My sister, He was right there.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart…” Jeremiah 1:5, New Living Translation

One day the Lord asked me, what is your earliest memory of Me demonstrating My love for you? I said when I received you in my heart at 12 years old at that church revival. He then said I need you to think further back. He took me all the way back to my birth. He said, I was with you when you were alone in an incubator for three months as a premature baby. I made sure the doctors and nurses took great care of you. I was with you through every moment of your childhood, your teen years until now. He said, your entire life is a demonstration of My intense love, My special care, and My intentional grace.

My sister, what is your earliest memory of when the Lord demonstrated His love for you? Take a moment to think further back. Let the Lord guide you through your life and show you that He was with you in every moment from your birth to now.

Now would be a good time to say, thank you, Lord.

Prayer: Thank you, Father. You were with me in my mother’s womb. When I took my first breath, you were right there. You made sure nothing would stop me from being here. Before I knew anything about you, you knew everything about me, and you still loved me. As I grew, you demonstrated your love in how you comforted me, protected me, and helped me get through every moment of my life. Thank you for your intense love, your special care, and your intentional grace. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Please listen to charity Gayle- Thankyou Jesus for the blood.

    Keisha I rewatched so many of your videos on YouTube a few days back; I have been following you for 4 years now. These past couple weeks I’ve been planning how to end things and just was waiting to do so… something in the back of my mind always would bring you voice and your “powerful prayers” to my ears. I would hear “that I’m not in this valley permanently, God has my exit, and to not loose sight of what God is revealing to me in this valley. Because I’m in nightmare situation again. Because of myself and not knowing my worth and who I am to Jesus. I was cutting myself again and just so hurt from physical sexual abuse and infidelity. One of your videos said, something like “you would never ever treat or think to treat others the way you do yourself”. It broke my heart. You said the relationships in my life are a reflection of how I treat myself inwardly. When no one is around. I just want to Thankyou and Thank my heavenly father for your anointing and calling to minister to women. I’m a working progress, but with trusting in Jesus I’m safe again, I don’t have to be perfect, God is re teaching me to forgive myself repent and grow.
    Like psalm 126 I am not dreaming yet but I will be. Amen

    1. I went to church today and the yong Pastor who preached touched my heart from my head to my feet.My spirits were highly lifted up.

  2. Glory to GOD, and THANK YOU Kesha for walking in your purpose for his glory and the good of others!!!💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

    😭😭😭 Like you I was premature, he was there 🙌🏽 and he continues to walk with me and talk with me 🙌🏽

    I am never alone, he has a plan and purpose for my life!!! GOD grace me with wisdom, direction, and instruction❤️

    1. God is so good to me he walked me threw Covic fir 4 months. They had declared me dead God said no and I woke up not be able to walk. They said I wouldn’t remember anything my mind would be gone and it wasn’t And that I would be on a kidney machine for the rest of my life and am not. Am walking talking. Am back in school for Nursing and am 60 years old. And I remember when I was In A Comma for months that I told God That I wasn’t Ready To Go And He brought me Back. And am so grateful for Life right know it’s a new beginning for me to do what I was put here for with Gods Guidance in my walk with him. Am still having trouble with my lungs but that’s the least of my worries am here and Blessed by the best thing that has ever happened in my life. And I have so much gratitude I have to share this with the world to let you know that God still preforms miracles because am a live and walking miracle for the books of Medicine and the world. And I thank you God for hearing my cry for Life and letting me live again to finish what you started in .me. My name is La Rita Green Of Cincinnati , Ohio

  3. Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Praise God! Father, thank You for being right there!! Right there during the breech birth of how my Mother had me and taking the forceps to bring me out by my head. 😭😭😭He was there when I had my first grandma seizure, biting up my tongue and the ambulance driver told my Mother that I was gone twice. He was there when I lost as body functions with doing the number one and two on myself because of another seizure.🙌🙌🙌 O Glory!!! He was there when I had surgery and had to learn how to walk all over again at the age of 13 years old, and He have been walking with me, carrying me, encouraging me to keep going, comforting me, protecting me with His unfailing love and His amazing grace!!! He is here with me now! He tells me that He will be with me until my end here. Then, come see Him in that place He have prepared for me that’s not made by man’s hands. I’m 54 years old and I know He will never leave me or forsake me. He is “Intentional!” By His Word tells me He does this in Jude 24-25 for me daily.

    Sister Kesha, thank you! He was and still is right here. Take good care😃💕💐💕

  4. Glory Thank you Father God because you have been right beside me since I was born you protect me and strength me though my life Father God again I say Thank you Father God in Jesus name Amen 🙏🏽 ❤ 🙌🏾

  5. My first thought of God was with me when I was a child at the age 7 or 8 it was a rainy night and I keep hearing this sound outside it made me afraid I pull the cover over my head to feel safe that didn’t work so I finally went to sleep that is my first encounter with God that I can remember but I know he have always been with me I am now 63 and he’s still walking with me to God be the glory for the great things he is doing thank you sister Keisha for sharing your testimony thank you for all the sisters that also share amen peace and blessing 🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤😊😊😊

  6. I, like you Kesha, was born three months early, I went to Saint John’s Hospital that had opened a premie center in Springfield Illinois the year before I was born. I weighed 3 pounds and 2oz. It took me three months to gain to 5 pounds. Fast track to 2013. There was an artical in our hometown newspaper. The nurse that started the premie center in Springfield was being honored for her work with babies, she was from my hometown! I realized that she was one of the nurses that took care of me! God always has a plan, and I am so grateful.
    I am now 64 years old. I am so glad that God chose me to live and I will gratefully spend the rest of my life loving and following God’s path for me. Thanks for this devotional!

  7. I am very joyous to now know the Lord never leaves or has forsaken me through my life as well as others. My testimony is a long list of events that He has and is bringing me through daily. I, too was born premature and it seems the battle never stopped but God. If it had not been from the Lord where will i be. Thank the Lord Heavenly Father,Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. This devotional is a powerful reminder. Blessings, Shalom and Agape.👀🙏🏽📖❤

  8. Thank you Lord. I’ve been thru a lot yet God with me from the moment I was conceived. Amazing love and care thank you so much and still right next to me every moment and step of the way helping and protecting always

  9. ❤❤❤❤💖💗💝💕 you were there ! Right there when I was a toddler left alone in that dark room……left there by my teenage mom who was just a child her self 😔 Thank you Father for never leaving us 😘😘😘 as I grew up you reminded me of how you were there I indeed was never alone 🙂

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