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  1. Yeah ! What about us Androids 😯 well I ‘m gonna look for it , but I will not switch over. Thats a fact Jack πŸ˜πŸ’–πŸ‘£πŸ‘‘πŸ’ŽβœοΈ

  2. Thank you sister for this app. I am going through a lot right now and this is the perfect app to keep me focused on God in the storm and to direct all my thoughts to Him in my very busy days. I can use it anytime, on a break, in between dropping off a Door Dash Order or dashing to a classroom to teach or in the moment that discouragement trys to set in during a tough day. My 3 am prayers don’t give me enough time with Him. I want more. And this App is a God-sent App to help me spend more time with Him during the day, even if the extra time is in bursts of quick seconds and moments on posting to Him on Life with Abba.

    This is one of the first comments I posted on the App this morning:

    Lord, I am seeking you for understanding and knowledge on how to navigate and overcome my current hardships that prevent me from growing more in intimacy, knowledge and revelation of you and doing Kingdom work. In seeking you to show me the way, please reveal yourself to me, Abba. Above all, I desire to know you more and for my soul to prosper and to be made in your likeness and image.

    I am struggling in my finances and it is taking away from the time I can spend with Abba. I desire to go deeper in Him and to know Him more and fulfill His calling on my life. But with working two jobs as a single parent, it is hard. I need guidance from the Lord.

    I signed up for the free version but when I get paid, I am going to get a paid subscription to support you in the work of the Lord.

    Devotionals from DOTK has carried me through many hard moments, and I am thankful.

    More blessings and favor to you, sis!

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