Life goes on!

“…I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before.” Philippians 3:13

One night I went to sleep feeling very discouraged. When I woke up the next morning, the Lord lead me to step outside for a talk with Him. I looked out at the sunrise, heard the chirping sound of the birds, and the wind blowing in the trees. Then God spoke to my heart, “Has the earth stopped?” I said, “No.” “Has the sun stopped shining?” I replied, “No.” Then the Lord said to me, “So it is with life. Life goes on. The world doesn’t come to an end, My daughter, just because someone disagrees with you. The world doesn’t come to an end just because someone abandons you or chooses to no longer support you. The world doesn’t stop just because you made a mistake. Life goes on.”

God wants to teach us how to move forward, and how to bounce back. You can’t remain stuck in yesterday. No matter what has happened in your life, know that everything is alright in Christ. If God has orchestrated His creation to continue to go on throughout the ages, He can help you continue to go on as well. He is most faithful. Your world hasn’t come to an end no matter what the devil is saying. Take a look outside my dear. The sun is still shining. The birds are still chirping. The wind is still blowing in the trees. So if that is the case, there is still hope for you. Continue to shine for His glory. Continue to move forward through Christ. Continue to show how faithful your God is.

Prayer: My Lord, thank you for encouraging my heart. Thank you for helping me see how life goes on. My world doesn’t come to an end just because of the situations I face. Keep teaching me Lord how to move forward from disappointment and how to walk in newness of life. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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25 thoughts on “Life goes on!”

  1. After reading this devotional this morning hot tears streaming down my face. …..
    Ohhh Lord it seems like I’ve broken wings my body is all wrecked with cruciating severely intense pain I’m so missed understood. …..
    I keep saying too myself Lord let thou will be done not Bonnie’s
    Life is only a test
    It’s only a test. …..
    Lord Jesus Christ of Nazareth come hide me under the Shadows of your wings
    This broken vessel of your daughter…….
    I’m not worried about people looking at me help me to win this race in pass the test
    set before me that I can’t imagine
    Jesus paid it all with his blood for me. …..
    Too run this race
    It’s only a test
    One day I will be free
    When I see Jesus

    1. Lord help my sister Bonnie…please give her hope right now that this shall pass. We are not unaware of the enemy’s schemes when we have pain and are vulnerable. Please raise a mighty standard against him, and let sunshine, and birds and warm breezes fill her body, soul, mind and spirit in Jesus precious name 💜 Amen

      1. Thanks so much sister Lynne thxs I’m actually stronger in my mind I was encouranging a preacher this morning he was grieving over a lost love one after encouraging him stronger minded I became I know the Lord will help me get through this he will send the right people that has the patience and strength Jesus Always sends me an angel we have guardian angels amen!

    2. With tears in my eyes, Father touch my sister and heal her from the pain in her body, Father you said you are the healer. I Thank you know Father it is Done In Jesus Name Amen.

      1. so much Wanda Williams I do declare and decree that the blood of Jesus Christ of Nazareth got this situation taken care of I have the best doctor and he always says too me after my visit God bless you darling with a cheerful smile that blesses me so much family and friends church family and my pastor I’m surrounded with lots of love……

  2. Thank you Lord for your morning word through this ministry thank you for loving me in my newsness of life teach me your way oh God to move forward with the goodness of Jesus Christ from my future what a blessing word what’s behind is behind a fresh morning continue to let me move forward with you Christ Jesus Amen

  3. Thank you GOD with tears in my eyes, I’m going through something right now BUT I have to remember Life Goes On. Thank you God for this word today i needed to hear it and keep in mind Life Goes On. You told me Lord you worked it out for me, Hallelujah Praise God. Thank you again GOD and Thank you DOTK Family for letting God use you to give a word to us Daughters everyday In Jesus Name Amen 🙏💃🙌❤

  4. Thank you Lord for speaking to my heart, I really needed to hear this today. I went to bed last night crying, very hurt. I’m going through alot right now living in my own home, because I’m living with the enemy. I say this because I live with a man and not married. I had a stroke 3 yrs. ago, but I’m well, thank God. He disrespects me, brings up my past, embarrasses me around company, he lies alot, those things come from the enemy.
    Now let me tell about me. When all of this begins, I begin to curse out of control, I turn into a little demon, I ask God to forgive me and the other party. My father in Heaven forgives me, but not him.
    I thank God that life goes on. Ms.Lynne, please pray for me in Jesus name, Amen.

    1. Prayers for you dear sister Doris…We remember “Weeping may remain for the night, but joy comes in the morning “..Thank you Lord❤

  5. Thank you for loving us so much that you give us fresh starts encouraging us to stay on your path. This is such a comfort to my spirit. I know that you have already gone before us to clear our path. Thank you for the blessings you always provide i 💘 you Jesus it is my honor to serve you

  6. Amen! Encouraging words were this, and! Very true .God is a true and loving God light doesn’t stop shinning due to our disappointments in life , and God will always be there to bring us through our circumstances. Thank you for this word it has bless me. God bless you.

  7. I so needed this, this morning! I felt so weary last night I cried. I wanted to stop doing ministry, I didn’t want to encourage anyone else. I told God that I didn’t want to do the extra stuff anymore and that I just wanted to be a Christian. I’m so broken and lonely.

    1. My sister know that Godbhas your name written in the book of Glory. He knew even before you speak how you feel. Make your issues known to God and He will ease your burden. When you feel like that just Praise the Lord your God. If not Play Praise songs to God, put your music on repeat so that Praises go up and His Glory comes down. Martha from South Africa

    2. My dear sister He will mend the broken hearted and he’s a friend to the friendless. His Word says YOU can do ALL things through Him which strengthens YOU. This time you use His Promised Word to heal and strengthen you. If His Word can’t than nothing can…remember ALL glory belongs to Him and He will not share it with any other. Be strong in the LORD and in the power of His Might my sweet sister!!

  8. Fathers you know what your daughters are going through, like me I’m going through, father strength us all, you are a good father, sisters,we are going to be all right, keep on praying,

    1. Thank you for supporting your sisters in their walks with their Father. May God Bless you 10 fold in your walk.

  9. Faith alone in Christ alone.
    We have freedom because He has set us free.
    Every morning when you wake before you get out of bed say God I’m going to trust you today .come to Him confessing sin in your life and He is faithful and just to forgive us our sin..remember who you are in Christ Jesus …A child of the one true King. The enemy is defeated there is victory in Jesus.
    It’s Jesus only Jesus.x

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