My Sister, God is your Ultimate Provider!

“And my God will liberally supply (fill until full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus” Philippians 4:19, Amplified.

As a daughter of the King, I’m supposed to look to the hills from whence comes my help, but years ago, my husband and I had reached a point in our marriage when instead of looking to the hills, I was about to head for the hills instead. The landlord was threatening eviction, we had no food, no water, and our car was broke down. That’s enough to make any woman want to leave.

Everything in me wanted to say, “You know what? I can do bad all by myself!” But thank God, even in my emotions, the Lord reminded me that as much as I love my husband, the Lord, He is my ultimate provider. He is the source of everything I need. And once that truth settled deeply into my heart, I was able to stop feeling so angry and resentful with my husband and our situation and was able to focus on letting God help us get through it. And He did beyond anything we could hope for or imagine! Praise God for His faithfulness, His goodness, and for helping me learn to trust Him and patiently wait on Him!

If you are experiencing a financial crisis, know that God will meet your needs even when your husband is unable to. Maybe he is sick and unable to work, or he may have been laid off or is in between jobs. Or, you may be a single mother and having to work and take care of the home all by yourself. Whatever the case may be, know that the Lord is your ultimate provider. He will make a way out of no way for you and your family. He will bless you with supernatural provision and will see you through anything. There is no need for you to go around slamming doors, throwing dishes, and throwing a tantrum because your husband isn’t providing.

Turn all of your attention and focus on the Lord and say with all your heart, “Lord, it’s hard, but I trust you. I trust you will take care of me when my husband can’t. I am your daughter, and you are my King. You are my ultimate provider and my source. I place all of my expectations on you. I ask that you fill every lacking place in my home and every lacking place in me. Strengthen me, God. Encourage my husband and help us to know with confidence that everything will be alright because you are our God, and you are our provider. Get us through this and lead us into your blessing for our lives. In Jesus’ name, Amen.”

(Read Psalm 121:1; Psalm 37:7; Psalm 37:25)

8 thoughts on “My Sister, God is your Ultimate Provider!”

  1. Good morning Sister Kesha! I pray you & yours are well. I’d like to thank you again for helping me start my day off right by sharing God’s Word through your God-given wisdom. It’s always on point, reminding this sinner that there’s hope for me (if I put others ahead of me) & all of God’s children, especially during these heartbreaking times. I pray that our Gracious God blesses you & yours, & all of His children, today & always. May He have mercy on us all. ❤🙏🕊

  2. Yes God is my provider. I am going through a divorce so I am now a single mom to three kids trying to find a job so I’m completely relying on God to provide right now.

  3. ” I ask that you fill every lacking place in my home and every lacking place in me. ”

    Whew!!!! Thank you for these words Sister Kesha. It’s so true that often times we need Jesus to fill that lacking place in us; because it’s not always external, but it’s internal.

  4. Thank you as you speak our Fathers love
    To reassure me HE is my provider
    I have been pushing my husband
    Yet it is God who moves us into position
    Thank you for reminding me God does it all in His timing not mine
    No more worries
    Sounds better on paper
    But my heart of far from it
    An area I lack
    Pray for me
    Thank you for you loyal dedication to hearing from The Father and speaking into my life as of it was just for me

  5. Reading these devotionals is blessing me! Things are turning round Krazy after years (two decades in fact or more technically) Krazy. Plus reading Bible more & praying. I’m extremely surprised so I second what you’re saying. It’s amazingly true that God will make a way. I hope it can be true for everyone tho cuz in my area there’s so many homeless people plus also people addicted to drugs like heroin (maybe not that many but it’s messed up cuz their lives ain’t nice not at all . ) Also in eg. Gaza ppl suffering decades. But I guess the Bible does say everyone can be helped if they lean on God.

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