Live Full of Purpose

“So shall my word be that goeth forth out of my mouth: it shall not return unto me void, but it shall accomplish that which I please, and it shall prosper in the thing whereto I sent it” Isaiah 55:11

Whenever I visit someone in the hospital or hear of someone who is ill, if it’s a believer, God shows me through prayer whether or not they have fulfilled their purpose and if it is their time to go home. He also reveals to me whether they will live because of a purpose still needing to be fulfilled. Sometimes we want to keep people here when they’ve completed their God-given purpose, and sometimes God is not done with them yet and no matter what the doctors say, “They will live and will not die (see Psalms 118:17).”

We have to be sensitive to purpose.

While Jesus walked the earth, He had purpose on His mind. The most important question you can ask yourself today is, are you fulfilling God’s purpose for your life? If you’re still breathing, you have a purpose. There’s a reason why you’re here. Every time you awake in the morning it should remind you that you’re not finished. There’s still more work to be done. There’s still more glory God wants to bring to His name through you. There’s still more people He wants you to reach and more souls He wants you to pull out of the fire through prayer. There’s still more purpose for you to fulfill.

Be emptied of any and all hidden agendas and be filled to the full with God’s purpose. Have one pursuit in life, and that is to press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus (see Philippians 3:14). Be determined to leave this earth having done everything God has asked of you.

Prayer: Father God, thank you for speaking directly my heart. Thank you that I’m not a maybe. I’m not an accident. My life is not uncertain. You have a purpose and plan for me. I am a mystery waiting to be revealed and a prophecy ready to be fulfilled. I’m your workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works that you ordained beforehand that I will walk in them. I won’t return to you void without accomplishing every single detail of your purpose for my life. Thank you Lord! In the name of Jesus, Amen.

(Read John 4:34; Ephesians 2:10)

Penned by Kesha Trippett

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22 thoughts on “Live Full of Purpose”

  1. Thank you Lord I am purposed, thank you for touching my heart to remind myself it is not about me but all about you. I live you Lord. Amen

    1. Thank you my Heavenly Saviour and for dying that I might have the purpose for my life. Without you I am nothing.

  2. Thank you Kesha Trippet for sharing this word of God and thanks to that ministry. God just opened my eyes hears and heart to accomplish more for him, for us and for me😃 You guys will be a part of my testimony when I get there!Glory to God!

    1. Thank you Father God for speaking your word into my life. And how Your purpose for my life shall be fulfilled in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.

  3. Praise the Lord Thank you for this beautiful devotion just morning it was truly a blessing for me I’m walking and God purpose for my life Thank you God Thank you I really need this devotion today and the name of Jesus Amen all Smiles

  4. Thank you Lord for your word may it be implanted in my life through your will and purpose for your honor and your glory.

  5. This is right on point at such a time. My daughter has lost her best friend in a battle with cancer and is very sad, but angry. I think she will look at things a bit differently after reading this.

  6. Thank you Jesus for making my life everyday purposeful I just have to be mindful of other people’s needs pray have a servant heart towards them be the Lord’s servant my prayer is on this good Friday that our minds would be blessed with previous assurance that we are the daughters of the most high priest that we are love more then we can know in Jesus name glory glory diane


  7. Thank you Lord for speaking to my heart, even if I didn’t knew I’d a purpose for living then; you’re saying to me you’ve a purpose for my life. I’m not here by chance; It’s for a reason. I’m thankful you’ve thought me how to live purposeful life. Father, please continue to reveal my true purposes here on earth and guide me into doing your will. Amen 🙏

  8. Thank you, Sista Kesha, for using your writing gift to God’s glory. My utmost desire is to share every tag–talent, ability, gift & skill–our Heavenly Father has given me before I leave this earth. Yes, we each have a preordained purpose and divine destiny to fulfill. I see the God in you!

  9. In the Mighty Name of JESUS!!!
    Thank You for this on time WORD!…I receive it for every person in my house according to their individual need! I Love Trinity!..GOD the FATHER,GOD the SON,& GOD the HOLY-SPIRIT
    In Jesus Name AMEN.

  10. Almighty Father, I thank you so much for this message. I ask you to please reveal to us our purpose. I ask you Lord to please help us to be at peace with your perfect will for us. Lord, we wait to hear from you. Lord we wait to see you.

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