Let God do the choosing.

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding” Proverbs 3:5, NKJV.


My husband and I sometimes like to role play. It goes something like this.


Me: Baby, can I use one of your devotionals to share with the ladies? I think it’ll bless them.
Him: No, that’s my devotional that God gave me, and you can’t use it! You need to pray and get your own! That’s my word!
Me: Well, who gave it to you?
Him: God did.
Me: And you don’t think the same word He gave to you, He can give to others?
Him: Oh, you’ve got me thinking now. I’m convicted now.


Then we laugh, and I thank him that he’s a humble man who is not argumentative. The sad reality is that for many women today, they are married to a man that loves to argue. It’s a fight from the time they wake up in the morning to the time they go to bed at night. Even getting away to spend time with God can be met with “So, where are you going now?” Listen, my sisters. Just because someone looks good, drives a nice car and has a good paying job doesn’t mean he is God’s choice for you. You have to let God do the choosing when it comes to your mate because marriage can be the closest thing to heaven or hell on earth. Over time, all of the fussing and fighting can wear you down until you no longer recognize yourself—making it very difficult to walk in God’s purpose for your life.


God knows the kind of man that will bring out the best in you instead of the worse in you. He knows who fits you now and who will also fit you years from now.  So I strongly encourage every single sister that you will let God do the choosing.


And to my married sisters who are worn down from all the fussing and fighting, know that God is right there with you to give you the wisdom and strength you need. It takes two people to have an argument. So, I would strongly advise that you choose not to participate. A soft answer will turn away wrath (see Proverbs 15:1). You can respond with a very firm, but calm, “We will continue this conversation when you are calm.” God will help you as you seek Him for His wisdom and His ways of handling day to day situations. Don’t be discouraged. God will help you. His purpose and plans for your life haven’t changed.


Prayer: Father God, thank you, thank you, thank you! Help me to operate in your wisdom and grace. Forgive me for every time I did whatever I wanted to do and refused your wisdom. I submit to you Lord. You love me, and you have my best in mind. I receive your comfort, your wisdom, and your strength now. In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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14 thoughts on “Let God do the choosing.”

  1. Thank you God for knowing what’s best for me! I was seeking answers and you delivered right on time. I continue to ” lean not to my own understanding.” I trust and take all things to you in prayer and petition! Knowing that You “shall direct my path!” Thank you Father God, AMEN!!!

  2. Wow! This gives me a lot of think about. I was proposed to on Monday. By Thursday the person that proposed to me and I are no longer speaking. He may not be “the one”,. That just lets me know that I am closer to him finding me. God is good!

  3. I decided to let God choose 7 years ago and I am presently waiting because I know God knows best. I am sincerely at peace while waiting. I’m good and thank you God for giving me all the love needed. Trusting and obeying.

  4. Thank you God for this word today, God chose for me 6 years ago, I know we are not perfect but I’m ready to move on with my life by myself, God came to me yesterday morning and said to me He supports me and that made me so happy. God will lead me Thank you Jesus In Jesus Name Amen 🙏💚❤💖💜

  5. L💓 L 😂
    Amen DOTK💖 Yes Indeed 🙌He will choose the BEST for US❗💯🎁🎉THANK YOU JESUS for the VICTORY❗🏆🎩👑💏💑

  6. Thank you for delivery this devotion to us married sister’s Lord continue to operate and help us sister’s to keep trusting you with the strength and grace of God only you know God and I see you at work and my life.Thank you again for delivery this encouragement Devotion and Jesus name Amen

  7. Thank you or this Word (Jesus) of God to me. I have asked, waited, prayed, & am standing in God choice for me finding me his “good thing”. I’ve not compromised while waiting. But I sometimes ask, “Lord when”? But again in His mercy & loving kindness He say, “wait , wait for him, wait, you are not forgotten. “

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