Let Them Talk

“No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper; and every tongue that shall rise against thee in judgment thou shalt condemn. This is the heritage of the servants of the LORD, and their righteousness is of me, saith the LORD.” Isaiah 54:17

In the world today, many seem to be obsessed with what others think and say about them. They will allow these comments to dictate their mood for the entire day and influence future decisions. This may be true for those in the world, but not so for a daughter of the King. I say, let them talk.

The scripture above explains what will happen to any tongue that rises against you in judgment. The person who uses their tongue in judgment against you will be proven wrong. As you go about your life living it for the Lord others will see and be inspired to follow your God. They will look at you and wonder how you can have so much peace surrounded by a stressed out world. Others will hide and wait to see if what you are believing God for will actually come to pass in your life. There may be some who will attempt to set traps of failure and defeat for you to fall into which will ultimately trap the one who set it. Regardless of what others do, your confidence is in God.

You can live a fearless life free in Him with the revelation of the scripture above. So, do not be concerned with what others say or do not say. Do not be concerned with the number of “likes” your post or picture gets. Only be concerned with what your Father thinks about you and know all of His thoughts toward you are good! (see Jeremiah 29:11)

Prayer: Dear Heavenly Father, I repent for being overly concerned about what others say or think about me. I receive your promise that no weapon formed against me shall prosper and any tongue that rises against me shall be condemned. This promise is my heritage, I am your servant and my righteousness is of you. Thank you Lord I can live fearlessly in You! In Jesus’ name I pray, Amen.

Written by Angela Curry

17 thoughts on “Let Them Talk”

  1. Wow My Sister lately DOTK Devotionals have been hitting me just where I am The Lord never ceases to touch me right where I am through your ministry I’m truly humbled in Christ.

  2. Amen My God Thank you Sister Curry. I am who My God created me to be so let them talk I’m going to stand Side-by-side with My God his words live in us So sister no weapon form against us shall prosper God is in control Amen again 🙏🏽 and again I say Thank you Sister Curry❤

  3. Amen! When we’re truly living with a pure heart and no mal intent. Contend with those who contend with me. Your ministry is truly blessed. Thank you for your daily spirit filled word!

  4. So on time! Literally, as I was having certain thoughts related to the topic of this devotional, I opened this devotional up and received a powerful encouragement to continue to not worry about what people say. For some time, people have tried to destroy me with their tongues but over and over God has silenced them. He has victoriously fought battles for me and prepared tables before me in the face of my enemies and honored me right before their eyes. May He get the glory as people come to know Jesus through His huge display in my life. When God defeats my enemies and brings their words that they spoke to try to destroy me to nothing and of no effect, I do not ever say or have the mentality, ha, ha, ha. No, I want God to be glorified in my life. If anything, I want them to see the Hand of God so strong in my life that they want to serve Him and give their lives to Him because they see how His goodness prevails in my life in spite of their actions and words that He makes void and renders powerless. And because they saw Jesus in me as I loved them despite of their trying to destroy me. And because I walked in Godly wisdom and character and integrity, displaying Jesus. You can set boundaries, but still walk in character, love and display Jesus!

  5. Thank you for this on time prophetic devotional. I was just dealing with a coworker. The Lord never seems to amaze me doing my time of need. Thank you Sis. Kesha for allowing the Heavenly Father to us you to speak directly to me. Blessings, Shalom and Agape. 👀🙏🏽📖❤

  6. Thank you Lord for this devotional. It always comes on time. The weapons are forming but they will not prosper.

    God, I need help. Help not to care about what my Family for Friends say about me. They are upset because I am become unrecognizable to them. I am unrecognizable because I am following the will of God.

    God please continue to guide and keep us all during these difficult times. This too shall pass in Jesus’ name I pray. Amen

  7. Father God, I thank You for Your Word and how it encourages and strengthens me. I will let them talk!! It matters what God thinks about me. I’m His daughter!!! Plus, Ephesians 2:10.🙌🙌🙌

    Ms. Angela Curry, thank you so much for this word. I couldn’t have said it better myself. I receive it and will continue to walk as He want me to and let them talk. God bless🙏 💕✝️

  8. Read earlier today but went back and reread to meditate on the word that was given on today! This was definitely for me! I’ve been concerned about what others are saying & what they think about me! Thank you Father God for your word & the vessel you used to send it out. I repent for letting someone else’s view of me alter my chacter and who you have transformed me to be! I’m am a daughter of the Kings of Kings who is the righteous in Christ Jesus!
    Thank you Jesus for your scarfice and the blood 🩸 you shed for me!

  9. Let them talk! I am actually blessed by this topic, becos its only the living that can be talked to or about. Thank you Jesus.

  10. Thank you I needed this today. I have been struggling and deeply depressed due to my coworkers. I am 6 months from retirement and these last few months have been pure torture. I am saving this devotional as my way of pulling me out when they start to try again.
    God bless you!

  11. Thank YOU my LORD FATHER GOD,” I Believe I receive YOUR WORD. And Prayers in JESUS Name AMEN l.Thank You my Sister Angela Curry, ⚘Glory to GOD.” Timely message indeed. LOVE and GOD BLESS You All ALOHA Always Sister Chrissy Honolulu Hi ❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘❤⚘

  12. truly powerful words, not even generational curse of breast cancer will prosper, i am who God says i am. More than a conquer

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