More of Him will cost all of you.

“Therefore, as the Holy Spirit says, “Today, if you hear his voice, do not harden your hearts as in the rebellion, on the day of testing in the wilderness” Hebrews 3:7-8, ESV.

There are rich blessings that you only get to experience when you completely surrender to God. If you are on the fence, you won’t experience the full life He has for you. It’s not until you completely surrender everything to Him that He comes and fills your life completely.

More of Him will always cost all of you.

If you’re looking around at others who are receiving from the Lord, look closer, and you will see a completely surrendered life. There’s never a reason to envy another believer because you too have the power to surrender. It comes down to a decision only you can make. You can either remain where you are or completely dive into things of God with reckless abandonment. You can either stay on the fence, or you can take the leap of faith and see how God causes you to soar.

No more games. “No more!” God says, “Now is the time of salvation. Do not harden your hearts. Now is the day to give Me all of you and receive all of Me. Now is the time when you must choose who you will serve. If I am God, serve Me.”

Prayer: Father God, I give my life to you. My past, my present and my future. My heart, my mind, and my soul. I give you everything I have, and I receive all of you. All of your love, all of your grace, and all of your Spirit in me. Completely pour yourself into me, Lord, I come to you empty, and I’m determined to leave full. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Matthew 16:24-25)

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10 thoughts on “More of Him will cost all of you.”

  1. Thank you God again I have received confirmation glory to God continue to help me God in the name of Jesus I will trust you my God is able my past is my past and I’m moving towards the future with God God I need your guidance each and every day of my life and I pray in the name of Jesus Amen

  2. Father God I thank you for another blessed day. I surrender to your will and your way. All of me for all of you
    Father in you , I live, I move and I have my being. I truly thank you for your undying love, grace and mercy. Thank you for being my provider and protector. All glory and honor belongs to you. I love you and magnify your Holy name.

  3. 🙌🏽 Hallelujah, Praises to the Most Highest. 🙌🏽 Lord, I thank You🙌🏽 I thank You for giving me all of You🙌🏽 Hallelujah, Praise God🙌🏽 What is the profit for me to gain the whole whole, but forfeit my soul? 🙌🏽 Hallelujah, Praise God 🙌🏽 It is only until I SURRENDER my all to You God, that You will completely manifest Yourself in my life. 🙌🏽 Glory, Hallelujah 🙌🏽 Hallelujah, Praise God 🙌🏽 It is all about You God🙌🏽 Less of me, and MORE OF YOU🙌🏽 HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH 🙌🏽 I will take that leap of FAITH, and watch You God , 👁️👁️ allow me to soar like a eagle.🙌🏽 Hallelujah, Praise God.🙏🏽 I give You all of me, Because You give me all of You🙌🏽 Yes, Yes, Yes!!!! 🙌🏽 I give You, my past, my present and my future 🙌🏽 because You are the FIRST, LAST, THE BEGINNING AND THE END, YOU ARE ALPHA AND OMEGA, YOU ARE MY EVERYTHING 🙌🏽 I give You my ❤️ heart, my mind and my soul🙌🏽 HALLELUJAH 🙌🏽 Because You give me all of Your, Grace, Love and Your Holy Spirit 🙌🏽 Hallelujah PRAISE GOD, Thank YOU GOD 🙌🏽 Thank YOU GOD 🙌🏽 COMPLETELY, pour Yourself into me Lord, I come to You empty, but is determined to leave full🙌🏽 GLORYYYYYY GLORYYYYYY HALLELUJAH 🙌🏽 Thank YOU GOD 🙌🏽 these are the things I pray and ask in Your Precious son Jesus name AMEN AND AMEN 🙌🏽❤️🙏🏽❤️😇

  4. Good Morning DOTK ❤
    I’ll never forget this devotional. The last time I read it I was always playing games on my phone and that was taking away time with God. At that very moment, it was like I heard God Speak. “NO MORE GAMES” “NO MORE” and I haven’t played a game since then and I do not even want to..Glory to The King of Kings..Thank You Jesus! I have been more serious in my studies and in my church. I am filled with the Holy Ghost and wasn’t Speaking in Tongues but I am now. I’m still imperfect but repent and thank God for His Forgiveness ❤

    God Bless You All !
    Love Sis Paige

  5. Thank you JESUS
    ..this is speaking to me directly, exactly what I was asking myself….I don’t need to give up serving him not staying on the fence any more..

  6. Amen..Amen..AMENNNN!!! Lord I THANK YOU for this Blessed & Awesome Word that I BELIEVE & RECEIVE in Your Holy, Mighty, Righteous & Precious Name..Amen🙏🏾
    Barry White sang a song & it’s EXACTLY how I feel about You Lord…
    🎤My first, My last, My EVERYTHING..
    And the answer to, all my dreams..
    You’re all I’m living for..
    Your love I’ll keep forever more..
    My First, My Last, My EVERYTHING🎶
    Lord I want to live so You can use me..Lord YOU KNOW the desires of my heart to reach out/do out reach work/counseling/mentoring young women/a life coach…I WANT to see people succeed..I want to see people grow..I want to see people achieve their dreams..I want to encourage them to be & do ALL that their heart desires! Lord I ask & Pray that You help ME to give YOU ALL OF ME!! I DO NOT want to straddle the fence, I DO NOT want to be like warm…I WANT TO BE ALL THE WAY IN & ON FIRE FOR YOU LORD!! LORD PLEASE HELP ME GET BACK MY/THAT BURNING FIRE THAT I ONCE HAD!! LORD DELIVER ME FROM “CHURCH HURT” I WANT TO SCREAM & SHOUT FROM MY GUT TO THE TOP OF MY LUNGS…..
    THANK YOU LORD🙌🏾🙌🏾!!🎶🎶

    Lord You’ve just been Soooo Good to ME, MY Family & MY Friends! Lord it’s soooo true…EVERYTHING attached to me wins!! And I’m just THANKFUL, that I have a Father who can!!!
    Lord PLEASE CONTINUE To Bless & Shine Your Light Of Love Upon Your Obedient Servant Sister Kesha, Her Awesome Team, This AMAZING MINISTRY, My Sister Felicia & My DOTK Sisters/Family💖!
    Be Blessed, Stay Humble & Encouraged!!
    Love ALWAYS, Your DOTK Sister In Christ, Wendy💕🌞🌻

  7. Thank you Lord God for your Love, Grace, Mercy, and Patience that you show us while on our journey to finding you and ourselves and who we are to become in you. I’m grateful that you never leave not forsake us because of who we were, are, and yet to become in our imperfections… Your love is made prefect in us through your word as the power of it forms us like you did in the womb of our mothers. You give us the will to choose you while yet choosing us before we knew or loved you. Help us to choose you every 24 hours that you give us to get it right. To not attempt to walk it out in our own strength with vain glory but to be led by your spirit. Increase our hunger and capacity for you while giving us the strength to pursue despite worldly obstacles. For what you give us, you give freely. We owe you all… Help us to love and serve you continuously with honor and gratitude for all that you’ve done and do it in spirit and truth in Holiness and righteousness that your son died to give us. We Love you and trust you as the author and finisher of our faith and our lives that you may get there Glory out of us now and though eternity. In Jesus’, name…Amen

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