friend you want to have?

Pray with me: Dear Heavenly Father, I ask that You heal every wound from past failed friendships. I deeply desire to have true friendships in my life, but I know I have to give in order to receive. So I pray that You help me be the Godly friend You expect me to be. In Jesus name I pray, Amen!

Written by Pastor Evelyn Suarez

15 thoughts on “Knitted Hearts”

  1. Amen Thank you Father God for allowing me to be connected to some beautiful God sent friends that we can encourage one anothe dearly hard times and happy times and giving love in support each other I’m the woman that God created me to I’m human with love Amen 🙏🏽 💖

  2. Father, I want to thank You for letting us know how we ought to be with one another, being jointly together in love. In Your Word, it talks about how You and Your Son is One. Then, The Father, The Son, and The Holy Spirit are “Three In One!” It also talks about two being better than one, so if the other fall the friend can pickup and strengthen the one that fell. Father, You want us to be as one with You as well.
    You know I shared this same advice to a person to be the person they want to come and be the friend she’s asking God for in her life. And to this day, she doesn’t talk to me or respond to any type of communication I might send. It’s all about us maturity in Him and what we bring to Him opening up to Him to allow Him to work and we wanting to be as He created us to be. Yo be truthful about what is going on in our hearts and minds to be healed.

    Thank you Pastor Evelyn Suarez for bring this to our attention, helping us remember sowing and reaping. Words of wisdom and council with being truthful.

  3. I believe they were more than friends. Souls knitted together is like marriage or serious boyfriend.

    1. It is a very dangerous thing to have your own interpretation of God’s Word. David and Jonathan were friends. Probably saw themselves as brothers. It was Saul’s relentless pursuit of David that made Jonathan side with David and want to save him. Saul nearly killed Jonathan for his protection of David. Jonathan knew that David would be king. So did Saul. Jonathan was moved to save his friend. Later, David repaid his kindness by restoring his son Mephibosheth.

    2. Some people post with the intent of causing confusion. I admire your class Kesha and your being led by the Holy Spirit and not giving unnecessary responses. Keep putting your energy where it matters and is needed, on fulfilling your purpose to build and encourage leaders and advancing God’s Kingdom in the earth. Keep your hands to the plow. Love you

  4. thank you Lord. I am waiting for Godly friendships that feel more like family than friends in Jesus name I pray. Amen.

  5. Amen 🙏🏾 Thank you father for Godly friendship on both sides! I receive this message for myself and pray my daughter will receive godly friendship as well in Jesus name 🩸🙏🏾

  6. Hallelujah and Glory to God! I thank God for the friendships of people that know Him as their father. We always encourage each other

  7. What a beautiful thing to have a friend. I pray the Lord will give me divine true friendships or just a friend whom I can be closer than the past. I have no friends now but believe it is time. For the Glory of God. Blessings, Shalom and Agape. 👀🙏🏽📖❤

  8. Thanks be to God for supplying such deep profound and amazing love. If we strive to love faithfully, truly. The Lord would have returned by now. Let us endeavour to truly love and hasten his soon coming. Thank you my sister for this message today.

  9. Thanks be to God for supplying such deep profound and amazing love. If we strive to love faithfully, truly. The Lord would have returned by now. Let us endeavour to truly love and hasten his soon coming. Thank you my sister for this message today.

  10. Yes, thank you Lord for the few and wonderful and thoughtful friends you have sent my way. I once believed that all the people I knew were my friends, not so. I know when my friends are hurting , I hurt. Then I pray with them. When she’s excited and about to do a new project. I usually jump right in. And she does the same for me. I really appreciate it.
    Being in the same business we had to work through being competitive. I love to see her get new clients or jobs. Because when she wins, I win too.
    Let’s support each other in whatever we do. Be the friend you want !

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