My sisters, I want to hear from you…

The Bible talks about how we overcome by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony (see Revelation 12:11). I ask that you please take a moment and share how God is using Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals to not only encourage you but transform your life. What was your relationship with God like before you knew about this ministry, and what is it like now? In what ways have you grown? I would LOVE to hear from you!

For me, this ministry has taught me how deep God’s love is for me. I always knew He loved me, but I didn’t know He loved me this much. Just knowing you are waiting to receive a devotional every morning fills me with purpose. My faith in God has gone from a lightweight faith to a heavyweight champion kind of bold and full persuasion faith that you only develop through experience. God has used you all to help me see that God truly lives in me, and His hand is heavy on my life. You all have given my life so much meaning and joy. I truly thank you for your love, your support, and your fervent prayers that I can feel. Thank you, Lord, for DOTK and this powerful sisterhood. I love, love, love you, but God loves you more!

120 thoughts on “My sisters, I want to hear from you…”

  1. I have been reading your devotional all the way from Ghana and I have been immensely blessed. Sometimes it’s as if God is speaking directly to me through your Devotionals.
    I once your sectional with a friend without know omg she was going through some difficult moments. She immediately began to have hope because the word you shared spoke directly to her soul.
    God bless you

    1. Goodmorning Mrs Tripett, I thank God daily, for the wonderful work he is accomplishing through you, my sister in Christ. I am the sister that look forward to every, helping me along my pillgrim journey. Press on, ever true and faithful . Love in Christ.

      1. Before daughter of the king I had a relationship with the Lord but since daughter of the king I look for forward every morning for the devotion last week when I did not see the devotion my heart ponder but I don’t know what I would do without reading each morning daughter of the king I have been richly bless back to the devotion a daughter of the king I think God each morning as I read the daughter of the king thank you so much my sister

        1. Before these devotionals I wasn’t starting my day off with the word. & now I do these devotionals every morning which has caused my relationship with God to grow tremendously. So thank you so much for these daily devotionals. They really have been a blessing.

    2. Hi my name is Peggy from Milwaukee Wisconsin. Thank you, thank you for pouring in my life, it encourages me day to day and reminds me how awesome our God is that He can use you to speak when times we can’t hear, Him letting us know how much He really loves us

      1. Dear Keisha,

        Thank you so much for spending the time to seek the face of God to enable Him to use so powerfully to bless, encourage, empower and inspire women all over the world. I look forward each morning to read what God is saying through you. Your devotionals have been a blessing to me and have helped me to trust and stand on the word of God like never before. May God continue to bless and prosper you and may grow closer and deeper in the things of God. Blessing 🙏🏽❤

      2. Thank you for sharing your love for God with us. The treasure that God has placed on you and in your has helped me and the many woment that I share it with daily. Each devotional is so on time and fitting for my situation. I thank God for equipping you to be a willing vessel and being transparent through your life experience. Continue to allow God to use you because you have encouraged many women and I applaud you and pray many blessings over you, your family and your ministry.

    3. I was just thinking the other day how I’ve never met you and yet you’ve played a significant role in my faith and the big decisions I’ve made because of God speaking to me through this devotional. I thank you for allowing God to use you. This ministry has been blessing me for many years now !

    4. Thank you my sisters for sharing your testimonies of how the Lord has used my devotionals to bless you! The Lord is blessing us all through this ministry…myself included! I love you and am so appreciative of this DOTK sisterhood! I pray the Lord continues to bless you richly and keep you close to His side! Love and blessings, Kesha Trippett

      1. I’m in South Africa, I’m always looking forward to receiving the daily messages that God has bestowed upon you. They are always on point, may God bless you and continue using you as a vessel to reach out to His children. We love you Keisha you are such a blessing to us❤️

      2. I have been waiting for this opportunity for awhile now, too long though because EVERY Devotional and EVERY single minute spent with you has been such a gift! You have been the candle in a window when I was so lost in many a snow storms, you have been the spark of hope in my most darkest moments! Its was as if you knew me and knew EXACTLY 💯 what to speak to me! Since I began reading your daily devotionals and there were unbearable lonely, I felt hopeless nights and knowing that if I held on just a little longer until the sun would rise and I could read your Devotional for that day, giving me a second breath, a little more hope and God’s words spoken through you made me fall in love with Our Heavenly Father all over again and instead of wanting to die I began to see me through His eyes and His Magnificent Powerful, Beautiful Love! You have saved this Womens life! I gave up suicidal thoughts, I gave up alcohol and drugs too! How could I not after YOU taught me how much He Truly Loves me! I kneeled before Him in a most Beautiful moment of surrender, gratitude and obedience and to show Him how very much I Love Him back. I want to thank you with all my heart for all of your BEAUTIFUL, ELOQUENT, POWERFUL, ENCOURAGING WORDS! You not only have a great gift Sister YOU ARE A GREAT GIFT!!

  2. I have been reading your devotional all the way from Ghana and I have been immensely blessed. Sometimes it’s as if God is speaking directly to me through your Devotionals.
    I once shared your devotional with a friend without knowing she was going through some difficult moments. She immediately began to have hope because the word you shared spoke directly to her soul.
    God bless you

  3. Thank you so much for all the words of encouragement , thank you for your hard work and obeying God’s command. I’m tremendously blessed by your devotional each day I look forward to start my day. More grace and blessings.

    1. Sister Trippet, I am so grateful for you and your ministry. Thank God you were obedient. I’ve always had a deep love for God, but your devotional has given me an even deeper love for Him. Every time and i mean every time i’m going thru a rough place your devotional always speak to it bringing me so much hope and peace. Your devos made me know how much i’m precious in God’s sight. I have been reminded repeatedly how real the Holy Spirit is thru your ministry. Lady Trippett i love you and i pray for you and i will continue to do so. God bless you and your beautiful family.

    2. Thank you GodI was so lost before I started reading daughter of the king devotion but the words just jumped out on the page once I started reading my life change dramatically I started being obedient I started looking for God in all the places i used to look for people so thank you .

  4. I praise the Most High Yah for your ministry. May he always keep you and your family covered in all things. I knew God before and would pray, but when my friend introduced me to your devotionals it changed me spiritually. I became more intimate with God, more secured in who I am to God, more prayerful, more hopeful, more stronger and more resilient. I learned to let my pen flow to paper with the word through DOTK. Sometimes for the situations I was going through, God would speak to me through you. You just don’t know how grateful I am that God used you as his mouthpiece. I have grown mentally, emotionally, physically, and most of all spiritually. I no longer have a weak prayer life, but I pray with purpose and expectancy. Thank you sister for these years of devotionals I love you and I look forward to the bigger things that God will do in your ministry. I have your poster in my room that constantly reminds me I’m a Daughter of King and the right woman for the job. There’s not enough words, as sweet tears roll down my face remembering where I once was and where I am now. Thank you Jesus Christ of Nazareth for Kesha Trippett and her ministry.

  5. I look forward to seeing what God has to say to me and others! I share specific devotional after being led by the spirit to do so. I have learned that I’m not alone that other women are going through the same things. I don’t always think I’m where I should be spiritually or doing as much as I would like to for Gods kingdom but DOTK has taught me its a process and I’m right where God wants me to be. I love DOTK. It’s a blessing every day!
    Be blessed and Thank you!

  6. Hello there
    I’ve been reading these Devotionals for 4 years now. And they have been A blessing after blessing.
    Praying that God continues to anoint this ministry And with much more favor

    In Jesus name ! Amen

  7. I have been following DOTK for about 2 to 3 years now. I have lost a mother to cancer a brother through the hands of drugs and the police. I lost my hope friendship, Relationships, Jobs, most of all myself and my way. The DOTK has given me Life and help me to continue to fight even when I had nothing left to fight with. Your words from God encouraged me to keep moving forward. My mom was a Minister she always taught me to trust God and to follow his word for my life. I have been connected to you through God bc everytime I read your Devotionals God use your life too help me continue to fight and I want to say Thank you for allowing God to use your life to help other women I am truly Grateful for you!!!

  8. Hello. I found this ” by accident”. God has used you mightily. Most days it’s exactly what I need ! I’ve dealt with depression for over 3 years. I’ve had very hard times for a long time. When I was younger my faith & relationship with God was on fire. I would constantly share my faith. Your site and a Bible study I did this summer on Zoom with friends, and 21 days of prayer regarding something you wanted to change, was what really started turning me around ! Thank you for being so faithful to God & the example you set for us ! XXOO

    1. Thank you all for allowing each of us to see the Mighty hand of God in the lives of each that this ministry has Blessed. The daily Devotionals are just that to me Daily. It’s my life style now for the past four years🙏🏾 I thank you so much Woman of God for your obedience your diligence and faithfulness Daily👏🏾 You have given me a word everyday that I can stand on in any situation I’m facing and that anchors to stand and fight the good fight of faith! You are a Blessing to the Body of Christ and Womanhood. I love sharing your messages with others.
      Please share information about how to be a monthly partner so I can sow into you and the ministry. I understand the seed and harvest principle and you have sown so much into me/us it’s a blessing to sow financially back to thus good ground🙌🏾🔥

  9. Prophetic in a timely manner both you and your husband devotionals. Thank you. I appreciate your living sacrifice… May God continue to bless you and your family… Amen

    1. I have been following your ministry 4 years now and I can say it has been truly encouraging and a blessing in my life. There are days where I know God was using you to speak to me. I will continue to pray for your ministry and that blessings remain in constant flow.

  10. Hello my dear sister!! I too look forward to reading these beautiful and up lifting words every day! I can’t thank you enough for letting God use you to uplift each of us!

    We love you just as much!!! 💖💖💖

    Continued blessings!!


  11. I look forward to your devotionals every day. They are always a blessing and help me deal with whatever is going on in my life. Thank you!

  12. Hi !I want to say how thankful I am for finding this ….my fiance passed away July 29th of this year in a car accident and right after I was having hard time getting up every morning because of the emptyness I felt .Now Its been easier day by day praise God .Now I had been wanting to find a daily devotional app for women to start my days with and I found this one and has been exactly what I need for the day of .Thank you for your obedience to God for this ministry.I can tell you are being led by him through it all .Thank you so much this really is helping me be encouraged when the day begins .

  13. Hello My Friend, thank you for being a voice in the wilderness when so many of us don’t know where to turn during all the chaos and noise. Your voice has been a calm in the storm so many days. As women, we go through so much in the many roles that we play nurturing others we often forget to take good care of ourselves. Your ministry reminds us that we too are important and can be made whole by the word of God. My cousin in recent years had a very bad fall was paralyzed from her waist down introduce me to this app. It was a miracle for her. It gave her a newness of life and challenged her in so many areas to be better not bitter. She’s now walking, cooking meals for husband and family and has started a prayer ministry. I’ve never seen her in this mode of life so happy. Thank you and your family for the devotionals that is changing lives on a daily basis. We LOVE You from the bottom of our heart.

  14. I count on the devotions every morning. I know every single day there is a direct word coming from God thru you Keisha Trippett.U r such a beautiful blessing in my life.N u r a true overcomer.Your story is so powerful.

  15. Kesha, my beloved sister🥰 at least for two years I am reading your devotionals. YOU showed me that I am a Daughter of the King and however long it took I learned slowly but very surely how much God loves me with all my trouble I’m doing to Him. and He waited so long for me accepting His great love and grace and what I am here for. that all this I’ve gone through and still going through is for His glory and love to show to His people and to everyone who gets to my bus that I drive or any other place here in Tel Aviv. some of the devotionals hit me so much that I was down on my knees.
    so, Kesha, it’s usually afternoon when your devotional gets to me😊 thank you from all my heart.
    so I’m waiting every morning for your devotional arriving in the afternoon 🌹🌹🌹
    love and blessings from Christine Hanna

  16. well for me your devotionals are a must have. I believe most of my life has just been so empty and I still struggle with depression and a negative spirit at times but I am doing way better because of the devotionals.
    I started reading your devotionals every morning and it awakened my spirit to the point where I use to share it with women in my circle and introduced it to my coworker who told me she was having a trying day and after reading the devotional she felt better.
    when faced with certain circumstances and choices I often see God speaking to me through your devotionals and sometimes wonder how comes you know me without actually knowing me.
    So please continue to be encouraged because you are saving lives and God bless you

  17. Thank you for your devotionals. These have blessed me in some of my darkest hours. I have continued to look back, and remember when storms come how God gives me strength to never give up.

  18. I honestly don’t remember when I started reading your devotionals. However, they are such a blessing to me and I look forward them everyday.

  19. DOTK I was praying to our Lord about guidance to a devotional for young ladies like myself. Here comes DOTK came my way, I’ve grown spiritually because Our Lord timely devotional daily walk with Him. ❤️

  20. Hi,
    I have been reading your devotionals all the way from Scotland! They have spoken into my life many times and it is evident God is working through you to help and support others.
    Keep working hard, keep writing and keep praying for us.
    From, Michelle

  21. My Sister,
    There has been times that I actually thought you were in my house. The things that you’ve shared have/has been sooo prophetic and helpful to me. They’ve changed my thoughts and saved my marriage. DOTK has disciplined me and made me hunger/thirst after righteousness and explore the word on a much deeper level. Thanks for allowing God to use you.

  22. There has been times that I actually thought you were in my house. The things that you’ve shared have/has been sooo prophetic and helpful to me. They’ve changed my thoughts and saved my marriage. DOTK has disciplined me and made me hunger/thirst after righteousness and explore the word on a much deeper level. Thanks for allowing God to use you.

  23. Thank for all of your devotionals I look forward to them and they are always on point thank you for allowing the Lord to use you I ask that you pray for my heart my soul and my health thank you In advance and for me to get house pray for me and son both thank pray that he makes it out of school and passes all his classes

  24. I wantedto let you know that your ministry has inspired me always,over many yrs
    Although an old Christian your message for the day has often been just what I needed for my journey in life or an answer to a need.
    I have given others your App to encourage there walk with Jesus.
    I thanyou in your obedient to our Hevenly Father in your ministry .
    When in need in all ways or form ,Jesus is lifting us up & encourages all & others to prayer for His ministers & people throughout the world .
    Ritcheous Blessings Always to you Margaret Taylor

  25. Incredible anointed Devotionals that have been used in my walk as a daughter of Christ, a parent, a servant, and a wife. I’ve been encouraged, empowered, corrected, understood, and prayed for. Many responded to my prayer request and it brought tears to my heart, I don’t even know them and they prayed for me in my hardest moments. I love this app and I can only imagine the sacrifice sister Keisha puts into it. You are so powerful and prophetic, anointed and real to the tee! God bless you for your faithfulness ❤️

  26. This devotional is transforming my life into the image of Christ, and continues to teach me and minister to me about the depth of God’s love for me through the salvation given to me through the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ! It is as if, ” Jesus is speaking directly to me”! God bless you and this Spirit-led and Spirit-filled ministry!!

  27. I only began reading a few weeks ago. Devotionals are how I begin my time with God. Someone shared your devotional and likewise, I did the same.

    What I enjoy most is the community aspect. I glean so much from the comments and reflections of others. This is a missing component of most devotionals. During this COVID19 era, I need interaction and community. I’ve found a dose of that here.
    Very important.

    Sister Tripett many many thanks for being open to the Master’s messages to his people. May God’s favor continue with you!!

  28. Am so blessed & wait anxiously as to what God wants to speak to me through your devotional & God speak often directly to my 💓. Love how the Lord is leading you at DOtK.

    My heart soars to know how beautifully God is leading his precious people ! My situation has not changed but I have Joy of the Lord & wait in high expectancy. know very soon the promises of God will be manifested. I will be joined with my husband & we Lack no more in Jesus name.

    God bless you & DOTk .

  29. I have been immensely blessed by these devotionals. I have shared them with others and they have been transformed too. I am grateful for allowing yourself to be used of God in this special way Kesha!!

  30. I first discovered this app through a friend I knew from church and college. This devotional app has encouraged me on days that I didn’t think I could keep moving. There have been days where I was discouraged and downright depressed, and the Holy Spirit would lead me to read this devotion and it would be exactly what I needed. Secondly, this devotional has confirmed some of the exact same things God speaks to me in my alone time with him. Thirdly, it has developed a hunger in me to dig deeper into God’s word. It has even lead me to begin a GroupMe where I encourage other young adults with the word of God. Thank you for pouring out and allowing the Holy Spirit to use you. Your labor is not in vain!! Keep going and keep growing!! Much love!!

  31. I am truly blessed by reading these devotionals and share them often with others that need encouragement. You have a gift and it is not being wasted!!
    I pray God will help us use our gifts so we can shine for his glory as well!! Keep pressing forward….God bless you sister!!

  32. God has shown me how much he cares for Me. I was introduced to this ministry while going through a divorce when I felt the least loved, ashamed, hurt and depressed. I would think things to myself or mention a concern to a friend and the next morning the devotional would speak to that concern, not just once or twice but consistently for years until I fell of somehow and missed them. When I picked them back up He was still speaking to my heart. Thank you for Your obedience and May God continue to bless you, your family and ministry❤️🙌🏽

  33. Daughters of the King Daily Devotionals have helped me tremendously in my walk with the Lord. It never fails how each day the devotional speaks to exactly where I am in my life spiritually and in the natural. Each day I try to share the devotional either through text messages to my family and friends or on Facebook. Thank you for being a vessel for the Lord. Thank you for your daily encouragement and transparency. These devotionals inspire me and help me to truly know that I am a Daughter of the King. Many blessings to you, your family, and your ministry!

  34. I was told to download this app quickly after I posted a video of “my coming out story (choosing to follow Christ) which I talk about how God came to me in a dream to let me know my life in the lgbtq community was a sin and how since being out of church he’s been reaching for me. This app has been my encouragement every day along with all the prayers of the people in my corner. Keep on keeping on! You’re a blessing sis! ❤️

  35. Daughters of the king have taught me purpose in my life is taught me how to live for Christ and knowing that Christ loves me no matter what. Since I started reading this devotion I have come to know myself through Christ in the character that lives within me I am a mother who raised seven children with 14 grandchildren and I just lost a son at the age of 28 and at this point in my life I’ve learned how job was faithful to God no matter what. This devotion has brought me through a lot of things that I would have not been able to accomplish on my own. Trust in God if what I have my faith is much stronger I’ve grown from Mustard Seed Faith to the faith of a giant. I think God for this ministry and how God has allowed it to pour into my life and I’ve been able to use it to pour into others. I choose to serve God even in the state of being homeless without what I think is what I need God knows what’s best for me. Ayo face of the storms of life while holding on to God’s unchanging hand.

  36. Hello! I look forward to DOTK devotionals everyday! I love the way God speaks directly to me through your devotionals. I take them personally as though He is telling you exactly what to say to me. I share them with others also. Before DOTK, I’ve always had a relationship with God, but now my eyes have been open to an even deeper level with Him. I know He loves me because the bible tells me so, but since I started following this ministry, I absolutely know just how much He loves me. I have matured as a woman, wife and mother because of this ministry. This ministry has caused me to search myself and make adjustments about myself that are needed and most importantly allow God to do work in me. This ministry has given me hope where I had none and helped strengthen my faith! THANK YOU for allowing God to use you in such a mighty way. I can’t wait to attend one of your seminars💜

  37. Hello DOTK Family,
    This ministry has been such a great blessing to me.. I have been saved for many years and reading your daily devotionals
    has given me a deeper love and a deeper super natural relationship with our Father.
    Thank you prophetess Kesha
    for being so faithful continue to
    allow our Abba Father to use you to reach his daughter’s
    world wide you are awesome
    to God be the glory for sending
    such a messenger and servant.
    As you pour out of your spirit rest and allow God to refill you and refresh you in Jesus name.
    May the God of Peace and Strength be with you always.

  38. Hi, my name is Karlene Waugh and I am from Jamaica. I honestly don’t even remember how I came to know about you but I was led by my spirit searching for identity and came across you. You have spoken directly to me for more than 3 years now. I mean you don’t miss a beat. Even when I see a post from last year reappear this year, I can see that the message still relates to me, yet again on that very day. You spoke again to me yesterday and I am following my path. I am a living testimony of how powerful God is using you in my life. Thank you doesn’t even explain or express my gratitude for your Ministry. Keep up the excellent work Woman of God.

    How has my life changed, I know who I Am. I know that I Am not my state. I know God is for me and not against me. I know to trust His plan. I know I am a Child of God, destined for greatness. He told me I was pregnant, there I was expecting babies, never thought I would give birth to purpose through my gift. I love to write. These get me through the day. That’s all I need to do, take it one day at a time.

    I truly love you my Sister. God continued blessing to you and your family.

  39. Bula Sister Kesha,

    I cannot find words to fully describe the overwhelming feeling of appreciation that floods me when i attempt to explain how this blessed platform has helped me and my family. I am a single mum who had been bonded by the Spirit of rejection since the day i was conceived till this glorious year, when i personally met Jesus. I had been reading through your devotions for years until this year when i finally understood who my Father is and who i am in Him – God spoke to my heart and changed it forever, i am the daughter of the King, the daughter of the Most High God, and that alone broke my chains and set me free.
    Jesus my King told me that i deserve the best, and not 2nd best and i believe Him, and now i am free……i look to your daily devotion as a daily guide and i tell you my sister, God is using you as a vessel to set the captives free….Vinaka and God bless you more!!

  40. Very encouraging words early in the morning after my morning prayer at 5:30 a.m. I look forward to reading the devotionals especially the ones from King James Version and then I share it with my family and friends that their day too can be encouraged and it keeps me pressing forward in the times that we are living in such as now all the way down from Charlotte North Carolina God bless you stay encouraged and I love The Sisterhood and some of them really be right on Target something that I might be going through or my family member on my friend may be going through and they are so in love them as well encouraging their lives

  41. Thank you Keisha for your devotions. Ive gone thru lost and health scares and id read your devotions to our Holy Father and during my times of trouble i would feel joy. You devotions would feed Gods words into my heart and i would know He was with me. His hands were on me and in my life. What a miracle. You are my Sister and i thank you for. faithfulness to the Lord. I love you Jesus

  42. Sister Keisha,
    Your ministry has been so dear to me. Holy Spirit has spoken through you—sometimes for many sequential days—when I sorely needed to know God saw me. His words through you have encouraged my heart, strengthened my resolve, challenged my choices.
    Your faithfulness in seeking Him for us and your capacity to receive and consistently pass in and pour into us has been so inspiring to me, my sister. It’s stirred HOPE within me that there’s more for me, too, and His work for me will be just right for me, too.
    Thank you, dear Keisha. May Father’s blessing flow abundantly TO—and THROUGH you. In both cases, may you be richly blessed! XOXO

  43. I’ve seen people from all walks of life on this devotion and one thing that I’ve noticed is that no matter how near or how far around the world or next door our God’s Mighty hand and power and sweet spirit is able to keep all of his children and guide all of his children in the same direction upon that same path and have them in the same page and the spirit I’m thankful for all of the confirmation ive been given by God through this ministry for all the encouragement for all the instruction and correction bless you in Jesus mighty name

  44. I don’t recall how I found this app but let’s just say I’ve had some of the worst days and simply thrived, cried, shifted, shared, and so much more when reading what God had shared with you. I admire your commitment and sacrifice in your relationship with Christ, that I hope one day I can achieve that too. Thank you for your obedience and I pray an overflow to flood your home!

  45. These devotionals have truly been a blessing to me. It solidifies my position as A Daughter of the Most High and He love me. These devotional remind me that being His is a privilege and responsibility. The privilege in knowing I’m blessed and highly favored because of His authority in my life. The responsibility of knowing I must be obedient and cherish every moment. So I thank you!!

  46. Hello i don’t remember when i started reading your devotional but I’m glad i did, hearing what God has put on your heart for the day has made my day many times, I’ve even felt you praying over my prayer request when i was going through & having an issue. With this pandemic & so much going on it helps to look forward to hearing a word from God. Keep up the God work sis, He’s blessing lots of women thru you,the work you’re doing is not in vain.
    LovePeace&Blessings from Ft Worth Texas

  47. Your devotionals are right on time and always serve as reassurance and confirmation. Thank you for your obedience to God. Before I started reading your devotionals I did not know how God felt about me. I did not know the scale of his love , mercy, and Grace. Whenever the enemy attacks my mind with lies I go right to your devotionals and they always relate to how I’m feeling. It has helped me in so many ways. I am so grateful for your ministry! I look forward too seeing how God continues to use God continues to use you.

    Bre Vega

  48. Hello from yr fijian sister in Australia…my best friend from nz living here in Australia introduced me to DOTK! I have had the most hardest 11 months of my life…my mum passed and had to take care of dad and at one point he was in hospital and nearly passed away too..i have had trauma after trauma hit but Im only standing because of Jesus!!!..ive been protected from vehicle accidents- one accident almost took my brother and i out for good….my sadness, family feuds arising from mums passing, packing up and selling the family home full of memories..mum had been a bible worker and loved Jesus but i had so much guilt about what i could have done better….Jesus had healed our relationship over past few years to such a beautiful connection..when i had no one with me, when i was crying in the deepest parts of my heart your messages gave me hope and it felt like u were talking to me directly…im crying as i write this! You heard me, you lifted me and through you Jesus gave me hope and a future!!! Your messages helped me through a dark period and i thank you for yr ministry!( Thank you Jesus for Kesha!! Please Lord bless and protect her and her family )…im working on sharing Jesus love with others & your reminders that Jesus loves me helps me move forward. I am hopeful in Christ and i know he has a purpose for me! Thank youuuu sooo much!! God bless x

  49. This devotional is the best so far in addressing the affairs of the daughters of the Kingdom. I look forward on daily basis to receive messages of encouragement that energized my faith on the love of the Almighty for me . It has being an amazing ride . May the Almighty reward you richly and anoint you afresh for greater works in Jesus name . Amen
    I am a Nigerian and lives at the Federal Capital

  50. I wake up every morning to read DOTK. It encourages me to know that I can trust God that he loves me, and he will work out my troubles DOTK has also inspired me to read more scriptures. You have been a blessing through this devotion. Keep up the good work💜💜💜💜💜

  51. I am so grateful to God for these Devotionals, they encourage me everyday I look to see what God has to say and a lot of them are confirming what He has spoken to me . That lets me know I am hearing Him . Thank you thank you thank you ❤️❤️❤️

  52. I look so forward to the devotional being a part of my moring time with God. It has help me to get closer and grow stronger. My you be blessed as much as you are a blessing!

  53. Life’s journey has has certainly caused my being “available to Him”.
    Its harder, the closer I get to where God wants me.

    Some days I read your devotionals twice a day and forward to others.. They are ENCOURAGEMENT and truly a testament to what God CAN do.
    I too considered myself a light weight, but I want more of Him.

    Thank You Keshia for being a willing vessel. May God continue to bless and keep you real good 🙏

  54. I dont have the time to address everytime God has used this devotional to stir me up. To encourage, uplift and even a God spanking now and then. I thank God for this ministry and the ones behind the scenes making it available to whomever. Love u and thanks again.

  55. GM your word from God sums it up for me. It’s a light unto my path. Just knowing daily that I can open this app any time of day, any where, no matter the situation and find a word blessed my soul and keeps me encouraged and grateful. So many days when the cars of life could way me down I can go to the source of my life and through your Devotions It seems when i read them God himself i feel is speaking directly to me. I thank God for this ministry. Keep going!

  56. The Greastest change for me being changed from wrong stinking thinking. For I didn’t think, believe or understand why God would even love someone like me. But that has changed that through His word and DOTK that I am loved in a might way that is beyond my understanding. I am so grateful for the obiedience of Sister Keisha delivering what God has given to her in substance to share with many, and the DOTK family for the unity of our Father ABBA, our Savior Jesus, our Comforter THe Holy Ghost, our Understanding through Lady Wisdom and the protection of God’s Grace of Mercies and Mercies of Grace, as well as the Guarding of the Angels He has assigned to us. Thank You Father in Jesus name. Hallelujah. Amen.

  57. DOTK has meant so much to me in many seasons of my life for comfort, correction, as well as a prophetic sound. I’ve shared your devotionals countless times over, and my friends would say the same. I can feel your sincere prayers and love as you write to us. My crown fits so much better now that I know who I am in Christ and not afraid to own it. Thank you ❤

  58. I have been reading this devotional every morning for several years. It was recommended to me and it is so powerful and keeps my brain in the truth! I find it starts me on the right track every morning. Thank you so very much for your devotion. The value of this daily reminder of Jesus love for me helps me bring that love to the world! ❤️

  59. Hello DOTK,
    I started reading your devotions about a little over a year ago. I wake up ready to receive each devotion. Before your devotions I had a relationship with God but it was more so like an associate type relationship I really wasn’t leaning on God for my savior. I prayed when I only needed God when things were going bad. My therapist introduced me to your devotion during a period of when I was battling depression and anxiety. Once I started reading your devotion it seemed every word spoke right to my heart. I started getting up at the same time and reviewing the scripture and quoting the prayers out loud daily. My relationship with God evolved and grew stronger. I started overcoming my battle of depression. My walk became different my talk became different. I started praying more and more not just when I needed him but having a relationship with my Father became a priority. I’m so grateful for you because now I’m stronger than ever and I’ve started my own ministry and now I’m helping others. Kesha God has used you so powerfully to teach women like myself. I knew I had a calling on my life but I didn’t know it was of this magnitude. Please continue with the devotion it’s my daily dose of medicine for the Lord and I’m very appreciative. I also love your website and wear my T-shirt “Cover-19” proudly and the prayer. Of protection I ride with that in my car. Love you DOTK May God continue to bless your ministry

  60. Since I found this devotional, I’ve made it a habit to read it every morning. There are times that I’ve been called to send it to others. I always hear back that your words are what they needed that day. Your Devotionals are not only encouraging to me and a Godsend, it’s encouraging to those in my circle. Thank you for taking the time to do this. You are very much appreciated and loved by us

  61. When I lived in Missouri, I was attending Sunday school when I first was introduced to DOTK.
    I have been so blessed by the
    Message that you present for us everyday and to know that it is coming from someone that looks just like me is amazing!!
    I just want to say thank you Lord
    That he put it on your heart to bring it to life and now so many of His daughter’s can read testimonials and be blessed by reading His word.
    Thank you for sharing with us your truth, your vulnerable side and your kindness. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
    Be Blessed!

  62. Wheeww..where to begin. After reading the comments so far, I am blown away by the scope of inluence and empowerment that a simple act of obedience will bring. Your obedience to the call and purpose in you life is impacting NATIONS! And I am sure it just started with one small step. This is where I struggle (analysis paralysis) but your devotions are so timely it as if God himself is speaking to me, encouraging me, confirming things in me and challenging me. and

    Your devotions have been the clutch for me, especially the last year or so as I have gotten further into a stage 4 breast cancer diagnosis. Your devotions were God breathed and they would give me the best reminders at the most perfect times that God sees me. He hasn’t forgotten me. He is here and He has gone before.

    So I say thank you. I can’t imagine what it takes to do this daily. I remember you taking the break and I was amazed that you didn’t take breaks regularly. I continue to pray over you, your family, your walk and your ministry. It is not all in vain.

    Lord please bless my sister Keisha. Thank you for speaking to her and thank you that she knows and hears Your voice. Order her steps so that she may know exactly what she is to do at all times. We ask for wisdom and grace over her and for protection and covering from all physical, social, mental and spiritual attacks, hurt, harms or dangers for her and her loved ones. We thank you for meeting all her needs as she pours out to others. Continue to breathe fresh newness unto her each day. Continue to give her creative visions, ideas and dreams to run with and if you give it to her bring her all that she needs to bring it to fruition. Thank you for her obedience. Favor her Lord in Jesus name Amen

  63. I have shared before, that i was desperately seeking God through a devotional at one of tge most painful times in my life (about 10 years ago). I was already reading about 3 different devos and my bible and felt desperate to hear Him, to have the pain removed. I’m so glad and blessed God brought me to DOTK. I feel the sisterhood. I often share as i feel led and know that other are deeply impacted by your prophetic messages. I value and appreciate when your life and humanness is shared. And, i am inspired by how God works through you. DOTK is a blessing.

  64. I have been reading your devotions for years and I try my best to pass it along to every woman I know who needs to hear the greatness of Jesus Christ through your experiences. You help me not give up. You help me not give in. I tgank God for you and I pray his blessings on you and your families life FOREVER!❤

  65. Thank You My Dear Sister, I didn’t see this part before but I did send you a respond message through in and I just downloaded the in app so I’m waiting for it to load or appear on my cell phone screen. God Bless You… ❤

  66. Hey I’m from Jamaica and I read your devotional every morning, to that it has been a blessing is an understatement. I don’t know for anybody else but God always seema to give the right words to you, in time, in season an my dad in sincapation. Your God inspired words have been a light and a reminder of how God can use just about anyone from about anywhere to speak into a your situation no matter how small print how big it may seem to you in the moment. I remember the devotion about give ear to faith, not to fear so vividly. I even printed it and have it on my wall in my office just to remind me when the enemy and his minions try to tell me otherwise. Continue to make yourself available to be used by God, because I know that he uses these devotional to inspire, ignite, and comfort His daughters.

  67. God bless. I am so glad God is using you to bless women all around the world. This app is truly amazing. I love the Devotionals every morning. They are always a blessing and encouraging.

  68. Kiesha,
    I’m so grateful for your question, because there is something that I have wanted to tell you for a very long time. Earlier this year, I had a dream. I woke up from the dream speaking in tongues. In the dream, I was standing in the middle of a blazing fire. But I was not consumed. I woke up wondering what this dream meant, and I kept asking the Lord to reveal it to me. I felt compelled to look at the Devotional for the day and it revealed the meaning of the dream. Though this was back in March, I am still basking in the revelation of God’s love. And He used you to to do it ❤️. Here is what the devotional said:
    “…For love is as strong as death, its jealousy as enduring as the grave. Love flashes like fire, the brightest kind of flame. Many waters cannot quench love, nor can rivers drown it” Song of Solomon 8:6-7, New Living Translation.

    “Remember, My daughter, who I am within you and that nothing shall be impossible for you when you believe. I have put My fire within you and no one can put it out. It cannot be quenched. My love within you is stronger than death. Many waters cannot quench My love. It is unfailing. My Spirit within you continues to burn through the night. It will burn while in the storm, and as you walk through the day. I am set it place within you like a candle. You will become more ablaze. Consumed with Me and My love. I have placed the gift of My Spirit within you, and nothing will be able to stand in your way. No evil will be able to penetrate through to your heart where My love abides. I protect the fire that burns within you. I cover it with My hands. Yes, you are covered by Me. You are a little fire, but you will become a great flame for My glory. I breathe on you now, a fresh wind from every direction, and you will love with My love in every direction.”
    (Read Mark 9:23; Proverbs 20:27; Psalm 91:4; Job 32:8; Job 33:4)

    Kiesha, this is only one of the ways DOTK has blessed me….I have so many more💛🔥I love you my Sister!
    Azure M.

    1. Absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!
      I know exactly what you mean. God definitely uses the Spirit to speak through her, and is speaking RIGHT INTO THE HEARTS of SO MANY!!!
      Praise God!!!!

  69. Someone once shared one of your devotionals that inspired me and I went looking to see if there were more and found a treasure box. I look forward to your daily posts and sometimes when I read, it is as though it’s speaking directly to me or addressing my current situation. These devotionals have been such an encouragement so I have been sharing them with others.

  70. Thank God for your ministry Sis Kesha you daughter of the king devotional has help me over years along with reading the words of God first from my Bible app help me to see who I’m with Christ Jesus I’m a true daughter of the King and I love❤ the lord my God and I trusted God with my life and his teaching me his will and God plan for my life Again Thank you Sis Kesha❤🙏🏽 🙌🏽

  71. I have been reading DOTK devotionals for about 5 years now. It’s just as routine as a cup of coffee in the morning. In addition to prayer, it is the perfect kickstart to my day. The devotionals are the encouragement I need on some of the hardest days. I go back and study the scriptures provided and my spirit is fed. My walk with God has certainly grown from this ministry and it’s works.

  72. I look forward every morning to your devotionals you help me in my walk with christ with your testimony!! Its like whatever I’m going through I read your devotionals and God is speaking to me, your doing a great service to our lord love love love you my dear lady💜🙏

  73. I first started reading this about 3 years ago. I can not remember how I discovered this app but I am so grateful for it. I had been struggling from addiction to drugs for 20 years. I was in a high speed chase and ended up in a car accident. I woke up in the hospital injured badly. I cried out to God and begged Him to help me stay clean and He did. When I was released from the hospital I was in need of encouragement daily to stay clean. Reading this devotion has helped me get through life daily. It seems like I am in need of something and boom I read the devotion and it is on point October 26th,2020 I will have 3 years clean from drugs. I now work and help families struggling with addiction and I send the women even men sometimes these devotions to encourage them. Thank you for helping. May God continue to bless you.

  74. I have been reading DOTK devotionals for quite a few years now. Through the highs and lows of life, I can always count on this devotional to speak a mighty word into my life. I shared it with my mom, friends, and sisters, It is truly a blessing,

    It is also a great inspiration to see how God uses Sister Triplett so mightily. I thank God for her.

  75. Kesha,

    What is so amazing about this post today, is that it confirms what I already knew.

    I actually began to write a letter to you yesterday because I felt a strong need to thank you for what your words & messages through your devotionals have meant to me these past years ever since I found them. But as I began to explain what I had been through, (in order to explain WHY your devotionals meant so much to me)… I paused.

    And then I deleted the letter.

    And it wasn’t because I didn’t want you to know what I’d been through. It wasn’t because I’m not willing to share. Not at all.

    I have ALWAYS been an open book, and I LOVE to encourage others! But I have learned over time that because EVERYONE is dealing with their own forms of hardship, brokenness, suffering, and pain… that sometimes, I feel like it would be unfair to share mine with them.

    And I say that because sometimes, another person’s load is already so heavy with whatever THEY are going through, that they just have no margin or room to handle anyone ELSE’S load. (Not even enough to hear about it). They can barely manage their own!

    So… without being able to know where a person ‘is’ at that moment, I have learned over time to stay on the more reserved side of sharing, so as not to risk burdening or overwhelming them unintentionally.

    And my goal in sharing my story isn’t for them to ‘take it from me’, or to ‘solve it’ or ‘heal it’. But I share out of the hope of being able to connect & relate to them on a personal level… to become close in supporting each other. (There can be incredible bonding in sharing someone’s suffering for those who are willing to). But I can understand that many people simply don’t want to ‘bond through suffering’… and I want to be respectful of that.

    But the other difficulty I’ve found is that sometimes when your hurt/struggle/pain is very heavy, unique, tragic, or deep… it is almost impossible to ‘bond in suffering’ with some people. Some pains are deep enough, that unless someone has a similar understanding of what that pain/hurt feels like… people are simply overwhelmed by it & don’t know what to DO with it! That type of pain or circumstance is FOREIGN to them, and they end up walking away feeling awkward, saddened, & burdened by your pain because they simply don’t know HOW to connect with it on any kind of level of understanding that is comfortable to them, OR helpful to you.

    So over time, I’ve learned to try to be very careful about what, (& how much), I say. Again, it isn’t that I’m not willing to share. But I don’t want to unintentionally add any additional heaviness to anyone’s already heavy load… especially if they weren’t wanting to carry it.

    And while that realization can definitely feel VERY lonely… I can also logically understand it.

    ONLY God can see through my eyes, hear through my ears, & feel through my heart.
    Only HE truly knows the depth of my pain & understands it.
    Only HE knows how to heal it.

    So… while it can be a very lonely journey at times, I’m learning that’s ok!! Your devotionals have helped me SO MUCH in that way!

    When I felt like no one understands & feel so alone… suddenly “A Word From the Lord for You” is speaking STRAIGHT to MY heart!!! It has been amazing to me how your devotionals seem to speak directly to ME… and yet, SOOOOOOOOO many other women can say the EXACT SAME THING! (Even though we are ALL dealing with DIFFERENT circumstances!)

    So, the fact that I started to write to you yesterday, but deleted the letter once I realized I didn’t want to risk laying any potentially unwanted burden on you… ONLY to find THIS REQUEST TODAY saying you WANT to hear from us…

    Oh my!

    Kesha, this was DEFINITELY meant for me today!

    PLEASE never doubt how impactful your work is! I am only ONE woman… and it is SO clear that you are helping SO MANY women!!!

    When your spirit needs to feel encouraged, I HIGHLY recommend that you request to hear from us like you did today. : )

    I think there are MANY out there like me… where there’s a situation where it ISN’T that we don’t WANT to tell you our story. (And we MOST DEFINITELY want to thank you!!! We LOVE YOU!) But we know you and your team hear SO MANY stories of hardship… and there are many people who love you enough to NOT want to risk ‘overburdening’ you. (Not that we don’t think you can’t handle it. Lol! But again… no one can know at any given time how much someone has on their ‘plate’, & how much more they can, or want, to handle).

    So PLEASE… continue to ask to hear from us whenever you ARE able & want to hear from us! I’m sure you will get a flood of responses!!! (Sometimes we just need the ‘green light’ to know it’s ok.) : )

    Praise God for all of His goodness!
    SOOOOOOOO much love to you, your team, & your family. Continued prayers for health, success, and blessings on you ALL!

    Thank you again, Kesha. : )


  76. This devotional has been such a blessing to me and to my friends. It is EXACTLY what I need to hear for that day! I truly believe it is anointed by God! Thank you and may you continue to write these devotionals with God’s inspiration behind it!

  77. Thank you for listening and sharing what the Lord is speaking. I have found that as I seek God’s word He is there waiting to meet me. DOTK has encouraged me to keep seeking and pressing into the Lord. He WANTS to love on us, draw us closer and tell us great and mighty things. DOTK has helped me to see this as I open everyday and read what Jesus has said to you to tell me.

  78. I am one of the many people who longs to read a devotional every morning. I go to work and can’t wait for the break, because I will have the time to just find out what God is telling me each morning. Your ministry is indeed a blessing and yes God works through you blessing many people around the world, and I am one of them. This has blessed me so much, has encouraged me when I was about to faint. Has given me a new perspective, has helped me understand God’s character. Wow, it has been blessed me in many ways. I thank God for your ministry and I pray that it will grow even more reaching every heart. You are a blessing sister. Thank you 😊

  79. Thank you so much for your faithfulness to the women in the body of Christ. I am encouraged everyday I read this. God uses you to speak to us with such encouragement. Thank you that you are using your gift to glorify our Father. I love the words from the Lord to us. Very few churches allow a word of knowledge or wisdom. I am refreshed with those words. You are a true blessing to the body. Thank you.

  80. Keisha,
    I would like to Thank GOD for you and your husband….Y’all both have Blessed Thousands of women and men with your Daily Devotionals…May GOD continue to Bless you & your family ❤️❤️❤️
    Thank you 😇

  81. Hi,
    I started the devotionals just a few weeks ago when I was in the deepest darkest pit of health struggles i’ve ever been in. I was in a constant state of anxiety caused by horrible IBS and hormonal imbalance as well as fibroids and could barely even go to work and do my job as everything overwhelmed me. You reminded me of God’s promises to help me overcome and restore. I can now testify and say that I am 10 times better than I was then and this is the best start to every morning as God continues to work on my health.

  82. Hello there

    DoTK daily devotional is a blessing it has challenged me to grow spiritually and to read the word. I look forward to it every morning. Somehow this devotion manages to address situations I will be going through at that moment its almost scary how prophetic it is! Please continue with the good work and God bless you abundantly. Thank you so much Kesha and your team.

  83. I have been reading DOTK for years. It has strengthen my spiritual walk tremendously. The daily devotions are refreshing to my soul and allows me to share the gospel with hundreds of people daily. So greatful for your writings and transparency. May God continue to guide and bless you.

  84. Indeed Sister you have been so much of a blessing to me. Most times I hear God vividly speak to me through your devotionals. When I’m down and I want to hear something from God wherever I am I just open your daily devotionals then BAM!!!! my Papa speaks to me, encourages me and lifts me up. Keep up the good work. And may the Almighty God bless you and grant you more Grace and mercy. More anointing. GOD BLESS SISTER

  85. Time and time again your devotional words confirm what I am hearing in the Lord. I keep various ones on my Google Keep notes on my computer to reread daily! God has and will continue to speak & do amazing works through you! He is propelling you into even more of what He has for you. 💗 Allison Milliron, Amite, LA

  86. Thank you for being faithful. This devotional application has helped to restore my trust in sisters day by day I feel a connection to women whom I have never met that are going through day to day tribulations and triumphs just like me. Be blessed my sister.

  87. I love DOTK devotions! Each is powerful and speaks to me at the right time in a way I’ve never thought about! Thank you for the boldness in sharing with us all and thank you to this community of believers for the encouraging comments, too! I’ve shared this website with so many other friends, too! Keep them coming! May God bless you all!

  88. ❤ since finding daughters of the King , which I found by accident 😊 but I know that you know it was God ordained hallelujah . He uses your app to speak directly to to my heart and almost every situation I face on a day to day basis. I am blown away sometimes and I just cry because of this. The Anointing is soooo strong on this app I love God and I thank him for you and all your obedience to this calling God bless you sister Keisha❤ so every day I look forward to what the Lord has to say to me and my sisters 🙂 Thank ! You !

  89. Dear sister in Christ,

    I’ve been readying your Devotionals for almost three years since when I started my serious walk with the Lord. He’s been using it to talk to me ever since. He has transformed me majorly and just recently completely healed me from bulimia after 17-18 years of struggling with this disorder. One day I asked Him, Lord how do you see me? And the next day, in your devotional book I read about the vision He gave you of you wearing a crown and a royalty robe. He basically told me how He sees me, and that was enough for me to put down bulimia and to make peace with my body. That’s how He healed me using your devotional from a deadly disorder. I’ve been telling all of my friends about your devotional or buying your devotional books for them as bday gifts. Praise God for all He is doing through you. Thank you for your obedience and dedication to this ministry. I look forward to reading them every day! Keisha, I was wondering if you would allow me to translate these devotionals for our Iranian brothers and sisters? There are a lot of underground Muslims in Iran that are converting to Christianity, but they don’t have devotionals. I grew up in Iran, and I now live in U.S. But, since I speak their language, I would love to translate your messages to them. I hope you read this long message. Thank you, and love you. Hope to meet you one day.

  90. Where do I begin? I’ll just start at THANK YOU 🙏 I discovered DOTK a year ago. For every prayer, scripture, word of encouragement and your personal testimonies about depression, your marriage and even your ministry God has used to help me get through my own personal trials. These devotionals are air to my lungs, fire in my spirit and a well in my desert. You are truly amazing for the sacrifice you make to ensure we thrive! We love you so much. DOTK 4 LIFE!!!

  91. I took pictures of many of your prayers so I can have them on my phone to read through out the day.

    I also send your prayers as encouragement to sick and grieving church members.

    The “Know who you are” devotion is posted in my bulletin for at least a year.

    Thank you!

  92. DOTK has definitely been a blessing to me. The daily Devotionals have been Confirmation, words of encouragement and inspiration. In my life. I thank God for you and the ministry that He has planted in you. May God continue to bless you.

  93. Your devotional ministry has greatly blessed me! God has spoken to me directly through your messages on so many occasions. Sometimes it seems like a daily thing! There is no way that you know my struggles and yet there you are speaking to them! If that’s not from God I don’t know what is!! Please keep going to the Lord and letting Him speak to you and in turn, speak to us!

  94. Since reading the devotionals daily, I’ve been changed. Words can’t describe my heart & how God has come in & done a thing in me. He has taught me how to love. Not just love, but to do it in a way i never thought was possible. To love ppl have physical hurt me, i thought that was never possible. One day i found myself praying for them & speaking blessings over there life & there family. Nobody but God can free you up like that. “Whom the Son sets free, is free indeed”🙌🙌🙌🙌🙌 There is so so so so much He has done in me. Thank you so much for your obedience Keisha❤

  95. My Beautiful Sister in Christ! I began reading your devotions late spring of this year. Right about that time I felt like I was going to have a nervous breakdown. Always been busy, always stretched myself too thin. I would jokingly tell my family that I didn’t have too much on my plate, I just had the whole buffet. Your words at that time gave me God’s heart with new clarity. And shockingly I had decided to take two weeks off for my own well-being the day before you decided to take two weeks off for your well-being! Imagine my surprise when I read that post! I was astounded daily by the similarities that we shared through what you posted in your devotions. When I went back to work 2 weeks later I resumed my work load and I had a completely collapse and lost the use of my legs almost completely. Conversion disorder. I hadn’t realized the great conversion God had in store for me!How great is our Abba Father! Most days the Holy Spirit poured out His word to me through you! Encouraged would have been an understatement! His word is alive and you can’t be washed in it and ever be the same again! Good had given me the ability to devour His word. I would read your devotions and then the scripture references and study and bookmark and study more to my Bible looks like a kaleidescope! I’m 42 today and my spirit is thriving! Its been a beautiful time of being refined like silver! Difficult at times but I wouldn’t change a single minute. Today I spent the day out of my wheelchair and walking short distances. God has me going an entirely different direction in life and pursuing a ministry through capturing His word in creative artistic ways. You have been so instrumental in all of it in ways that I can’t fully express until we will sit and share at the marriage supper if the lamb! Thank you for pouring out your time, your heart, and your amazing love of Christ! Your making a huge impact in my life as well as so many others! May God bless you 10 fold! Thank you for being the voice!

  96. Praise the Lord, you are truly a gift and blessing. As a woman of god we women need to encourage one another in the faith. I’ve been listening and reading fir over 4 years now and I truly believe Gods love fir me is limitless. Agape love Beautiful Queen you are 1 in a million that has bless my heart. God bless u and your family. DOTK help me go through my divorce not what i expected but God brought me through with your encouraging devotions that makes your day bright in the midst of it all i give thks. God be with you and your family💕💕💕💕🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

  97. When we can have in person conferences again, please come to Kentucky! There are so many people here you have touched through sharing God’s true character, including myself. Not just women, but men and children too, through the relationships we have with them. Thank you for praying so intently for us women all over the world.
    Also, I have not tackled much of revelations yet because I’ve heard it can be interpreted so many ways. I’ve been told to learn it from a bible teacher whom I trust. Can you or do you have a revelation studying put together or one you highly recommend on this book?

    God Bless you,
    K. Sexton

  98. THANK YOU SISTER KESHA, You have been a tremendous Blessing to me. I was first introduced to you by a co-worker. At first I was skeptical because I didn’t quite know where she was coming from, but I gave it a try and I’ve now been reading your Daily Devotionals for well over a year now, I don’t know if she still reads, but I never stopped. She was a vessel used.
    Thanks Again, for being obedient to the Spirit of God, for continuing to help those of us who yearn to desperately be close to the Father.
    I still listen to my “Daily Affirmations ” and amongst so many others that are too numerous to count, you taught me that “I was not too much for God”❣️
    Thanks Again, and I THANK GOD for using such a Wonderful Vessel to get across what He has to say to His Girls❣️

  99. Through the Minstry that you have been so obedient to carry out, I have become so much closer in my walk with the Lord. The words that I read seem to jump right off the page into my heart piercing me all the way through. I have been even given a picture or vision by God of who I am and how he sees me, and when I try and describe it to other women it brings tears to my eyes. Because the Holy Spirit and your obedience to him I have grown a lot my faith and dependence on Him. I am more prayerful and talk to God all the time, thanking him for his patience and love for me and remembering to thank him for all the little things too (like closer parking spots, lol). By reading your (His) devotional everyday just the name alone reminds me that I am the daughter of the most high King! I have shared your app and devotionals with my girlfriends to encourage them, as much as I’m encouraged. Thank you for your dedication and devotion of this Spirit filled ministry!!

  100. Greetings from Nigeria. Before this devotional, I lived still struggling with Spiritual inconsistency but right now, I am blessed to have someone speaking daily into my life and giving me direction. There’s a Ladies’ group on WhatsApp called Palace Pillars Fellowship where I’m privileged to lead with other amazing young single sisters, we’ve been using your devotional for the past two years and the testimonies from our sisters are mind blowing. God bless you ma’am. I love you.

  101. I started reading these devotionals when a widow I know recommended them to me. I’m a widow myself, almost 2 years. The Widow’s walk is very lonely and it is very painful. Reaching out to God is the thing that kept me going. There was one particular devotional that really spoke to me about my future. I was having a lot of trouble believing I even had a future without my husband. And with the covid-19 I became even more lonely. The devotional spoke to me and I had a major breakthrough in my life! This was a little over a month ago. I truly heard God speaking directly to me through it. It was one that had a video with it and I played it over and over again and even wrote it in my journal! It certainly is not the only devotional I have been blessed by and I read them every morning. Nearly every time there’s a message in them directly for me. I’m starting out on A New Path, and it’s not one that I would have chosen. But I have come to peace in believing that it is God’s path for me! I’m so thankful for Keshia and her ear to hear the Lord! Keep On Keepin On, Sister! Thank you so much for your faithfulness to Him, and His faithfulness to me through you!

  102. Sister Kesha, thank you for being obedient to God, being used as a vessel for his kingdom. I have been reading your devotionals daily for over 4yrs and it has been a blessing in so many ways. It’s as if God answers my prayers through you. Your messages are always on time. Thank you for the authenticity and the practical ways in which you bring forth the message. You are truly a woman of faith, inspired by the God and directed by Holy Spirit. May God continues to bless and cover you. May he continues to favor you and strengthens you as you continue to diligently serve him. God bless you my sister.

  103. Hello. I do not recall who told me about the DOTK devotional app; however, I have had it now for over a year or two. I may not read the Devotionals every single day, but I can say that they have been a tremendous blessing. God has used you to confirm His word to me countless times to encourage me, correct me, rebuke me, guide me, strengthen me, show me me, and more. I have written many down to reference back to. I thank God for your obedience to God and sacrifice to minister to countless souls. God continue to bless and keep you Sister Kesha.

  104. Hello Sister
    I’m fairly new to your devotionals but from the passages I have read it seem to me like they were made specifically for me to read. I don’t really know how strong ny faith is but I know its not strong enough. I’m tryina to find myself and build my relationship with the father…Im lost so I turn to your devotionals to help for encouragement and a reminder of how much he loves me.

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