My most embarrassing moment.

“A cheerful heart is good medicine, but a broken spirit saps a person’s strength” Proverbs 17:22, NLT.

I’ll never forget when my husband and I attended a music ministry event while we were dating. Different music artists came up to sing, recite poetry, and rap. Towards the end, an altar call was given, and I went up for prayer. I got down on my knees, closed my eyes, and began to worship God. While bowed down, I felt a piece of cloth hovering over my head. I thought, “Wait, that’s different,” but I didn’t care, I kept worshiping God. As I was bowed down in serious worship mode, crying and all, the cloth hovering over my head began to move towards my back. By this time, I thought, “What is going on?! That’s not supposed to be happening.” So I opened my eyes and looked up, and suddenly I noticed I was under a woman’s dress!! OH MY GOSH!!! All I saw was leopard print! I moved back so fast and sat down on the front row! The woman was totally unaware! While I was bowed down, she must have stepped back, causing her dress to cover my head. Everyone on the front row burst out laughing, and all I could think was, “Lord, you know you could’ve told me I was under that lady’s dress! I was worshiping you!” I guess that was His way of letting me know He truly has me covered…literally.

Don’t you just love that the Lord has a sense of humor? He enjoys bringing laughter into our lives when we least expect it. I believe it’s because His joy is our strength. Please share your most embarrassing moment. We so want to know!

Prayer: Father God, thank you for the joy and laughter you bring into my life when I need it most. Fill me with your joy and give me a merry heart. Your joy is my strength. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

(Read Nehemiah 8:10)

7 thoughts on “My most embarrassing moment.”

  1. Well for me it wasn’t embarrassing, it was a very painful moment, but what I remembered is that God tried so hard to get me to find the laughter in such moments. He would say the weirdest things and looking back I appreciate him for making light of the pain. His spirit and his hand was heavy on me at the time and even when I told him I had no time for his humor I look back and thanked him for His presence and his Love to guide me out of that pit and the fact that he tried to make me laugh through it. He is indeed wonderful.

  2. When I was in high school I was in PE class. My one piece PE outfit zipped up the front. As I come out of the locker room. My teacher said Donna! and look down so that I would look down. I had to walk past the boys in PE. And what did I do but turn right straight toward the boys to zip up my uniform!! I was very embarrassed. My cheeks had to be flame red. I am 64 yrs old, and still remember this story. Lol!

  3. Yes Ma’am, I will never forget it. God literally has us covered!! I use to wear a brace on my foot to help lift my foot and because of that nerve running down leg to my foot. Glory to God, for His healing power!!! I was walking from my car to the entrance of the Library when I fell hard, and twisting my legs. Immediately, a young lady came to my aid asking me if I was alright. Asking me, am I hurt anywhere and could she help me up. She was very attentive to me waiting on me and not wanting help, but she stayed until I gathered myself. I was hurt, angry, and embarrassed. She was also very kind and patient. I had never experienced that from someone that didn’t look like me, giving me a different look at each individual. That fall changed me. Glory to God 🗣️😭😭😭. It was what I needed to not stay closed to others around me. To look back on what is making me into a child of The King!!! 💗💓

    Thank you for helping me remember that day and what I gained from it. 💕💐💜💕💐💜💕💐💜

  4. The doorbell.

    I am new to being called by God and taking my place as a Daughter of the King. As such, I had to change everything about my lifestyle in order to honorably follow Him. Over the last year, I have experienced spiritual growth, a close connection with God. Faithfully reading DOTK daily devotionals has been a profound part of my transition. I had worked on Sundays and could not attend church. When my schedule changed to weekends off; I realized the need to find the right church for me. So, I accompanied my sister to the congregation of which she belongs.

    I prayed prior to church asking God to take from the urge to keep knocking on closed doors, let go of what was not meant for me and thanked Him for removing from my life, what I could not. I asked Him not to allow me to miss new opportunities, open doors. I also ask Him to let me shine in His light and that He allows others to view me from His Lense and not their own.

    My sister and I sat on the second pew. We listened to the sermon, the discussion about prolife, and then sang along with fellowship music. Near time to leave, I decided to text my daughter-in-law to let her know that I would be visiting her and my grandson after church. At this point, the pastor was speaking and informing about shoe box Christmas gifts. I thought I could discretely send that quick text without being noticed, not paying attention. I accidentally hit a button on my phone, which was Tik Tok, a very loud doorbell sound rang out from said phone, as I desperately tried to turn the phone off. The look my sister gave me was priceless, as the pastor said, “and with the doorbell, we can close today’s service with prayer”.

    Well, I did ask God not to let me miss those open doors. God redirected and got my attention, as well as everyone else’s attention, in the church. He certainly put me in the spotlight, shining in His light. Thank God for the Doorbell!! I may have been a little embarrassed. Moreso, that moment boosted my spirit and strengthened my faith as I felt it was my God letting me know that He is listening to me, He hears me and He is guiding every step I take and yes, He certainly does have a sense of humor!!

  5. My most embarrassing moment was at church, too. The place that, until recently, I felt most judged and uncared for. My beautiful little towhead girl had just completed potty training. Her dad was holding her hand as all at the church bowed their heads in quiet prayer. At the silent moment she chose to proclaim to him that she can’t wait, she has to crap, now!, so that the whole sanctuary heard!

  6. When I was a teenager, I used to go to other churches to sing. My vocal coach and piano teacher at the time were the leaders of their local church’s choir. They asked me to come and sing at their choir’s anniversary. I did and as I was leaving, my Mom was walking behind me. Thankfully, she and I were seated near the exit, so we were the 1st people exiting the church after the service ended. For some strange reason, as we were exiting the church, my skirt actually fell to my ankles right in the church doorway!! I quickly grabbed it and hiked it up my body. My Mother said she’d never seen me move so fast. My quickness likely had to do with the fact that there were several men that had gathered outside of the front of the church. Blessedly, NO ONE SAW my skirt fall!!! The irony that I’d recently sung a hymn in praise of God and then had an embarrassing experience shortly after was a unique and rare experience for sure! God was with me in that, no one but my Mom and I actually saw my skirt fall. After pulling out of the church parking lot, we laughed about what had just occurred. God has a great sense of humor, indeed!!

  7. I cant share embarrasing moments because they r too shameful. Your stories are all very innocent rlly. Not like true embarrassing situations that u remember with traumatic feelings every time u get a flashback which happens often for each situation.

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