My most embarrassing moment.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength” Proverbs 17:22, NLT.

I’ll never forget when my husband and I attended a music ministry event while we were dating. Different music artists came up to sing, recite poetry, and rap. Towards the end, an altar call was given, and I went up for prayer. I got down on my knees, closed my eyes, and began to worship God. While I was bowed down, I felt a piece of cloth hovering over my head. I thought, “Well, that’s different,” but I didn’t care, I just kept worshiping God. So as I’m bowed down in serious worship mode, the cloth hovering over my head begins to move towards my back. By this time, I’m wondering, what is going on?! So I opened my eyes and looked up. Suddenly, I noticed I was under a woman’s dress!! All I saw was leopard print! OH. MY. GOSH!!! I moved back so fast and sat down on the front row! The woman was totally unaware! While I was bowed down, she must have stepped back, causing her dress to cover my head. Everyone on the front row burst out laughing, and all I could think was, “Lord, you could’ve told me I was under that lady’s dress! I was worshiping you!” I guess that was His way of letting me know He has me covered…literally. 😅

The Lord has an amazing sense of humor. He likes to bring laughter into our lives when we least expect it. I believe it’s because His joy is our strength. Please share your most embarrassing moment. We so want to know!

Prayer: Father God, thank you for the joy and laughter you bring into my life when I need it most. Fill me with your joy and give me a merry heart. Your joy is my strength. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Nehemiah 8:10)

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  1. Thank you Keisha for your devotionals. I have been reading them for years now & they help me on a day to day basis.
    Relissha Franklin from Memphis, Tn.

  2. Wow! Lol! Keesha, your embarrassing moment was hilarious!! Thanks for a great laugh this morning!!😂. God bless and have a merry and fun weekend!!🙌🙏😃

  3. My most embarrassing moments was when I was walking in a park, softly praying and singing. I was unaware of the crack sidewalk and tripped. I got up quickly as if it didn’t happen and kept singing. Thank the Lord I did not hurt myself. A couple of people asked if I was okay I said yes and kept it moving. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.🙂🙏❤🙏❤🙏

  4. My most embarrassing moment was the day I gave my life to Christ. I walked into a church near my home broken, yet determined to fufill whatever it was that I was there to receive. ( I later learned that the Lord had a much larger plan for my life, but that’s a story for later). I walked in telling myself “If anyone asks why I’m here, I’m going to tell them I’m suppose to be here” (and I was suppose to be there).
    Anyway upon walking in, I’m greeted by an old friend from town and he says “Sister your zipper is down”
    I replied, ” Praise God I wear underwear”.
    Needless to say, we all had a good laugh!

  5. Lol!!😂😂🤣🤣🤣 I knew exactly where you were going with this before I finish reading it. Because something similar happened to me too. I was in the same position. But mine was a little different I didn’t look up I just opened my eyes and I saw some black pumps and realized what was going on . And I was like, “Oh no! I’m too close.” Then the woman caught the Holy Ghost. There I was about to be a door mat. That’s hilarious.!! But but the most embarrassing moment to me was I was with my ex-husband’s mother at church and as she opened her Bible to share with me, because I left mine at home. I noticed a roach crawled out of it. I was looking around if anyone was looking behind us or on the side of us. I hurried, grabbed her Bible and closed it chut!! She got mad at me and asked, “Why did you do that?” I said, “After service I’ll explain.” If I had flicked it off, I’m sure someone would have noticed. It wasn’t a small one either it was the size of a index finger. That’s noticeable😂😂😂 God, really”? Oh, well. Maybe it needed to hear a Word from God too🤷‍♀️ 😂 Have a blessed weekend! May God bless you, family, and your ministry! Thanks for the laugh!!

  6. Sister Keesha that was hilarious! Thx for sharing. Mine was when a sister friend had been opening up to me how God was dealing with her talking to much, saying the wrong things, she told me “.I am convicted, etc”. Next day she called excited that she got a breakthrough, and felt better after repenting, and said “I’ thank God for chastening me, and I’d like to hear a word from Him so that I know He seen my new pure heart ! All of a sudden our phones had a bad reception; so I said “ sis it sounds like when you talk your muzzled “.

    My husband corrected me and laughed and said “ I don’t know who you were talking with on the phone but you just told them they sound muzzled, Honey it’s MUFFLED” I was like “yikes” 😳

  7. My most embarrassing moment didn’t happen at church but the grocery store. I was home cooking a pot of chili and realized I was out of chili powder. Grabbed a pair of jeans and went quickly to the store. I walked to the end of the aisle, got my chili powder. As I was heading back up the aisle I felt something on my ankle, looked down. There was a pair of bright pink panties coming out the leg of my jeans. There was a lady shopping at the end of the aisle where I was heading. I was trying to figure out, how I was going to grab them, put in my pocket and not bring attention to them all at the same time. I know that lady thought I was crazy with the quick movement I made to grab them and exit quickly!! I laughed so hard at myself once I got back home. 🤣 😂🤣

  8. Thank you all for putting such a smile on my face today. God bless each of you. We all need God’s joy and laughter in our lives.

  9. My most embarrassing moment. Sitting on the front row pew during a sermon. I was Amen, Amening everything he was saying. Half-hearted not paying attention thumbing through my Bible. Until I amend a not so amen comment. Complete utter silence from congregation till the pastor busted out laughing. “I guess it’s time to wrap this up” Blessed are the short winded, for they shall be heard again.

  10. My “story” isn’t really embarrassing so much as a testimony to God’s sense of humor.
    I married interracially-long before it was “fashionable” to do so. My father, whose family were immigrants to the US from elsewhere (and who was a Deacon in a southern Baptist church), was quite the Xenophobe, so, he really didn’t “bless” to our marriage. In fact, quite the opposite…l was totally excommunicated from our family for marrying outside my own race. God was NOT glorified by those circumstances… so He “remedied” this unchristian situation by orchestrating my precious daughter’s birth on my father’s birthday (forcing him to reconcile his heart, mind AND family!

  11. Oh my goodness, as I read this it brought to mind two embarrassing moments from many years ago. To set the scene it was early on in my rededication to Christ, early 90’s.
    Same church, same pastor, different services.
    First time taking communion while being back in church. We were to walk up front, take the bread and follow the Pastors directions as he held the scaraments. When I was being told about Jesus blood being shed for me and do this in His remembrance I had no idea what to do. I hadnt paid any attention to those in front of me. I knew I wasnt suppose to sip from the cup so the only other action I assumed (since I already ate the bread) was to stick my finger in the juice and literally suck on my finger. I thought how strange this was! After I sat down and observed others you can only imagine how embarrassed I felt.

    My second embarrassment happened not so long afterwards. My husband and I were together, my husband was also a new Christian. The message really touched and encouraged the two of us. It was the end of the service and the Pastor had his alter call. I wanted him to know how much the message meant to my husband and I, so I proceeded up and told him the message was so good it made me want to jump out of my clothes. As I went back to my pew I thought my statement didnt quite sound right so I told my husband what I had said……… He informed me rather quickly the statement was “jump out of my skin!” not clothes.

    So those two embarrassing moments in church are oness Ill soon never forget..

      1. It was a fun memory. My mother in law and I shared a great laugh together. ❤
        I lost my husband to gbm in 2018. She and I are celebrating her birthday together in Orlando .

  12. Several years ago I planned a trip to see my children’s grandparents. As a widowed single mom, travel was a challenge, packing for three and getting everything prepared. I booked tickets from a city that was about 2 hours away because they were half the cost of our local airport. Our flight was at 8am, so we were up at 3:30 to drive to the airport. About an hour into the drive we hit a toll road. There was no one manning the toll booth. Instead there was a sign that read “Please deposit $2.25 in quarters”. In my frustration I shouted “who has $2.25 in quarters!” My two year old son pipes up from the back seat “well, apparently not you” we began to laugh so hard 😂😂. I deposited 5 quarters & $1 dollar bill then managed to skirt around the arm at the toll booth and we were off on an adventure with a story we still laugh about now 13 years later.

  13. My most embarrassing moment yet humbling moment happened at church too. I went to the restroom and little did I know my skirt was tucked in my stocking in the back. After washing my hands I left the restroom and began to walk around greeting the saints. I mean I passed by a lot of brothers too. After about 5 minutes or so, an older sister pulled me to the side and told me. I was so embarrassed at the same time humbled because I was feeling myself for sure lol. God had a sense of humor of putting me in my place.

  14. My most embarrassing moment was I gave my jacket to one of my students because it was cold in the classroom. They were short so my sweater was pretty big on them. My student put there hands in my sweater and pulled out a pair of lace underwear ( forget to check my pockets after laundry). Before they told me they showed the panties to the whole class. I was so embarrassed. These little ankle biters saw my undies.

  15. I audibly laughed when I read this and I really needed a laugh today. These devotions have blessed me so much since I started reading them a few weeks ago, but this is the first time I’ve been reminded that God is not always this perfectly stoic deity. Life is hard and heavy and has only become increasingly so over the past year. I pray He brings joy and maybe even some levity my way if only to lighten the constant struggle. 🙂

  16. Last week at Sunday service after our sacraments i walked past my front row pew a couple of pews back and then was searching for where exactly mine was as most of the congregation was still seated waitting for their pews to be dismissed up front for the sacraments. I havent been attending for a very long time so was a bit embarassed. Another embarassing moment was two weeks ago and it was raining so i decided to wear black tights thankfully with a long blouse. The tights werent the right type of tights but were pantyhose type of tights. When i got home i looked in the mirror and hoped nobody noticed the pantyhose looking crotch when i had bended down and got back up from the sacraments.

  17. I’m trying to remember most embarrassing moment that doesn’t include being caused by me doing sumn silly eg. Due to being intoxicated. Hmm I’ll hve a think n come back later if I can think of one. But thank u for all the stories make me smile 🤗

  18. My most embarrassing moment , was one sabbath i went to visit my community church where i came from
    So i decided to wear a dress that had a flared skirt. So as I was walking down a little sloppy road that lead to the church all of a sudden there came a very heavy wind and lifted up my dress. , I tried to bring down the front but the back was still up. when I looked back I saw some people coming but the gentleman was at the front and he saw everything. I was so embarrassed that I avoided making eye contact with him the whole time in church.

  19. My most embarrassing moment , was one sabbath i went to visit my community church where i came from
    So i decided to wear a dress that had a flared skirt. So as I was walking down a little sloppy road that lead to the church all of a sudden there came a very heavy wind and lifted up my dress. , I tried to bring down the front but the back was still up. when I looked back I saw some people coming but the gentleman was at the front and he saw everything. I was so embarrassed that I avoided making eye contact with him the whole time in church.

  20. Dear Daughters, God bless you all for good laughter reminds me of Bebe Winans song laughter like medicine. I feel so blessed and sister Keisher and the DTK are all rockstars😅🤣🤣🤣💦💦💦.

    My most embarrassing story was singing high pitch in church to a song that had ended with wrong lyrics and a not so amusing voice🙈

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