LORD, how are you going to get me there?

“The steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord,
And He delights in his way.” Psalms 37:23

Some of you are wondering how God is going to get you from where you are today to where He wants you to be. How can He get us from where we are in our current situations, and our current lives to the great destiny, that we know deep in our hearts, God has in mind for us?

You may have been prophesied over. People may have told you from the time you were a little girl that you have a great calling on your life, that you’re going to do great things for the kingdom of God, and that you will travel the world and be a great blessing in the Body of Christ. People may have prophesied and laid hands on you, and you’ve cried and said yes to God, but you are still in the place you are in right now. Where you are today may look totally different than where it was prophesied you will be. The different struggles you are dealing with and the temptations you are experiencing right in your home may be totally different than where you know God has destined you to be. And you may be wondering, “LORD, how are you going to get me there? I want to get there. I know you have an expected end and a bright future for me, but how are you going to do it, Father, because my current situation does not look like that.”

God wants me to tell you by the Holy Ghost, the steps of a righteous man are ordered by the LORD and He delights in His way. The steps of a daughter of the King are ordered by the LORD. Your everyday steps. In a year there are months, in a month there are weeks, in a week there are days, in a day there are hours, in an hour there are minutes, and in minutes there are seconds. You everyday steps are ordered and they are all getting you closer and closer to God’s divine purpose and plan for your life. Your every step, even your detours and your mistakes are getting you closer. Even when you wasted so much time going in the wrong direction, God is going to cause all of it to get you closer to His divine plan. It all plays a part!

To hear more, listen to this video from our DOTK LIVE Archive and be tremendously blessed!

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